Black-headed python

Black-headed pythons gather heat with their heads while their bodies stay hidden and safe.

Woma python

Woma pythons often prey on venomous snakes and are immune to some venoms.

Spotted python

Their favorite food is bats and they hang from cave entrances to snatch them out of midair!

Pygmy python

These snakes have been seen traveling as group of 3-5.

Bredl’s Python

These snakes love to climb trees, and young snakes often hide high in the branches.

Jungle Carpet Python

Their stunning coloration is sometimes muddy yellow or even tan and black in the wild.

Timor python

Ironically, Timor pythons have never been found on the island of Timor.

Savu Python

Before ball pythons' morphs became popular, Savu pythons were everywhere in the pet trade.

Olive python

The olive python is a gentle giant that is rarely aggressive.

Indian python

Kaa from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book was an Indian Python.

Bismarck Ringed Python

When these snakes are babies, they look like Halloween snakes with their bright orange and black bands.