This animal can roll up into a ball


Has a seawater-based vascular system instead of blood


Approximately 23% of all shrimp species prefer to live in freshwater


The krill is perhaps the most important animal in the marine ecosystem!

Yeti Crab

The yeti crab has hairy arms, which collect bacteria to feed on

Rock Crab

Males will fight each other to get to females.

Ghost Crab

Their eyestalks, which are sometimes horned, can swivel 360 degrees

Christmas Island Red Crab

During the breeding season, roads can dangerous for cars as well as the crab. Their shells are so hard they can puncture tires.

Fiddler Crab

The fiddler crab gets its name from the motion the males make with their over-sized claw during the mating ritual.

Sea Roach

They breathe through gills but live on land

Dinosaur Shrimp

These "shrimp" evolved to survive very harsh climates, which is one reason they have been able to live so long.