The ovenbird is named for its unusual nest, which is shaped like an oven!

Lesser Jacana

The lesser jacana is nomadic, often moving in search of temporary wetland habitats.


Nuthatches spend a lot of their time upside down.


They are intelligent and noisy, often mimicking sounds and learning vocabulary.

Madagascar Jacana

The Madagascar jacana is endangered due to habitat loss and illegal hunting.

Northern Jacana

The northern jacana is one of two species found in the Americas, from the United States to Panama.

Wattled Jacana

They are typically noisy birds but take on a soft tone with their young.


They form lifelong pair bonds and live in groups near water sources.

Eurasian Collared Dove

The Eurasian collared dove has been extensively studied due to its amazing ability to rapidly colonize new territories.

Brown Headed Cowbird

Males are generally monogamous during mating season and will protect the female from other males. However, females tend to venture from their partners and mate with other males.

Yokohama chicken

Yokohama chickens have snow white feathers with tails reaching up to 4 feet in length.