Their name means snake bird


They roll around in dirt to prevent external parasites

Eastern Kingbird

The eastern kingbird is a fierce fighter once known as the butcher king!


Eiders are sexually dimorphic, with males being larger and more colorful.

Elephant Bird

Vorombe titan, a type of elephant bird, is the largest bird that ever lived

European Goldfinch

They are frequent visitors to backyard feeders, especially those containing niger seeds.

Great Kiskadee

The great kiskadee is a highly adaptable predator that can live in almost any habitat within its range and can hunt in the air, on the ground and in the water.


The endangered kagu is the only bird in the world with nasal corns!


There are 97 nightjar species across 20 genera!

Orchard Oriole

They use rapid wingbeats to hover over foliage as they search for food.


The oxpecker, known as the rhino’s guard, alerts its host to danger with a loud commotion

Purple Gallinule

They build their nests on the water, anchoring it to nearby aquatic vegetation.


swallows have aerodynamic bodies for hunting in flight

Tawny Frogmouth

The tawny frogmouth is a master of camouflage that can hide in plain sight!