This Walrus Is So Substantial It Towers Over a Mother Polar Bear

October 31, 2022

This raw video footage plainly shows the circumstances of animals when their environments are modified, and they can not discover their typical resources of food. It has actually currently been checked out greater than 11 million times and is both heartbreaking and instructional. We discover a great deal regarding polar bears yet possibly we discover a lot more regarding walruses and just how effective they are!

Polar Bears Searching in the Polar Circle Survival

This video clip was recorded by a family on a cruising journey north of the Polar circle. They remained in a location in Norway’s Svalbard island chain in late July 2015. This specific scene was tape-recorded at

Hinlopen Strait which is west of Spitsbergen – the biggest island. There is constantly ice in this field and some summer seasons there is a lot that it is difficult to travel through. Nevertheless, this summertime there was much much less than typical making it a lot harder for the polar bears that live there to discover adequate victim to endure.

Polar bears are peak predators that occupy seaside ice areas and drifting ice sheets. They are semi- water and will certainly quest victim both ashore and in the water. To discover food, they are accustomed to strolling cross countries ashore and swimming for miles throughout the sea. They can also dive undersea for 2 mins to capture fish or various other animals.

Their major food resource is the seal (which is a nutrient- thick dish) and they are specialists at capturing them! The polar bear will certainly either stalk and chase them or rest by a breathing opening and strike as the seal climbs over the surface area.

Throughout the summertime, nonetheless, the ice declines and they are required additionally north where they need to depend on various other food resources such as fish, artic foxes, birds, and berries. They will certainly additionally sometimes capture a walrus!

Walruses as Victim?

Preferably, polar bears like to quest seals at the sea ice’s side yet the scenario in this video clip is much from suitable. It is heartbreaking to see the mommy and her 7- month- old cub plainly battling and we discover that if the mommy does not eat quickly, the bear cub will possibly pass away. The mommy will certainly not create milk (lactate) if she does not eat.

Walruses are a possible dish for a polar bear yet they are a massive obstacle. These huge animals can consider as much as 3,740 extra pounds and get to 11.5 feet in size. They additionally have huge and sharp tusks which can trigger unpleasant injuries and walruses can be really hostile. A fit and huge polar bear might definitely get over an ill or weak walrus. Nevertheless, this polar bear is currently weak and the walrus is huge and healthy and balanced so she does not stand a possibility.

We see her smelling the air and this is due to the fact that polar bears can find the fragrance of carcasses from some range. She possibly misinterpreted this resting walrus for a carcass that would certainly have offered a much- required dish. Yet when the walrus raises up, it makes this polar bear appearance little!

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