Stag Beetle vs. Rhino Beetle: What Are The Distinctions?

December 1, 2022

Beetles are a few of one of the most countless and usual insects worldwide. While a few of them might look alike, they have their reasonable share of distinctions. If you see a beetle with a big framework on its head, maybe a stag beetle or a rhino beetle. What are the distinctions, though? That’s what we’re mosting likely to reveal you as we take into consideration the stag beetle vs. rhino beetle.

Today, you’ll discover numerous manner ins which these animals are unique and a couple of manner ins which they are similar.

Contrasting a Stag Beetle and a Rhino Beetle

The significant distinctions in between stag and rhino beetles are dimension and morphology.

Stag Beetle Rhino Beetle
Dimension Weight: approximately 0.15 ounces or somewhat even more
Size: 1- 5 inches, however a lot of them ordinary 2 inches in size
Weight: 0.2- 1.2 ounces with a ceiling of 8 ounces
Size: 0.5- 3 inches, however they can get to 7 inches in the biggest species
Morphology – Recognized for their huge jaws that they make use of to combat various other beetles for sources
– Females have smaller sized jaws, and they can create even more power
– Wide, fractional body, 2 sets of wings
– Frequently brownish or black, however they can be red or environment-friendly too
– Rhino beetles usually have actually horn frameworks made use of to assault various other males
– The Hercules beetle and Japanese rhinoceros beetle have huge horns
– A lot of are yellow, environment-friendly, black, and grey
– Round body
– Have a difficult exoskeleton
– Usually have chitinous forewings and filmy hindwings
Diet – Vegetarian
– Consume rotten timber in their larva phase and their grown-up phase
– Likewise eat corroded fruit and sap as grownups
– A lot of rhino beetles are vegetarian
– The beetles eat rotten timber when they’re young.
– Grownups eat tree sap, some fruit, and nectar
Species – Lucanidae family
– Aesalinae, Lampriminae, Lucaninae, and Syndesinae subfamilies
– Approximately 1,200 species worldwide
– Originate From the Dynastinae subfamily of Scarabaeidae
– They belong to the scarab family
– 225 category and 1,500 species of rhinoceros beetles exist
Variety and Environment – Found throughout the globe
– Significant species are located in the united state, Europe, and Southern Asia
– Can be located in several environments, however they have a tendency to hug woody locations
– Lives on all continents however Antarctica
– Can be located in woody environments, meadows, and extra
– Rhino beetles are prominent pets in Asia

The Secret Distinctions In Between a Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle

One of the most considerable distinctions in between a stag and a rhino beetle can be located in their morphology and dimension. The biggest rhino beetles are bigger than the greatest stag beetles. The Hercules beetle comes up to 7 inches in size while the Megasoma actaeon considers approximately 8 ounces.

At the same time, the ordinary stag beetle typically determines in between 1 and 5 inches with 2 inches being the ordinary size, and they evaluate approximately 0.15 ounces or somewhat extra when it comes to bigger species.

At the same time, the greatest variation in their morphology originates from the frameworks on their heads. The rhino beetle is called for the huge horns that several species have, and they’re made use of by males to combat off various other males. Stag beetles have bigger jaws that they make use of for the very same function.

Generally, the stag beetle’s jaws are positioned flat while the rhino beetles have horns that stuck out ahead from their heads. These are one of the most apparent distinctions in between both beetles. Yet, we can enter into better information regarding those distinctions and consist of others, which’s specifically what we will certainly perform in the complying with areas.

Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle: Dimension

The Five-horned rhinoceros beetle
Rhino beetles are bigger than stag beetles.

Mark Brandon/Shutterstock. com

Rhino beetles are bigger than stag beetles for the most part. The rhino beetle family consists of the Hercules beetle and the Megasoma actaeon, 2 of the biggest beetles worldwide by size and weight, specifically. The ordinary rhino beetle considers in between 0.2 and 1.2 ounces contrasted to the stag beetle’s weight of approximately 0.15 ounces.

While the rhino beetle actions in between 0.5 and 3 inches in size, it can expand upwards of 7 inches long. The stag beetle can get to sizes of 5 inches with its jaws, however they balance 2 inches in size.

Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle: Morphology

Stag Beetle
Stag beetles make use of jaws to combat off various other males.

Czesznak Zsolt/Shutterstock. com

The stag beetle and rhino beetle are similar in several aspects other than in the one-of-a-kind frameworks on their heads. The male stag beetle has bigger jaws that it mainly makes use of to combat off various other males that are attempting to elbow in upon its sources. The stag beetle’s name is originated from these jaws that are rather comparable to stags’ horns.

Rhino beetles are understood for their huge horn frameworks, a few of them gauging upwards of 1/3 of their complete body dimension. These horns are likewise made use of to combat various other males. Several of them contour from the top of the head towards all-time low, and others have a deep crinkle to them and afterwards contour upwards.

Apart From that, these animals are primarily similar. They have fractional bodies, 4 wings, a chitinous exoskeleton, and similar shades. Stag beetles are generally brownish or black, however they can likewise consist of shades like environment-friendly and red. Each of those shades is located in the rhino beetle. All informed, these beetles have some resemblances, however they are still extremely various as a result of their particular head frameworks.

Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle: Diet

The stag beetle and the rhino beetle both eat the very same foods as larvae and grownups. They begin their larval phase by taking in a great deal of rotten timber. As grownups, they do not eat as a lot, however they survive on corroded fruit and tree sap.

Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle: Species

The stag beetle originates from the Lucanidae family, however the rhino beetle originates from the Scarabaeidae family. Rhino beetles originate from the Dynastinae subfamily, and they have actually 1,500 species spread out throughout 225 category.

The stag beetle comes from the Aesalinae, Lampriminae, Lucaninae, and Syndesinae subfamilies, and there are about 1,200 species throughout the globe. The departments in between these species are fairly deep at the family degree.

Stag Beetle vs Rhino Beetle: Variety and Environment

Both the stag beetle and rhino beetle are located throughout the globe. Significant stag beetles are located in the united state, Europe, and Southern Asia. At the same time, the rhino beetle’s most popular participant, the Hercules beetle, is located in South America and Central America.

Both species favor to reside in woody locations, however they can be located in forests, meadows, and also deserts. Considering that these species are huge and primarily unable of damaging individuals, they’re prominent pets for individuals that desire a lengthy- lived insect partner!

Overall, the morphology and dimension of these 2 beetles are the simplest methods to inform them apart. Nevertheless, they are not the only distinctions. By looking carefully at these insects, you can possibly establish what kind of beetle you’re seeing.

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