Pet Birds

Amazon Parrot

These parrots can be trained to be "talking birds" that mimic human speech


They have crests that rise or fall depending on their emotions


One of the noisiest birds in the world!

Gouldian Finch

The male Gouldian finch bobs its head and fluffs its feathers to court a female.

House Finch

The house finch can become redder depending on what it eats


The lorikeet has a long brush-like tongue with fine hairs on it


The military macaw is named for the green uniforms that many soldiers use in South America.

Mourning Dove

It is almost always the male who makes the famous sad sound, which is a wooing call

Myna Bird

For a nice price, the mynah bird makes a good pet.


Can live for up to 100 years!

Purple Finch

The intensity of the plumage can change based on what the bird eats

Red Finch

Red finches can form flocks of over 100 birds.


Will mate with the entire flock!


A toucan’s bill can be equal to one third of the length of its body.

Zebra Finch

The male zebra finch creates a unique song by drawing inspiration from its parent or tutor