One Of The Most Haunted Places Near San Antonio

December 7, 2022

Despite where you locate on your own on the planet, one point is consistent: every person suches as a great ghost tale. That’s definitely real for the homeowners of San Antonio, Texas. Although the location is most well-known for the epic Fight of the Alamo, it additionally has greater than its reasonable share of ghosts and superordinary hijinks. Keep reading to find one of the most haunted areas near San Antonio!

The Alamo

The structure referred to as the Alamo started in 1718 as the Objective San Antonio de Valero. It later on acquired its existing name after the well-known fight that happened there in 1836. Although the website’s protectors shed the Fight of the Alamo, their tale came to be a basic component of the Texan battle for freedom.

Several think the well known fight that asserted thousands of lives has actually left an irreversible, macabre mark on the website. The very first reputed discoveries of ghosts took place when the Mexican victors tried to refute the church. The frightening specters of their dead adversaries obviously transformed them back. Since after that, site visitors have actually listened to the macabre audios of fight, soldiers murmuring, and phantom steps. Some record seeing a Mexican basic straying the premises drinking his head. Others have actually seen a dad jump from the roof with his tiny kid in his arms.

The Alamo is open to the public. For an extra haunted experience, take the Ghosts of Old San Antonio Scenic Tour. The Alamo lies at 300 Alamo Plaza in San Antonio. For additional information, phone call 210- 225- 1391 or take a look at

The Spanish Guv’s Royal residence

The following thing on our listing of haunted areas near San Antonio is the Spanish Guv’s Royal residence. This was initially a Spanish stronghold in what is presently Texas. Its background go back to the very early 1700s, though no Spanish guv had actually ever before lived there. It is presently a gallery and historical site.

Among its most well-known attributes was the Tree of Sadness or the Hanging Tree. As the name recommends, federal government authorities reputedly utilized this tree to hang a minimum of 35 founded guilty bad guys. Modern site visitors usually report seeing macabre pictures of hanged guys in the yard. Some onlookers have actually seen additionally weird lights at play in the location.

Besides these sensations, some claim that the ghosts of kids still stray with the old citadel. One little woman obviously populates a room while an additional rests crying by the well in which she sank. Ultimately, a female that passed away at the citadel, the “Girl in Grey,” apparently keeps an eye out at site visitors from the home windows.

Mythological fanatics can experience this historical website with the Ghost Tours in San Antonio. The Spanish Guv’s Royal residence lies at 105 Plaza De Armas. For additional information or to discover basic gallery trips, call 210- 207- 7527 or check out the main site.

Spanish Governor's Palace San Antonio Texas
The Spanish Guv’s Royal residence is thought to be haunted by the Girl in Grey, a ghost that takes a look at site visitors with the home windows.Nicolas Henderson from Coppell, Texas, CC BY 2.0

The Haunted Railway Tracks Near Shane Roadway

Among one of the most haunted areas near San Antonio isn’t a structure, however instead a collection of railway tracks. The tracks exist simply southern of San Antonio at the junction of Villamain and Shane. As the website of a reputed unfortunate crash that took place several years earlier, they still have a macabre online reputation amongst contemporary San Antonians.

The tale asserts that an institution bus loaded with kids delayed on the railway tracks throughout either the 1930s or 1940s. A train struck the bus and eliminated all the kids. In some variations of the tale, a religious woman was driving and was the only survivor. Later on, she was sense of guilt- ridden and parked her cars and truck on the tracks, intending to pass away. Nonetheless, the macabre hands of the dead kids pressed her cars and truck untouched. Ever since, several homeowners and site visitors have actually examined the tale by car parking their automobiles on the tracks and covering their bumpers with talcum powder. Some insurance claim that the kids have actually pressed them to safety and security and left their handprints in the powder.

The haunted railway tracks exist near the San Juan Objective at Villamain and Shane. Though it’s a public, unmonitored website available to site visitors day or evening, know that it’s still an energetic railway going across. Do not try to park your cars and truck in the course of an approaching train.

The Emily Morgan Resort

The Emily Morgan Resort was when the recipient of an uncertain honor. In 2015, United States Today noted it as the “3rd most haunted resort on the planet.” It started its trip in 1926 as the Clinical Arts Structure, a 13- tale workplace for clinical workers with sophisticated healthcare facility centers on the leading floorings. The cellar additionally housed a morgue. It was just in 1984 that it progressed right into the fancy Emily Morgan Resort, called after a servant female that assisted the Texans acquire their freedom.

The resort is the website of a variety of reoccuring sensations. Several site visitors declare to be able to scent the disinfectant from the resort’s healthcare facility days regardless of improvements to the leading floorings. The fourteenth flooring (which is in fact the thirteenth) lugs this smell most highly. On the 7th, nine, and fourteenth floorings specifically, visitors usually experience macabre touches and a feeling of careful eyes. Some visitors have actually reported capturing looks of healthcare facility scenes or of registered nurses wheeling carts. Blinking lights, taps switching on and off on their own, and being mischievous lifts are all typical incidents. Maybe most strangely of all, the lifts periodically lug reluctant travelers to the cellar, which still scents like the morgue it utilized to be.

Visitors wanting to experience the Emily Morgan Resort on their own can either take the nighttime Ghosts of Old San Antonio Scenic tour or publication a remain at the resort. Check out this creepy area at 705 E Houston Road in San Antonio near the Alamo or call 210- 225- 5100 to learn more.

The Emily Morgan Hotel
The Emily Morgan Resort in San Antonio. Texas is the website of a variety of reoccuring typhoonski

The San Antonio State Health Center

The San Antonio State Health center started as the Southwestern Outrageous Asylum in 1892. It was San Antonio’s very first such facility. It would certainly deal with persistent congestion over the adhering to years and years. By 1925, it acquired its existing name and gradually however undoubtedly improved.

Nonetheless, prior to this occurred, the healthcare facility was the website of several suspicious methods that created enduring to the psychologically sick within its wall surfaces. Though it’s presently a contemporary healthcare facility with contemporary methods, team have actually reported seeing troubling sensations linked to its suspicious past.

Due To The Fact That the San Antonio State Health center is a working clinical center, haunted trips are not ideal. Those looking for clinical help will certainly locate the healthcare facility at 6711 S New Braunfels Opportunity. For additional information concerning the healthcare facility’s past, take a look at this background.

The Crockett Resort

The Crockett Resort concludes our listing of one of the most haunted areas near San Antonio. Basing on the previous Alamo battleground near the Alamo itself, it’s had a spooky online reputation considering that its opening in 1909.

Called after well known Alamo protector Davy Crockett, the resort is house to all sort of weird happenings. Some site visitors and team hold that Crockett himself strolls the halls of the resort. Other individuals declare to have actually listened to murmurs in vacant spaces, the incorporeal audios of steps and horses’ unguis, or unexpected chanting. The lifts obviously usually relocate of their independency and site visitors to bench have actually experienced things moving on their own. Mythological fanatics hypothesize that the spirits of the doomed Alamo protectors might still stray the resort premises.

To experience the Crockett Resort on your own, see it at 320 Bonham or call 210- 225- 6500 for reservations. Additionally, take a look at their site below.

Crockett Hotel near San Antonio
The Crockett Resort is believed to be haunted by Davy Crockett himself.Tony Kent, CC BY- SA 2.0

From the Alamo to resorts to previous asylums, there’s a wealth of haunted areas near San Antonio. For a lot more creepy chances, take a look at San Antonio Ghost Tours.

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