Mondo Lawn vs. Liriope: Identifying Their Distinctions

December 11, 2022

You might have become aware of monkey lawn, a turf- like ground cover that is both liked for its usage in landscape design and infamous for leaving hand when it spreads out quickly. Did you recognize that “monkey lawn” is a term made use of for greater than one plant?

Mondo lawn and liriope are 2 various ground cover plants made use of in landscape design. Though neither is really a turf, both are recognized informally as “monkey lawn” and are typically perplexed with each various other. Nonetheless, there are numerous physical distinctions and reasons mondo lawn and liriope are each ideal for various landscape design demands.

In the beginning look, both have a lot alike. They expand short, are resistant to modifications in temperature level, spread quickly, and are challenging to eliminate. They additionally both stem from Asia and have actually been imported to the USA to be made use of as ground cover in landscape design.

Nonetheless, discovering their distinctions will certainly assist you determine whether you are checking out mondo lawn or liriope, so you can set apart in between both and recognize which plant will certainly best fit your landscape design strategies.

This post details numerous of the resemblances and vital distinctions in between mondo lawn and liriope to assist you determine each and identify whether among these plants appropriates for your lawn.

Contrasting Mondo Lawn and Liriope

Mondo Lawn Liriope
Typical Name( s) Mondo lawn, Monkey lawn, Fountainplant Liriope, Lilyturf, Lilygrass, Monkeygrass, Spider lawn
Scientific Name Ophiopogon japonicus Liriope muscari
Genus Ophiopogon Liriope
Summary Mondo lawn belongs to the lily family and was generally made use of in Japanese yards for ground cover, frequently as a side plant surrounding water functions and grown in tiny collections. It remains reasonably tiny and prospers in wet dirt with partial to complete sunlight. Liriope was previously identified in the lily family yet is neither a turf neither a lily. It has actually been made use of as a resistant ground cover under trees and bushes, along with a side plant surrounding led locations or water structures. It expands a little taller than Mondo lawn and will certainly flourish in wet dirt in settings with partial to complete sunlight, yet can stand up to shadier locations and sand or clay.
Beginning Come From Asia and is belonging to China, India, Japan, and Vietnam Come From Asia and is belonging to China and Japan
Blossoms White or light purple Blue/Purple
Leaves Linear, dark eco-friendly, 8- 15 inches long and 3/16 inches large Linear, dark eco-friendly, 8- 10 inches long and 1/2- 3/4 inches large
Berries Blue Black
Elevation 12- 15 inches 12- 18 inches

Trick Distinctions In Between Mondo Lawn and Liriope


Both mondo lawn and liriope belong to the Asparagaceae, or asparagus, family. Nonetheless, Ophiopogon japonicus belongs to the Ophiopogon genus, while Liriope is a genus that consists of several species, such as among one of the most extensive, Liriope muscari (often recognized merely as liriope).

Liriope monkey grass lily turf
Liriope blossoms expand in either dark blue or purple. undefined undefined

Physical Features

One prepared means to inform these plants apart is by checking out their elevation. Ophiopogon japonicus, typically recognized merely as mondo lawn, normally expands 6 to 12 inches high and has slim fallen leaves that have to do with 1/2- inch large. Liriope muscari, typically referred to as liriope, expands taller, normally from 12 to 18 inches high, often also maturing to 24 inches high. The fallen leaves are additionally bigger than those of mondo lawn and can be 1/2 to 3/4 inches large.

You might additionally contrast the plant’s blossoms or berries to offer you a hint regarding whether it could be mondo lawn or liriope. While mondo lawn blossoms are white or light purple, liriope blossoms are dark blue or purple. Mondo lawn berries are blue while liriope berries are black.

You will certainly additionally locate that the fallen leaves look similar. They are long, eco-friendly, variegated fallen leaves that resemble blades of lawn and being in globs. While their blossoms flower in the summertime and are complied with by berries, they are additionally evergreen and resistant to transforming weather condition or dirt problems.

black mondo grass growing in garden
Mondo lawn can expand in black along with its normal eco-friendly, and it expands 6 to 12 inches high.Peter Turner Photography/Shutterstock. com

Mondo Lawn or Liriope?

When making your choice whether to utilize mondo lawn and liriope in your landscape design, you have a selection in between 2 preferred choices, both of which have actually come to be prevalent throughout the USA. Both are reasonably very easy to look after, can assist avoid disintegration, expand in position that are difficult to trim (such as beside car park sidewalk or a water fountain), and can develop an eye-catching side along a yard or driveway.

Nonetheless, though mondo lawn can flourish in similar problems as liriope, it is from a little further southern. In order to guarantee your plant can stand up to the environment and weather condition where you live, you must inspect the strength area of the plant selections you select. Determine your USDA Plant Strength Area utilizing your postal code to guarantee you select proper plants.

As you consider your landscape design objectives, consider the elevation you wish to attain with your ground cover, the dirt it will certainly expand in, and the light problems. You can conveniently grow either mondo lawn or liriope as reduced- upkeep, durable plants that can stand up to a variety of expanding problems.

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