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Acadian Flycatcher

Their nests are sloppily held together and have an abandoned appearance

American Bully

Though the American bully was bred to look intimidating, it makes an extremely friendly family pet!

Asian Carp

Asian carp can consume 40% of their body weight in food a day!


Deinosuchus was probably the biggest crocodilian that ever lived


Dilophosaurus was the largest predatory dinosaur in North America during the Early Jurassic Epoch of the Jurassic Period.


Dimetrodon was among the largest predators of the Early Permian Period.

Eastern Kingbird

The eastern kingbird is a fierce fighter once known as the butcher king!


Eiders are sexually dimorphic, with males being larger and more colorful.

Emperor Goose

Their calls sound like a nasally “kla-ha, kla-ha, kla-ha.”


This breed came about after Julius Wipfel, a German professor in the 1940s, crossed a chow chow with a German spitz with the hope of breeding the perfect spitz.


Eurypterus has a long tail that looks like a scorpion's stinger