South Africa

Fire Ball Python

The fire ball python morph is known for its rich golden and reddish-brown coloration.

Gypsy Moth

One of the most invasive species in the world

Nguni Cattle

Nguni cattle are the most profitable breed for beef farmers.

Perch Fish

Some of the most delicious gamefish in the world

Lesser Jacana

The lesser jacana is nomadic, often moving in search of temporary wetland habitats.


They reuse nesting sites for 70 years!


They feign death by making their bodies limp and closing their eyes.

Madora Moth

Mopane worms (larva) only live for 3 - 4 days after evolving into an adult (madora), during which they mate and lay eggss


Their name means “banana-eater,” but they rarely ever eat bananas.

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda goldfish are one of the most popular fancy goldfish breeds


There are around 7,000 different species!


Most closely related to the Sheep!