Northeast Pacific


Lose their scales and teeth as adults

Giant Isopod

Giant isopods are the largest group of isopods in the world


Lancetfish live at depths up to 6,500 feet below sea level


Cockles live quite long; their lifespan usually ranges from 5 to 10 years in the wild.


Chitons are closely related to snails, oysters, and mussels because of their shared phylum

Gulper Eel 

Gulper eels have a similar lifespan to humans and can live up to 85 years old. However, their age depends on their habitat and the availability of food.

Pollock Fish

Pollock is a nutritious fish, generally readily available for human consumption, and more sustainable and affordable than other whitefish species like hake or haddock.

Sea Turtle

The great migratory sea turtle roams the world’s open oceans, supremely well-adapted for an aquatic lifestyle.


Dolphins can travel in superpods of more than 1,000 individuals!


Some people use sponges as sponges

Moray Eel

Sometimes, groupers invite moray eels to help them hunt!


Has a symbiotic relationship with a host sea anemone