Acadian Flycatcher

Their nests are sloppily held together and have an abandoned appearance

Gypsy Moth

One of the most invasive species in the world

Moonglow Boa

Moonglow boas are the result of mixing three genetic traits.


Roadrunners are one of the few animals that prey on rattlesnakes and tarantula hawk wasps.


They forage near the ground, searching leaves for insects

Upland Sandpiper

They make jerky movements as they walk through the grass, searching for food.

Herring Gull

They are loud, spirited birds with raucous cries that sound like bursts of laughter.

Cedar Waxwing

Their feathers have red, waxy tips that can be hard to identify unless you’re up close.


They form lifelong pair bonds and live in groups near water sources.