Galapagos Islands

Marine Iguana

Adult marine iguanas vary in size depending on the size of the island where they live.

Huntsman Spider

Some huntsman spiders have an interesting way of moving around. Some cartwheel while others do handsprings or backflips.


The capybara, the world’s largest rodent, likes to be in and around bodies of water. Because of this, the Catholic Church in South America decided that it was a fish, and people were allowed to eat it during Lent and First Fridays.

Dung Beetle

The dung beetle can push objects many times its own weight


Some species of aquatic turtles can get up to 70 percent of their oxygen through their butt.

Orb Weaver

Females are about four times the size of males


They have a symbiotic relationship with ants.

Tiger Beetle

The adult tiger beetle is one of the fastest land insects in the world


Some species' babies use their hooked or scraper-like teeth to peel off and eat their mother's skin


The jacana has the ability to swim underwater


Adult fleas can jump up to 7 inches in the air


Rock paintings of bees date back 15,000 years


Male crickets can produce sounds by rubbing their wings together

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are among the most common research animals in the world