Andrewsarchus is the largest terrestrial mammalian carnivore to have ever lived.


Epidexipteryx was one of the smallest non-avian dinosaurs to ever exist.

European Goldfinch

They are frequent visitors to backyard feeders, especially those containing niger seeds.

Gypsy Moth

One of the most invasive species in the world


The position of the Hallucigenia's head puzzled scientists for several years


The Jack-Chi dog is known as the yapping dog because of its insistent bark.

Musk Deer

The glands of a musk deer can sell for up to $45,000 on the black market.


Pliosaurs were the short-necked version of plesiosaurs.

Red Aphids

Aphids are called ant cows because ants herd and "milk" them to secrete a substance called honeydew!

Rhesus Macaque

Rhesus Macaques are the most widely distributed primate in terms of geographic diversity

Sika Deer

Sikas can make 10 different sounds, from soft whistles to loud screams.


Xiaosaurus was a small and lightweight dinosaur


Xiaotingia used its feathery hindlimbs for short-distance flights