Welsh Black Cattle

Welsh Black Cattle were once used as currency in Wales and referred to as “black gold”.


Kowaris do not drink or take water; all they get is the water content in their diet.


Corella birds are noisy, especially during the early morning or late evening.


These adorable dogs are known for their love of children, strangers, and other animals because of their docile demeanor.

Brown Tree Snake

Because the brown tree snake's fangs are located in the back of their mouths, they can rarely bite humans and inject venom unless the snake is very large in size.


The dobsonfly spends up three years as a larva, and only a week as an adult.

Sarus Crane

Parents use low calls to tell their chicks to freeze and lie still when danger lurks.

King Quail

Females look similar to males but don’t come in shades of blue


They reuse nesting sites for 70 years!

Yokohama chicken

Yokohama chickens have snow white feathers with tails reaching up to 4 feet in length.


Warblers are so called because of the trills of their song.

Labout’s Fairy Wrasse

Females are sequential hermaphrodites, which means they can convert to males anytime during their life cycle.

Holy Cross Frog

The holy cross frog has a cross-shaped colored pattern on its back.