Archaeoindris was the largest primate to evolve in Madagascar


Thought to be extinct until 1957!


They roll around in dirt to prevent external parasites

Black Throat Monitor

The black-throat monitor is the second-longest lizard species in Africa and the largest in mass.


Dinocrucuta had very strong jaws capable of crushing bones.

Elephant Bird

Vorombe titan, a type of elephant bird, is the largest bird that ever lived

European Goldfinch

They are frequent visitors to backyard feeders, especially those containing niger seeds.

Fire Ball Python

The fire ball python morph is known for its rich golden and reddish-brown coloration.


Most of the hundreds of varieties of flycatchers belong to the Tyrannidae and Muscicapidae families!

Gypsy Moth

One of the most invasive species in the world

Hippopotamus gorgops

The eyes of Hippopotamus gorgops were positioned on eyestalks which allowed it to see above the water surface when submerged.