Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit

December 20, 2022

Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit are extremely similar plants with lengthy stems covered in other words spinal columns. They are both belonging to the Americas, yet just one generates edible fruit. Can you discriminate in between them?

Allow’s take a better check out these 2 species of cacti.

Secret Distinctions In Between Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit tree with ripe red fruit on the tree for harvest.
Dragon fruit cacti have level fallen leaves with spikes and bear intense red or pink spiky fruit. HuyThoai

Dog tail cactus vs. dragon fruit are both vining cacti, yet they look various after the very first preliminary glimpse. The primary distinctions are their vegetation and the fruits they generate.

Dog tail cactus has even more spherical vegetation that’s covered in a rug of slim unclear spikes, whereas dragon fruit plants have actually flatter entrusts to a couple of spikes on the external margins, and when it pertains to their fruiting routine the distinction could not be more clear.

As its name recommends, dragon fruit has sensational edible dragon- like fruits that are egg- designed, and red with eco-friendly- tipped ranges. Dog tail cactus fruits are not edible, and they are round and glossy black.

Dragon Fruit Dog Tail Cactus
Scientific name Selenicereus undatus Selenicereus testudo Strophocactus testudo,  Deamia testudo
Typical names Pitahaya, strawberry pear, Honolulu queen, Moonlight cactus, Queen of the Evening Pitaya De Tortuga
Indigenous array The United States And Canada, Central America, South America South America
Elevation and Spread 8-20 feet high and 3-10 feet broad in the wild; numerous feet in growing 10 feet high by 10 feet broad in the wild; numerous feet in growing.
Vegetation Apartment, eco-friendly; 3 spikes on each section Spherical, eco-friendly; covered with great spikes
Blossoms White with yellow withins; opens up in the evening White, orchid- like; opens up in the evening
Fruit Egg- formed; red and eco-friendly fruit with ranges; edible Round, glossy, and black; not edible
Expanding Area 10-12 or houseplant 7-11 or houseplant
Poisoning Not harmful Not harmful

Dog Tail Cactus

The dog tail cactus ( Deamia testudo, Selenicereus testudo, or Strophocactus testudo) is a cactus in the Cactaceae family. It’s belonging to the South American jungle where it’s an epiphyte that expands on big trees, pressing its means right into the spaces and hooking around branches or rocks making use of airborne origins to hold on.

There have actually been several debates over its classification, for this reason the collection of scientific names. One of the most current classification in 2018 positioned dog tail cactus in the genus Deamia

It’s very easy to see exactly how it obtained the usual name of dog tail cactus. It has long slim stems in the form of– you have actually thought it– a dog’s tail. There’s a similar cactus called rats tails which has thinner stems.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
Dragon fruit has an uncommon external skin with eco-friendly spikey ranges.

Pitchayarat Chootai/Shutterstock. com

Dragon fruit is both the name of the plant and the fruit it bears. It’s a cactus of the Cactaceae family, genus Selenicereus Its organic name is Selenicereus undatus and it’s belonging to the Americas, yet specialists are not particular specifically where. Some botanists consider it an all-natural crossbreed.

It’s a vining cactus like the dog tail, that climbs up trees and rocks making use of airborne origins and it’s called the dragon fruit since its fruit looks like dragon ranges. Its fruit has intense red skin and eco-friendly overlapping ranges. It’s rather uncommon and extremely yummy.

Expanding Areas for Vining Cacti

Dog tail and dragon fruit cacti like heat and indirect light. They make outstanding residence or sunroom plants yet if you’re expanding them outside dog tail fits Areas 7– 11. Dragon fruit is much less sturdy and will just expand well in Areas 10- 12.

Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit: Elevation and Spread

In its natural environment, a dog tail cactus can climb up, twine, and press its stems to over 10 feet in elevation and spread, yet it does not generally obtain this big in growing. Dragon fruit plants obtain a little bigger. They expand similarly yet natively can surpass 20 feet in size and 10 in size. Once again, in growing, it generally gets to a couple of feet.

Both species are hefty since they preserve water and obtain big, so if you’re expanding one in your home, make sure to create hefty- task assistance. Wild dragon fruit plants tape-recorded at 25 feet can evaluate a couple of hundred extra pounds.

Exactly How Does the Vegetation Differ?

Both dog tail and dragon tail are slipping, climbing up, and hanging creeping plant cacti as we understand, yet they look rather various close- up.

Dog tail cactus has eco-friendly rounded stems with ridges that are entirely covered with brownish unclear spikes, whereas dragon fruit vegetation is level with jointed eco-friendly stems. Each stem has up to 3 brief spinal columns on each section.

Both species often tend to place on development in mid- springtime to late summertime.

Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit: Blossoms

Dog tail cactus has actually orchid- like blossoms that are either white or pink and rise to 12 inches in size, although those in growing are generally closer to 4 inches. They are extremely decorative with a soft flower fragrance and show up from late springtime up until loss. This cactus is an evening flowerer that’s cross-pollinated by moths, so its blossoms open throughout the night and nearby mid- early morning.

Dragon fruit blossoms are similar, yet they’re extra bell- designed They show up in tones of yellow-colored- eco-friendly and white with a yellow facility and rise to 9 inches in size. They as well are evening bloomers cross-pollinated by moths, yet as opposed to the dog tail cactus, their fragrance is a lot more powerful. Dragon fruit blossoms are edible and just last for one night!

Dog Tail Cactus vs. Dragon Fruit: Fruits

Dragon fruit cactus is popular for its gloriously odd fruits which are egg- designed, red, and covered with overlapping, eco-friendly- tipped ranges. They definitely appear like something from a middle ages motion picture or deep space, yet they are tasty and preference like pear and kiwi fruit. On the within, they have white mushy flesh studded through little crispy black seeds.

Dog tail cactus likewise has fruits. They are little, round, and glossy black yet they’re not edible.

Why Is My Dog Tail or Dragon Fruit Cactus Limp?

If your dog tail cactus or dragon fruit goes limp, it’s probably because of way too much water. Idea away any type of excess in the pot and allow the origins dry. You may be able to wait with fast activity, yet if the stems are mushy, it’s video game over.

What Are the White Little Bits on My Dog Tail Cactus?

Dragon fruit cacti and dog tail cacti make use of airborne origins to stick onto tree bark or rocks and carry themselves up. Slim white little bits swing airborne are generally these airborne origins.

If you see getting to airborne origins on your cactus, it can be an indicator that your cactus requires a larger pot or it’s not obtaining sufficient water or moisture.

The Honolulu queen cactus
Dragon fruit blossoms just grow in the evening.

P. OCHASANOND/Shutterstock. com

Just How Much Light Do Dog Tail Cactus and Dragon Fruit Demand?

In their natural environments, both cacti flourish in intense yet indirect light.

If you’re expanding them outdoors, after that the light color of a tree or deck is an excellent area. Inside, a sunroom or indirectly lit windowsill jobs well. Simply make sure not to allow straight light shed the vegetation as this can result in an infection that compromises the entire plant. If the stems are transforming white, that suggests way too much light.

You’ll understand if they’re obtaining sufficient light since the spikes will certainly be brief, upright, and healthy and balanced- looking. Excessive color and their spikes soften and sag.

Why Is My Dragon Fruit Plant Going Yellow?

When dragon fruits (or dog tails) have yellowing arm or legs, it shows way too much water. Quit watering and permit them to dry. Both plants like relatively completely dry origins, yet a lot of moisture. This is uncommon for cacti, yet since they are epiphytic they choose to obtain fluid from the air.

Is Dog Tail Cactus or Dragon Fruit Harmful to Dogs?

The ASPCA listings dragon fruit as non- harmful to both cats and dogs, and it would certainly be an endure animal that ate on its partly spiky vegetation.

Dog tail cactus isn’t harmful either and it’s also spikier, sufficient to maintain analytical pets away!

Exactly How Do You Eat a Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit canister be a cool, rejuvenating treat.

Poring Studio/Shutterstock. com

The very best means to eat dragon fruit is raw. Suffice in fifty percent and make use of a spoon to dig the flesh similarly you would certainly eat a kiwi or avocado. Below’s a leading pointer: if the dragon fruit is blue or pink, it’s not ripe. Wait up until it’s blazing red with eco-friendly just on its range- like suggestions.

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