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Scorpion Fish

These fishes have venom covered spines all over their bodies.

Wolf Eel

Wolf Eels may become tame and interact with human in areas where people frequently dive.

Drum Fish

The drum fish makes a croaking sound with its swimming bladder!


The krill is perhaps the most important animal in the marine ecosystem!

Horned Lizard

The horned lizards are able to squirt blood from their eyes.

Nubian Goat

The Nubian is a relatively large, proud, and graceful dairy goat that traces its ancestry to India and Egypt.

Pygora Goat

The Pygora goat is exclusively bred for their fleece, and they produce three different kinds.


They are hermaphrodites, which means they have male and female organs


Can release a toxin from its skin

Keta Salmon

During spawning the look of the male changes. Among other things, he grows a beak called a kype that bears fangs.