Stripe patterns are unique to each individual!
Zebra Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Equus zebra, Equus quagga, Equus grevyi
Zebra Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White
20 – 30 years
220kg – 405kg (485lbs – 893lbs)
Zebra Distribition

Zebra Classification and Evolution

The Zebra is a big species of equine that’s natively discovered roaming the grassy plains of sub-Saharan Africa. They’re the most important and most distinctive wild horses with our bodies which can be patterned with white and black stripes, the precise placement of which is exclusive to every particular person. There are three completely different species of Zebra which can be present in Africa that are the Widespread Zebra (also referred to as the Plains Zebra and the Burchell’s Zebra), the Grevy’s Zebra (also referred to as the Imperial Zebra) and the Mountain Zebra. Zebras are extremely sociable animals that may journey huge distances in the hunt for recent grass and water however are severely threatened all through a lot of their pure vary attributable to growing ranges of human exercise. At this time, each the Grevy’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra are thought-about to be endangered species and though the Widespread Zebra is extra widespread and quite a few, there have been sharp inhabitants declines in sure areas.

Zebra Anatomy and Appearance

Zebras are heavy bodied animals which can be completely designed for velocity with their lengthy and slender legs and slender hooves serving to them to achieve speeds of 40kph when working. In the identical manner as horses, they solely have a single toe on every foot which they stroll on the tip of and is protected by their robust hooves. Their black and white stripes are distinctive to every particular person and assist them to determine one another when within the herd. Zebras have lengthy necks and heads that imply they’ll simply attain the grass on the bottom and a mane that extends from their brow and alongside their again to the tail. The sample of their stripes varies between the species with Grevy’s and Mountain Zebras having narrower stripes and white undersides, whereas the Widespread Zebra has broad stripes that cowl its complete physique. The Grevy’s Zebra just isn’t solely the most important of the Zebra species however can be simply identifiable by its massive, rounded ears.

Zebra Distribution and Habitat

Zebras are animals which can be discovered inhabiting the open grasslands and plains of East and Southern Africa the place they spend virtually of their time grazing on the grasses. The Widespread Zebra is probably the most quite a few and has the widest pure vary all through East Africa the place they’re discovered roaming the grassy plains. The Mountain Zebra will be discovered grazing on the mountain grasslands of South-West Africa, whereas the Grevy’s Zebra is confined to the arid grasslands and sub-desert steppe all through Ethiopia, Somalia and in northern Kenya. Zebras have developed to run extremely quick so they’re able to escape from harmful predators and so rely closely on the open plains for his or her survival. Though the Widespread Zebra has been least affected, all three species of the animal are in danger from inhabitants declines because of the lack of their pure habitats brought on by by growing ranges of human exercise.

Zebra Behaviour and Lifestyle

Zebras are extremely sociable animals that roam the savanna in herds for defense from predators. The Grevy’s Zebra occupies herds extra loosely than the opposite species with a stallion (male) patrolling monumental territories of as much as 10 sq. kilometres, with mares (females) and their foals grazing freely and sometimes forming small teams that feed collectively. Each the Widespread Zebra and the Mountain Zebra inhabit their native areas in lengthy-time period herds that cut up into smaller household teams that are led by a dominant stallion and comprise between one and 6 mares with their younger. Their sturdy social bonds could make them very affectionate in direction of each other, usually grooming one another utilizing their tooth. Through the mating season, males will battle fiercely for the precise to breed with the females and achieve this by rearing up on their again legs while kicking and biting each other.

Zebra Replica and Life Cycles

The Zebra is a comparatively gradual-creating mammal with females not with the ability to first breed till they’re at the very least just a few years previous. After a gestation interval that may final for between 10 months and a yr, the feminine provides delivery to a single foal that’s born with its stripes, mane and in addition has a little bit patch of hair in the course of its tummy. Zebra foals are in a position to stand inside minutes of delivery which is significant to make sure that they’re able to run away to flee from predators. They’re able to start consuming grass after per week and are weaned by the point they’re 11 months previous. Younger Zebras stay with their mom till they’re mature at round three years previous when the males depart their natal herd to hitch an all-male bachelor group, whereas females stick with their mom. These bachelor teams start to problem the dominant stallions to attempt to take over the harem throughout the mating season.

Zebra Diet and Prey

The Zebra is a herbivorous animal which means that it solely eats plant-matter in an effort to acquire the vitamin that it must survive. Nearly all of the Zebra’s food regimen (in truth round 90%) is comprised of all kinds of various grasses with different plant matter together with leaves and buds making up the remaining. They use their sharp entrance tooth to nibble on the robust ends of grasses earlier than grinding them up utilizing the flat molars alongside its cheeks. As a result of the truth that grass has little dietary worth, Zebras should spend between 60% and 80% of the day grazing. Widespread Zebras are sometimes seen ingesting at water holes which they do day-after-day however, attributable to the truth that the Grevy’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra inhabit drier, extra arid areas, they usually don’t drink for a number of days at a time. Within the dry season Zebras can journey huge distances in the hunt for recent grass and water holes that haven’t but dried up, with the Grevy’s Zebra additionally identified to dig into the bottom of dried up river beds to entry the water underground. For an entire evaluation of their food regimen, give our ‘What Do Zebras Eat?’ web page a learn!”

Zebra Predators and Threats

The Zebra is a big and highly effective animal that regardless of being herbivorous can simply outrun lots of its predators. Zebras are preyed upon by Lions, Leopards, Hyenas and African Wild Dogs, together with quite a few different massive carnivores corresponding to Crocodiles when they’re crossing rivers or ingesting. Though their first intuition is to run away, Zebras are generally identified to assault the animal that’s threatening it by kicking and biting. Nevertheless, when hazard is noticed, Zebras alert each other of the risk and by working away from their predator as a good herd, they usually both confuse or just intimidate their attacker. The most important risk although to Africa’s remaining Zebra populations is the growing encroachment on their pure habitats by folks, with the lack of their open plains to grazing for livestock and to clear land for agriculture.

Zebra Attention-grabbing Information and Options

The stripes of the Zebra stay a slight thriller to science even as we speak as they have been as soon as thought to camouflage them into the pure gentle and shade of their environment to confuse predators, as as soon as working as a herd, this can be very tough to stay targeted on a single animal. The formation of the stripes on their rear finish of the Zebra differs enormously between the three species with Widespread Zebras having horizontal stripes on its haunches the place these of the Grevy’s Zebra curve upwards. These patterns on their rear ends are thought to vary so enormously in order that members of the identical herd are in a position to simply determine the person on the entrance of the pack when working. As with different male horses, Zebra stallions are identified to curve their high lips up which is assumed to intensify their sense of scent. This so-referred to as “horse giggle” is assumed to show very important for the male to have the ability to detect when a feminine is able to mate.

Zebra Relationship with Humans

Because of the free-roaming nature of Zebras and over huge distances, the growing human presence all through the world has meant that Zebras have been affected by the lack of their habitats all through a lot of the pure vary. Nevertheless, one of the intriguing issues about Zebras to folks is that as a result of they’re so carefully associated to different equines together with Horses and Donkeys, Zebras has really been in a position to breed with them to supply a hybrid foal, often called a Zonkey (Zebras and Donkeys) or as a Zorse(Zebras and Horses). Though it isn’t thought that the 2 species would naturally be capable of mate within the wild attributable to geographical variations, quite a few each Zonkey and Zorse people now exist around the globe. Zebras are thought to have pure safety to sure parasites which has led folks to breed Horses and Donkeys with Zebras to supply an animal that has the character and measurement of a Horse or Donkey however with the ability and resilience of a Zebra. As with different cross-breed offspring although, Zonkeys and Zorses are infertile and so are unable to breed themselves.

Zebra Conservation Status and Life Today

At this time, two out of the three Zebras species are listed by the IUCN as animals which can be Endangered and subsequently face extinction from their pure habitats sooner or later. The Grevy’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra are present in more and more remoted areas and their numbers proceed to fall all through their pure ranges. The Widespread Zebra is an animal that’s listed as being Near Threatened by extinction within the wild and though they’re nonetheless widespread and numbers look like comparatively secure, they like the opposite species, are threatened by habitat loss all through a lot of their pure vary.


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