Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Stegostoma Fasciatum
Zebra Shark Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Yellow, Black, White
15 – 20 years
16kg – 20kg (35lbs – 44lbs)
Zebra Shark Distribition

While zebra shark ‘ pups’ do have red stripes when they are birthed, those in fact become places as they expand!

Zebra sharks are mild fish that spend time reef in exotic seas. They invest their days resting as well as their nights leisurely searching around the sea flooring as well as consuming. As a result of environment adjustment as well as human task, zebra shark numbers remain in complimentary loss. A globally initiative is underway to conserve them, as well as there are little points we can all do to sustain their survival.

5 Interesting Zebra Shark Truths

  • For several years, a populace of zebra sharks has actually been collecting at a yearly summertime top that remains to bewilder researchers to today.
  • Women zebra sharks do not require guys to duplicate. They can do it by themselves!
  • Individuals commonly puzzle leopard sharks as well as zebra sharks.
  • The lengthiest zebra shark ever before tape-recorded was 11 feet long.
  • Zebra sharks are extremely versatile as well as slim as well as can forage in slim gaps.

Zebra Shark Scientific Name

The correct scientific name for zebra sharks resembles the tastes-great-vs-less-filling beer discussion of the aquatic taxonomy globe. Most of researchers utilize Stegostoma fasciatum. Nevertheless, one more institution of idea thinks Stegostoma varium is the best option. A 2019 taxonomic evaluation made complex issues when it wrapped up that Stegostoma tigrinum is the proper term.

Stegostoma is a portmanteau (word composed of 2 various other words) of the Greek words “stego” as well as “stoma,” suggesting “covered” as well as “mouth,” specifically. Fasciatum additionally originates from Greek as well as indicates “grouped,” a recommendation to child zebra sharks’ red stripes.

Zebra sharks are occasionally misinterpreted for as well as called “leopard sharks” due to the fact that grownups of the species shed their red stripes as well as get places.

Zebra Shark Appearance as well as Habits


Zebra sharks have level heads with itty-bitty eyes on either side, brief nose mouths obstructed with 50 to 65 teeth, as well as round bodies that can weave like an acrobat. They normally expand to a size of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet), as well as the present document for the lengthiest grownup is 3.5 meters (11 feet)– two times the elevation of star Danny Devito!

At birth, zebra sharks sporting activity dark brownish skin ahead, yellow-colored stubborn bellies, as well as upright yellow red stripes. As they expand, the red stripes different right into places. Marine biologists think the red stripes act as camouflage for the infants.


We usually consider sharks as hostile as well as harmful, however zebra sharks smooth to a refrigerator ambiance. They invest the majority of the day snoozing on the sea flooring as well as deal with the present to promote low-effort breathing. After that, at sundown, zebra sharks sluggishly climb as well as invest the evening gradually swishing about searching for food.

Essentially, zebra sharks are loners that unite every now and then. Quizzically, every summertime, a number of hundred zebra sharks assemble in superficial waters off the shore of Queensland. Three times as numerous women turn up, however no breeding shows up to occur. Though it’s been examined, the routine has actually left researchers baffled.

Zebra sharks are usually mild with people as well as allow us obtain close. They’ll also take food right out of a scuba diver’s hands as well as allow themselves be pet! Simply do not take it as well much, they can end up being hostile when frustrated.

Unlike numerous various other species, zebra sharks adjust well to bondage as well as project functions in numerous huge fish tanks worldwide.

Zebra Shark Environment

Zebra sharks wander the exotic waters around Madagascar, Maldives, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Palau, Taiwan, Japan, New Caledonia, Tonga, as well as Australia. As bottom-dwelling animals that can measure up to depths of 200 feet, they mainly socialize around reef, sandy locations, as well as aquatic debris. Zebra sharks mostly reside in sea water, however have actually been discovered tooling around freshwater containers occasionally.

Zebra Shark Diet

What do zebra sharks eat? Shelled mollusks, snails, sea urchins, crabs, squid, shellfishes, little bony fish, as well as sea serpents get on the zebra shark food selection. And also many thanks to their versatile as well as graceful bodies, zebra sharks can slip right into spaces as well as crannies when foraging for them.

Zebra sharks do not simply eat their food. Rather, their mouths are furnished with effective suction systems that function as vortex vacuum cleaners that absorb target in one gulp. To discover food, they have whisker-like body organs on their noes called “barbels” that act as nourishment sensing units.

Zebra Shark Predators as well as Risks

Conserve for a couple of huge shark species – like tiger sharks as well as bull sharks – zebra sharks have couple of all-naturalpredators Human beings, nonetheless, are a massive danger. In some areas, poachers have complimentary power to quest them for fins as well as liver oil. The previous is for a special called “fin soup”; the last is utilized in vitamins.

Environment infringement provides one more deadly issue for zebra sharks, as does the disintegration as well as misusage of reef.

Zebra Shark Recreation, Infants, as well as Life Expectancy


Throughout mating period, male zebra sharks chase after women as well as reveal rate of interest by breaking at their tails. When a suit fulfills, the male realizes the woman’s pectoral fins, as well as they connect. Both after that exists still with each other for some time on the sea flooring. At some point, the male covers himself about the woman as well as inserts among his claspers (alterations of the pelvic fins) right into her cloaca for a couple of mins.

Ladies lay regarding 4 brownish or purple eggs at once, which are ringed with a light layer of hair that holds on to the nesting surface area. Each reproducing period, a solitary woman might injure to 46 eggs in over 112 days.

Relying on the temperature level, eggs breed for 5 to 6 months as well as ruptured right into the globe as 20- to 30-centimeter-long (7.9- to 14.2-inch-long) hatchlings.

Fascinatingly, zebra shark women can duplicate without men. It’s called parthenogenesis, which indicates recreation without fertilizing. 2 well-documented events include Leonie, a women zebra shark in Australia, as well as Zebedee, the woman resident zebra shark in a dining establishment fish tank at the globe’s most extravagant hotel in Dubai. Both women have not been around men for several years however handled to lay eggs that efficiently hatched out.


Infant zebra sharks are called “pups” as well as enter into the globe looking extremely various than what they’ll mature to be. At hatching, they’re in between 20 as well as 30 centimeters (7.9 to 14.2 inches) long as well as are occasionally misinterpreted for child bullhead sharks that additionally sporting activity yellow red stripes on brownish skin.

Life Expectancy

What is the life expectancy of a zebra shark? When saved from environment damage as well as various other deadly problems generated by human infringement, zebra sharks can live in between 25 as well as thirty years. Some records recommend that they might live much shorter lives in bondage.

Zebra Shark Populace

Zebra sharks are under danger from overfishing as well as environment loss. The International Union for Preservation of Nature identifies the species as Endangered, with the exception of the Australian seaside populace, which does not deal with poaching or overfishing hazards as well as is as a result detailed in the Least Problem group.

In 2008, the AZA Marine Fish Taxon Advisory Team prompted zoos as well as preservation programs to establish species survival strategies as well as handled reproducing programs for zebra sharks. Interested celebrations required to the job as well as executed collective campaigns. Therefore, there is currently a worldwide zebra shark studbook that aids zoos as well as fish tanks promote reproducing as well as move timetables to preserve hereditary variety.


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