Zebra Pleco

The zebra pleco is a bottom feeder with a sucker mouth.
Zebra Pleco Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Hypancistrus zebra
Zebra Pleco Physical Characteristics
Black, White
10-15 years
Zebra Pleco Distribition

One of the most noticeable attribute is the zebra- like red stripes covering the body. This provides it a special appearance contrasted to various other fish in the fish tank.

The zebra pleco is a tiny species of freshwater catfish, decorated with lavish red stripes as well as characterized by an accommodating personality. Initial found in 1991, it swiftly came to be a prominent fish in the unique pet profession till the Brazilian federal government outlawed the method numerous years later on. Today numerous zebra plecos predestined for the fish tank are increased in bondage rather.

3 Amazing Zebra Pleco Truths!

  • The zebra pleco is a timid, simple fish that typically appears to feed during the night.
  • Like any type of catfish, the zebra pleco has long “hairs” (barbels) on the face that aid it notice the surrounding setting as well as discover food in the dust.
  • In spite of the restriction, the zebra pleco is occasionally captured unlawfully by poachers.

Zebra Pleco Classification as well as Scientific Name

The scientific name of the zebra pleco is Hypancistrus zebra The species name is self- informative, yet the genus name needs some description. It might be a mix of the Greek words “hypo” (indicating underneath, under, or much less than) as well as “agkistron” (which implies hook). The definition of this name ends up being much more clear when you think about the carefully relevant genus of Ancistrus, which has hook- designed frameworks outside of the body. Hypancistrus might for that reason suggest that the genus does not have these hook- like frameworks. There are 8 identified species within this genus, yet given that it’s a recently found kind of fish, there might be a lot more unidentified species around.


The zebra pleco is a tiny fish, gauging no greater than 4 inches long, with black as well as white red stripes as well as 4 hairs positioned around the fool- like mouth. The body itself is covered in armored scutes (the very same material as crocodile skin as well as bird feet) instead of ranges. Several of the fins likewise develop the form of sharp spinal columns at the ends. The sex-related distinctions of this species are refined, yet they do exist. The males have an even more noticeable temple as well as even more spinal columns on their fins.

The zebra pleco can be located in the Xingu River in Brazil.boban_nz/ Shutterstock.com

Distribution, Populace, as well as Environment

This fish can be located along the size of the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon River, in the inside of Brazil. Nonetheless, the populace has actually been badly interfered with by the building of the Belo Monte Dam near the mouth of the river. While it hasn’t been analyzed by the IUCN Red Listing, this species can be endangered in the wild. Poaching is likewise a risk, yet many tropical fish originated from restricted reproduction programs around the globe.

Predators as well as Target

The zebra pleco is an omnivorous species. When it isn’t concealing in caverns or rocks, this fish invests the majority of the day gobbling tiny food little bits from all-time low of the river.

What consumes the zebra pleco?

The zebra pleco is preyed upon by bigger fish in its all-natural environment. The hair – like spinal columns aid them ward off prospective predators (along with opponents). The armored scutes likewise give a level of defense.

What does the zebra pleco eat?

In the wild, the zebra pleco typically consumes some mix of algae, fragments (raw material), seeds, as well as various other tiny nibbles. In bondage, they delight in healthy protein- abundant pellets, live or ice up- dried out food (such as bloodworms as well as salt water shrimp), as well as the periodic algae wafer or paled veggie.

Recreation as well as Life-span

The zebra pleco will certainly generate in the cozy wet period in between July as well as September when the water temperature level climbs to around 82 levels Fahrenheit. The male will certainly go after or catch a female in a cavern, where she will certainly launch concerning 15 eggs for the male to feed on the surface. He might occasionally attack right into her body as well as hold her down till she launches her eggs.

After the eggs are fed, it will certainly take around a week for them to hatch out. The male will certainly stand guard over them till they hatch out as well as perhaps for a couple of days later. The young fry will certainly have yolk cavities affixed to their stubborn bellies for the following couple of days till they’re old sufficient to take care of themselves. It takes around 2 as well as a half months prior to they have actually expanded to an inch in dimension. The life-span is around 10 to 15 years.

Zebra Pleco in Angling as well as Food Preparation

The zebra pleco is not typically captured or consumed by individuals.


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