Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin forms schools with other tuna species
Yellowfin Tuna Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Thunnus albacares
Yellowfin Tuna Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Blue, Silver
7 or 8 years
Top speed
50 mph
Up to 450lbs
Yellowfin Tuna Distribition

The yellowfin is the 2nd most generally consumed tuna species on the planet

With its yellow coloring and also big second fins, this species is apparent and also very easy to acknowledge.

3 Unbelievable Yellowfin Tuna Realities!

  • As it moves around the world, the yellowfin tuna fish types huge colleges with skipjack, bigeye, and also also dolphins and also whales.
  • This species can swim approximately 50 miles per hr.
  • Freshly hatched out fry are almost tiny in dimension.

Yellowfin Tuna Classification and also Scientific Name

The scientific name of the yellowfin is Thunnus albacares This is a mix of 2 Latin words: albus, indicating white, and also caro, indicating flesh. The yellowfin is additionally recognized by the alternate Hawaiian name of Ahi.

Yellowfin Tuna Appearance

The yellowfin tuna fish, or Ahi, is characterized by a dark blue back and also yellow sides fading to silver around the stomach. One of the most popular qualities are both long, yellow fins protruding from the back and also tummy. The majority of samplings consider approximately 450 extra pounds.

Yellowfin tuna out in the open ocean in crystal clear blue water
Al McGlashan/

Yellowfin Tuna Distribution, Populace, and also Environment

The yellowfin tuna fish can be discovered throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and also Indian Seas, yet numerous supplies seem decreasing because of overfishing and also bycatch. According to the IUCN Red Checklist, this species is thought about “least concern”.

Yellowfin Tuna Predators and also Target

The yellowfin is just one of the fastest fish in the water, which allows it to avert predators and also capture target.

What does the yellowfin eat?

The yellowfin preys upon squid, shellfishes, and also several kinds of perciform fish.

What consumes the yellowfin?

Yellowfin are preyed upon by seabirds, sharks, billfish, false killer whales, and also bigger tuna. Just the biggest predators can take in a grown-up yellowfin, nonetheless. The various other predators target the juveniles and also eggs.

Yellowfin Tuna Recreation and also Life-span

The yellowfin types all the time (with height generating period in the summer season) by launching numerous sperm and also eggs right into the water. Minority that endure this preliminary phase will certainly grow in a couple of years and also live for around 7 or 8 years.

Yellowfin in Angling and also Food Preparation

The yellowfin composes 30% of the yearly tuna supply, 2nd just to the skipjack. They are frequently post- captured for sustainability factors. The yellowfin has a milder taste and also company structure contrasted to skipjack, and also it can be discovered for a sensible cost.


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