Yak Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Bos grunniens
Yak Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White
15-20 years
Top speed
25 mph
300-1,000kg (661-2,200lbs)
Yak Distribition

Yaks are greatly constructed animals with a tough structure that have long, thick hair.

Yaks are animals that are belonging to Tibet and also China however are likewise discovered in Mongolia, Nepal and also Central Asia. Researchers think that Qiang tribespeople tamed yaks at the very least 5,000 years back, an insurance claim sustained by hereditary proof. Nonetheless, some Tibetan individuals might have potentially tamed yaks as long as 10,000 years back. Residential yaks much surpass wild ones and also are reproduced for their tractability for raking and also threshing, high milk manufacturing, meat, hides and also hair.

Amazing Yak truths!

  • Residential yak, unlike their equivalents in the wild, frequently make groaning sounds, causing the label, “The Grunting Ox.”
  • Yaks are animals with 3 times the lung capability of cows and also have even more and also smaller sized red cell, which enables them to move oxygen extra successfully.
  • They can hold up against cold temperature levels that can get to as reduced as -40 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Yaks have problem growing at reduced elevations and also end up being susceptible to warm fatigue when temperature levels are over 59 levels Fahrenheit.
  • When a yak passes away of all-natural reasons, its bones discover brand-new life as fashion jewelry and also camping tent attachments per Buddhist mentors.

Yak Scientific Name

Yak are participants of the bovine family and also belong to cows and also buffalo, every one of which are most likely came down from aurochs, an extinct species of livestock. Yaks split from aurochs at some time in between one million and also 5 million years back. Researchers identify the wild (Bos mutus) and also residential yaks (Bos grunniens) as 2 distinctive species. The English word yak stems from the Tibetan word “yag.” The scientific name of both species describes the noises or absence thereof that these animals make. Bos mutus, implies mute ox, while Bos grunniens implies groaning ox. They come from Bovidae, the very same family as the Eastern water buffalo, the African buffalo and also the American bison. The essential distinction in between both species is dimension, with wild males evaluating as much as 2 times greater than their residential equivalents. Residential yaks are come down from the wild species.

Yak Appearance and also Actions

All yaks are comparable in appearance, although, as formerly pointed out, wild yaks are bigger. Wild yaks usually have darker, blackish to brownish hair, while residential species have broader shade variants that consist of corroded brownish and also lotion. All have cozy, thick hair that hangs listed below their stomaches and also a wooly undercoat that covers their upper body, flanks, and also upper legs. They have cumbersome structures and also strong legs that finish in rounded, cloven unguis. Their company horns are likewise utilized for protection, enabling them to appear the snow in winter season to discover food hidden under. Both males and also females have a brief neck with an obvious bulge over the shoulders, although this particular is extra obvious in males. They have tails that are lengthy and also look even more like those of horses than of wire.

Domesticated yaks are smaller sized as males usually consider 600 to 1,100 extra pounds, while females vary from 400 to 600 extra pounds. Wild males can consider as long as 2,200 extra pounds. The elevation of residential males differs, however they usually peak at 44 to 54 inches at the withers, while females are 41 to 46 inches at the withers. Females have 4 teats with a breast that is little and also hirsute. The very same can be claimed of the male scrotum. The dimension and also hirsute treatments are security versus the cold.

Wild yaks reside in herds of numerous hundred animals, consisted of mainly of females and also their young with just a few males. Many males survive their very own or reside in smaller sized bachelor teams of regarding 6 till prior to mating period when they will generally rejoin the bigger herd. They usually stay clear of humans and also might leave, although they can end up being hostile when protecting young or when in rut when males on a regular basis deal with among themselves to develop prominence. Common rut actions consists of non- terrible display screens, together with assaults such as wailing and also scuffing the ground with their horns. Bulls will certainly likewise consistently bill at one an additional with their heads reduced or will certainly compete with their horns. Males frequently indulge completely dry dirt throughout rut and also fragrance- mark with pee or dung.

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Yak Environment

Wild yaks are animals that live mainly in north Tibet and also the western Chinese district of Qinghai. Some populaces prolong right into the most southern components of Xinjiang and also India. Separated populaces of these animals are likewise spread out throughout main Asia. Key environments are the treeless uplands of main Asia in between 9,800 and also 18,000 feet in hill fields and also plateaus. They are frequently discovered in towering expanse with thick yards and also sedges that supply their food. Some herds will certainly move seasonally trying to find food. They eat early in the early morning and also night and also do not stir a lot, frequently rest a lot of the day. Throughout snowstorms, these animals transform their tails right into the tornados and also might stay inactive for hrs.

Along with being reproduced for their milk, residential yaks are increased for their butter, which is developed into po cha, or Tibetan butter tea. Tibetans make this tea by including yak milk, butter, and also salt to black tea from Pemagul to make the conventional beverage, which strengthens enthusiasts versus the Himalaya Hills’ slim, chilly air. The tea is usually eaten by those surviving plateaus over 17,000 feet.

Yak butter plays a main duty in the Butter Light Event held throughout the very first month of the Tibetan schedule in Lhasa. Monks invest months sculpting sculptures out of yak butter, while lights shedding the butter line the roads throughout the event.

Every summer season, Tibetan wanderers brush and also refine the soft, downy undercoat that yaks shed currently of year. Crude external hair is developed into ropes, camping tents and also wigs. The internal cashmere- like fibers are developed into fabrics that have actually started to equal conventional cashmere, made from Himalayan goat hair.

Yak dung is the only gas on the high Tibetan plateau, however utilizing it offers a biohazard as shedding it creates each year 1,000 lots of black carbon, the 2nd leading reason for worldwide warming.

Yak Diet

Yaks are herbivores, suggesting they just eat plants. They invest a good deal of time in hill fields, grazing on yards and also various other reduced- existing plants like sedges. Carex, Stipa, and also Kobresia are amongst their favored yards. They likewise take in natural herbs, winter season fat hedges, moss, and also lichen. Females like to forage on greater inclines than males, particularly if they have young. They often consume alcohol throughout the summer season and also eat snow in the winter season to remain hydrated. Like cows, they have 2 tummies to successfully remove all the nutrients out of the plants they eat.

Yak Predators and also Hazards

Although residential yaks abound, the worldwide populace of yaks is decreasing and also formally provided as vulnerable to termination by the International Union for Preservation of Nature. In the very early 1900s, wild yaks were pursued thoroughly by Tibetan and also Mongolian herdsmans and also army workers. Whereas just half a century back, as numerous as one million wild yaks strolled the Tibetan plateau, just regarding 10,000 stay today as a result of interbreeding with cows, loss of environment, and also poaching assaults by humans. Singular males are specifically vulnerable to poaching. Disruption by residential animals brings illness along with interbreeding.

The Himalayan wolf is the yak’s all-natural killer, although in some locations snow leopards and also brown bears have actually been understood to prey upon young or ill yaks.

Yak Recreation, Children, and also Life Expectancy

Females get in estrus as much as 4 times a year, yet mating generally takes place in late summer season, often also right into September relying on the neighborhood setting. Pregnancy lasts in between 257 and also 270 days, causing the birth of a solitary calf bone in Might or June. Dual births are uncommon. Females discover a remote area to deliver, however quickly rejoin the herd as calf bones can usually stroll within 10 mins of birth. Many females just deliver every various other year, although even more constant births can take place if food abounds. They start delivering at regarding 3 to 4 years old, with peak fertility at roughly 6 years.

Calf bones are discouraged at a years of age and also end up being independent quickly after that. These animals have a life expectancy of roughly 20 to 25 years, although some wild yaks might have a much shorter life expectancy.

Yak Populace

Residential yaks number in between 14 million and also 15 million in Asia. Yak ranching is likewise increasing in The United States and Canada, with around 5,000 presently being increased in the USA. They have actually been generally utilized as pack animals for campers along with for raking and also threshing. Yak dung is the only gas readily available on the treeless Tibetan expanse. As late as the mid- 1800s, wild yaks prolonged from Lake Baikal in Siberia to the Ladakh steppe in India. The Chinese Golden Yak, an endangered subspecies of the wild yak, just has regarding 170 people left in the wild. India and also China have actually formally safeguarded wild yaks, with the last also developing unique books where numerous herds of the wild populace lie.

Yaks In the Zoo

Many zoos just have area for one sort of wild livestock species, so they pick buffalo, bison, or yak. San Diego Zoo’s Wild animals Park is one exemption where site visitors can see these animals along with various other species. San Diego Zoo has a cautious, devoted reproducing program for endangered species, although the majority of zoos do not.


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