This dog is known for cocking its head in a curious manner when listening to its owner.
Westiepoo Scientific Classification
Canis familiaris
Westiepoo Physical Characteristics
Westiepoo Distribition

Although a Westiepoo is small in dimension, it has a robust bark that may scare away strangers on the property.

Westiepoos are social, clever canine which are filled with curiosity. They’re the results of breeding a West Highland White terrier with a miniature poodle. These canine date again to the Nineteen Seventies. They’re believed to have originated in the USA. Westiepoos belong to the hybrid group.

These small, playful canine are well-liked with households. They’re loyal and protecting of their family members.

3 Pros and Cons of Proudly owning a Westiepoo

Pros! Cons!
A pleasant nature: These canine like to be round their homeowners. They like to cuddle on the sofa, go on walks, and in any other case spend time with the household! Considerably tough to coach:
They will have an unbiased streak making coaching considerably tough.
A straightforward grooming routine:
They don’t require an elaborate grooming routine. They have to be brushed simply a few times every week to maintain their coat trying wholesome.
Separation nervousness: They will expertise separation nervousness if left alone too lengthy. They will turn out to be harmful by chewing on varied objects in a family.
A low shedder: Although these canine are thought-about hypoallergenic, they do shed a small quantity of hair. Can bark rather a lot if not socialized:
They that haven’t been socialized tend to bark rather a lot.
White westiepoo standing on a bench
Westiepoos don’t require an elaborate grooming routine. They have to be brushed simply a few times every week to maintain their coat trying wholesome.Gordito1869 / CC BY 3.0– License

Westiepoo Measurement and Weight

Westiepoos are small to medium-sized canine that may obtain a top of 17 inches from the highest of its head to its toes. They weigh as much as 35 kilos. At 7 weeks previous, a Westiepoo weighs round 8 kilos. They’re absolutely grown between the age of 8 and 12 months.

Peak (Male): 17 inches
Peak (Female): 17 inches
Weight (Male): 35 kilos
Weight (Female): 35 kilos

Westiepoo Widespread Well being Points

Westiepoos are inclined to a couple well being points. One is Patellar luxation. Patellar luxation occurs when the canine’s kneecap slips misplaced. Limping or an unsteady stride are signs of this situation. Some canine want surgical procedure to right a extreme case of patellar luxation.

One other widespread well being challenge is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is actually the dislocation of the hip joint. As soon as once more, limping, or restricted vary of movement are signs of this situation.

Addison’s illness is a 3rd widespread well being challenge of this canine. It’s a hormonal imbalance. Vomiting, diarrhea, and an amazing thirst can all be signs of this illness. A veterinarian has to conduct bloodwork and urine evaluation to detect Addison’s illness. Luckily, there are medicines that may deal with this situation.

Widespread well being situations embody:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Addison’s illness

Westiepoo Temperament and Conduct

The affectionate temperament of Westiepoos makes them nice canine for households with older kids. These canine have a playful character and prefer to be the place the motion is. One of the crucial distinguished traits of this canine is its devotion to its proprietor. Despite the fact that its dimension wouldn’t intimidate anybody, this pooch will bark when a stranger involves the door. So, a Westiepoo can function a watchdog in a family.

The adaptability of this canine means it’s simply as completely satisfied cuddling on the couch subsequent to its proprietor as it’s enjoying chase within the yard with the children!

Learn how to Take Care of Westiepoo

An proprietor who learns in regards to the varied wants of their new Westiepoo goes to have the ability to take glorious care of this pet. Whether or not it’s a pet or an grownup canine, studying about its weight loss program, train wants, grooming routines and customary well being points can assist an proprietor to provide their Westiepoo a cheerful life!

Upkeep and Grooming

How a lot do Westiepoos shed? Though many imagine these canine are hypoallergenic, they do shed. Nevertheless, they shed little or no, so they’re categorized as low shedders.

One of many advantages of buying this hybrid or getting one from a rescue group is that they don’t require a lot grooming. Their grooming routine consists of brushing them a few times every week. This retains their coat in good situation and removes mats and tangles.

A slicker brush with plastic coverings on the bristles is a helpful grooming software for this canine. It reaches into the coat to take away tangles with out hurting the canine’s delicate pores and skin. Begin on the canine’s head and transfer with the comb towards its tail, following the pure movement of its hair.

One other step on this canine’s grooming routine is cleansing its ears. This may be executed with a specifically designed ear cleansing answer and a comfortable fabric. Cleansing this canine’s ears can assist to stop ear infections.

Westiepoos are susceptible to epidermal dysplasia simply as West Highland White terriers are. Epidermal dysplasia is a situation ensuing from irregular pores and skin cells. Hair loss, redness and greasy hair are all indicators of this situation. Luckily, it may be handled with antifungals or antibiotics from a veterinarian.


Each West Highland White terriers and poodles are clever canine. So, it’s no shock that Westiepoos are good as properly. Intelligence does make obedience coaching classes somewhat simpler. However a cussed streak on this hybrid breed could be a stumbling block. So, it’s greatest to maintain coaching classes brief and provides these canine a number of reward and treats to strengthen classes. The less distractions within the coaching space, the higher.

A Jack Russell terrier is one other instance of an clever canine with an unbiased streak. It does greatest with brief coaching classes as properly.


These canine want about half-hour of train per day. They’ve a number of power that must be burned off!

Train for these canine can take the type of strolling within the neighborhood, enjoying fetch within the yard or strolling a path within the woods. They get together with different canine so taking a Westiepoo to a canine park is a good suggestion so long as the opposite canine are comparable in dimension.

These canine are appropriate for house residing. So long as the proprietor takes the canine out for train a minimum of half-hour a day, residing in an house is acceptable for this hybrid breed.

Westiepoo Puppies

Westiepoo puppies are energetic and anxious to discover their atmosphere. So, it’s vital to offer a protected space for these small canine to stretch their legs and transfer round.

tan westiepoo puppy
Although these canine are thought-about hypoallergenic, Westiepoos do shed a small quantity of hair.

Westiepoos and Kids

These canine do have a fame for being good with older kids. They’re much less appropriate for a household with younger kids. It is because younger kids can generally deal with small canine like this one in a harsh or tough approach with out realizing it. A Westiepoo might reply in a adverse approach considering it’s in peril of being injured.

Dogs Similar to Westiepoos

Some canine which are much like Westiepoos embody the Cairn terrier, Scottish terrier, and the Skye terrier.

  • Cairn terrier: Cairn terriers are energetic, good, and playful like Westiepoos. However Westiepoos are bigger in dimension and weight than the Cairn terrier.
  • Scottish terrier: Just like the Westiepoo, the Scottish terrier is clever with a cussed streak. One massive distinction is whereas most Scottish terriers are black, Westiepoos are white.
  • Skye terrier: Skye terriers and Westiepoos are roughly the identical dimension and are each pleasant. Nevertheless, a Skye terrier has a for much longer coat requiring extra grooming consideration.

Widespread names for Westiepoos embody:

  • Princess
  • Vicki
  • Puddles
  • Tootsie
  • Simba
  • Minnie
  • Jinx
  • Sammy


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