West Highland Terrier

The Black and White Whiskey bottles highlight a Scotland Westie.
West Highland Terrier Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis Lupus
West Highland Terrier Physical Characteristics
15 years
10kg (22lbs)
West Highland Terrier Distribition

While searching, the West Highland Terrier utilizes its portable dimension to tunnel below ground and twitch right into limited below ground caves. That makes the Westie a go- to in several components of the world as a searching friend.

The West Highland Terrier is a huge dog in a little body. Flush with power, persistent and interested, also- solidified and pleasant, the Westie is an independent thinker. The type comes from the terrier family that includes the bull terrier, cairn terrier and the black Russian.

The Westie is a caring and faithful friend. He enjoys indulging as high as he enjoys being laid off. The dog can trek with you all the time with the majority of that time invested running in advance of you like a coyote.

3 Pros and Cons of Having a West Highland Terrier

Great guard dog:
If you like the additional safety, this is a great pet to have about. These dogs will certainly allow you recognize there’s an auto death by or if a squirrel’s in a tree. That large bark’s valued by seekers. You’ll hear this dog from country miles and also below ground.
Not a security personnel:
The Terrier is most likely to allow you recognize a person’s available. However if that a person enters your home, he’s more probable to kick your trespasser’s hand than bite. This is where the ever before- so- pleasant pet backfires on you.
N ot a shedder:
If there’s any person in the residence with respiratory system concerns or allergic reactions, the Westie’s a great selection. It does not drop. That indicates hairs are much less most likely to wind up on your surface areas. Pet dander possibly worsens participants of the family that can have an adverse response.
Prospective health issue:
As they age, your Scotland Westie can create Addison’s condition, skin concerns, degenerative mind condition, cataracts, and much more. Their reasonable shade isn’t suitable with the sunlight either. Soap her in sun block, specifically behind the ears.
The Westie is an exceptionally pleasant animal. He constantly placed his ideal social foot ahead upon experience.
Various other animal hostility:
She can be animal- pleasant. However anticipate a Westie to have concerns with animals they do not recognize directly. Your Westie has a fantastic capability to quadrate various other cats and dogs however on her terms. Maintain her on a chain outdoors as the dog’s most likely to screw after one more animal, specifically smaller sized ones.
West Highland Terrier
West Highland Terrier might have concerns with animals they do not recognize directly. Your Westie has a fantastic capability to quadrate various other cats and dogs, however on her terms.Nixx Photography/Shutterstock.com

West Highland Terrier Dimension and Weight

The West Highland Terrier is a portable, durable dog. Males expand to 11 inches, females 10. Females can evaluate, usually, in between 13 and 16 extra pounds. Male weight varies in between 15 to 22 extra pounds.

Elevation (Male) 11 ″ high
Elevation (Female) 10 ″ high
Weight (Male) 15 to 22 extra pounds
Weight (Female) 13 to 16 extra pounds

West Highland Terrier Typical Wellness Issues

The West Highland White Terrier is full-blooded and is at risk to a range of wellness worries. One issue is allergic reactions. Terriers are at risk to allergic reactions that can provide terriers scratchy skin. Most of these animals experience some kind of allergic reaction by age 3.

One more wellness problem that these Terriers are vulnerable to is Westie Armadillo Disorder. Likewise called skin dysplasia, this trouble appears in dogs 3 to one year old. It’s an unpleasant problem resulting in entire- body loss of hair and infection. Terrier and human therapy can consist of drug, hair shampoo, and pulsed magnetic field (” PEMF”) treatment.

A 3rd wellness problem these dogs might encounter is cataracts. Dogs can deal with reduced vision, however cataracts make life tough for your Westie. While the surgical treatment prevails, only dogs that are great prospects will certainly get approved for the treatment. Surgical procedure can set you back numerous hundreds of bucks.

Westies go through joint concerns. This consists of loosened knees, puffy jaw, hipbone degeneration, and hip dysplasia. PEMF reduces numerous concerns related to joint troubles, specifically in the equine area.

Various Other Illness

Illness related to food digestion know to Westies and their proprietors. These consist of pancreatitis and inflammatory digestive tract condition. PEMF lowers the discomfort and swelling these illness create.

Yet one more trouble in Terriers is Addison’s Addison’s condition. It provides as looseness of the bowels, raised thirst, sleepiness, too much peeing, and abrupt weight-loss. Addison’s is treatable. The veterinarian can create a prepare for your white terrier.

White Shaker Dog Disorder is a neuromuscular problem that creates tremblings in lap dogs. It can cause crippling physical ailment. Steroids are a typical application.

One more condition that Terriers are vulnerable to is Lung fibrosis (PF). PF marks lung cells, making breathing hard. It’s thought the condition is the outcome of lengthy- term direct exposure to air pollution, irritants, and infections in Terriers Appearing in pooches around 9 years of ages, the dog shows hissing, lack of breath, fatigue, and reduced power.

West Highland Terrier Personality and Actions

The West Highland Terrier is certain, enjoyable- caring, smart and vibrant. It’s a dog that’s pleased by something as straightforward as a stubborn belly rub, squeaky plaything or dish. This animal has a love forever that receives her actions.

The Westie is a home pet. He’s independent, more probable to locate an area in the activity rather than being the facility of it. While he can splitting up stress and anxiety however can likewise invest a day enjoying your home by himself.

The dog can be hostile however not always a competitor. That does not imply she’ll stay clear of one. In the female, characteristics such as being the alpha amongst males prevail. This type is most likely to be a problem to next-door neighbors otherwise educated to quit barking.

Characteristic consist of a great deal of pronouncing. He can chew out footwear and develop various other mayhem around your home. Yet, he’s quickly educated. Some even more quickly than others, however completion outcome is the dog barking much less and not excavating in your yard.

Exactly How To Deal With West Highland Terrier

A veterinarian or dog breeder can be crucial in all locations of Westie upkeep. They’re coached in dog types and can suggest on what ideal fits your Westie’s programs.

Maintenance and Pet Grooming

Prepare on your own for day-to-day brushing to maintain your pet’s pure white layer cost-free and free from matting. As you run a brush via the hair, watch out for indicators of skin swelling, inflammation or swelling.

Dermatitis prevails amongst West Highland Terriers Stop or a minimum of prevent this with medicated hair shampoos and normal bathrooms. This must be a program set by your veterinarian. Or else, a much healthier Westie just needs showering on a 2- to 3- month routine.

Cut hair listed below the eyes. Or else, you obtain matting and tear discolorations. Thoroughly tidy around the eyes daily with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of red- brownish tear discolorations. There are services for getting rid of tear discolorations at pet shops. According to Veterinary Partner, dental prescription antibiotics aid decrease rips and white hair discoloration.


The most convenient course is sending your Scotland white terrier to obedience institution. Connect to a neighborhood dog breeder, the West Highland White Terrier Club or SPCA to locate an obedience class.

If selecting to show in the house, start with short sessions and straightforward commands like “rest” and “come.” Compensate etiquette with food. “Come” is a vital beginning factor for training. Obtain him to follow you inside and after that take it outdoors.

Obtain Westie comfy with her dog crate or bed linens. Discover a word like “rest,” “den” or “bed” to obtain them in the dog crate. Check out utilizing the dog crate as a benefit, not a penalty.

One more essential objective is obtaining your dog to potty outdoors. Every 2 hrs, take him bent on the very same area. Pups require regular draining. In between potties, crate him or maintain him on a chain to stop mishaps in your home.

Interior potty training needs the very same arrangement however with a can and potty pads.


Offer your Westie the chance to play/exercise everyday. It’s the most effective method to maintain muscularure in peak problem. Daily strolls, runs and video games satisfy the demands of required normal workout. To decrease injury, Westies must not run without guidance.

West Highland Terrier Pups

Westie pups are lovable with a bigger individuality than their bodies must hold. It is necessary to suppress their interest and interest in the residence. They’ll eat on anything and up until appropriately educated will certainly dirt anywhere. Consequently, safe cords and cable televisions the dog might eat on. Relocate things they can encounter or break. Do away with cleansing products and chemicals, plants, trash, and so on

You might intend to crate or kennel a pup over night to make sure that you can rest recognizing it’s not entering problem. Acquire something that will not “diminish” as the young puppy expands.

Deal with your dog breeder or veterinarian to see your Westie’s fed well and educated. Likewise, begin potty- training asap. Produce paper or acquire young puppy- pads. Usage non- dangerous wipes and anti-bacterials to tidy behind the brand-new dog.

You’ll desire an eat plaything, otherwise numerous. Bring and soft playthings maintain pups hectic. One more suggestion is having a reward dispenser that compensates a Westie for finishing jobs.

West Highland Terrier laying in the grass in a park
West Highland Terrier pups are lovable with a bigger individuality than their bodies must hold. It is necessary to suppress their interest and interest in the residence.Fougasse/Shutterstock.com

West Highland Terrier and Kid

You require to bear in mind the West Highland White Terrier obtains aggravated. She’s recognized to break suddenly. Never ever leave a Westie alone with kids. Communications must be appropriately managed. A West Highland White Terrier is a pleasant, caring animal and, as a whole, enjoys individuals.

Dogs similar to West Highland Terrier

Below are a couple of dogs from the very same type as the West Highland White Terrier.

  • Cairn Terrier: The Cairn Terrier is among the earliest functioning dogs out of Scotland. The type was provided the name due to the fact that its feature was to quest and go after quarries in between the Scottish highland .
  • Yorkshire Terrier: The clear-cut lapdog, a Yorkshire Terrier is among the tiniest dog types. It accomplishes an optimum weight of 7 extra pounds and gets to an optimum elevation of 9 inches. Terriers in mind, the Yorkshire shows most of the type’s even more memorable qualities.
  • Border Terrier: The Border Terrier is a harsh- covered, portable type of a terrier dog. Reproduced to quest fox and vermin, this terrier shares origins with the Bedlington Terrier and Dandie Dinmont.

Famous West Highland Terrier

The Westies stand for charm and, many thanks to their little dimension, convenience and security. Celebs that maintain them consist of Whoopi Goldberg, Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey. Below are 3 various other terriers in the limelight.

  • Cesar: A Westie associates the dog food brand name of the very same name.
  • Olivia: You can locate the stunning film- dog Olivia in “Video Game Evening,” playing faithful friend to star Jesse Plemons. Olivia likewise appears in “Widows” and “Pressing.”
  • Epic supervisor Alfred Hitchcock liked the Sealyham Terrier, an exceptionally pricey type, however he likewise maintained numerous white terriers.

Popular names for the Westie consists of:

  • Dinky
  • Gracie
  • Empress
  • Slim
  • Sassy
  • Rascal
  • Rocky
  • Pepper


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