Water Dragon

Water Dragon Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Water Dragon Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Black, Tan, Green
10-20 years
Top speed
30 mph
0.5-1kg (1.1-2.2lbs)
Water Dragon Distribition

“Water dragons can run really promptly when endangered and also continue to be immersed for as lengthy as 90 mins.”

Water dragons are agamid reptiles belonging to southerly China, the Southeast Eastern nations of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and also Australia. Both primary species are the Chinese Water Dragon, in addition to the Australian Water dragon discovered on the eastern shore of that continent from Victoria north to Queensland. Australian water dragons are more separated right into 2 subspecies, the Eastern Water Dragon and also the GippslandWater Dragon All water dragons can run really promptly and also will certainly also go down right into the water and also continue to be immersed for as much as 90 mins when endangered.

5 Amazing Water Dragon Realities

  • These dragons often run bipedally (on 2 legs) like a human!
  • Males and also women are often hostile and also commonly bob their heads, expand their throats and also swing their arms at one an additional
  • Water dragons will certainly commonly stand entirely still on their back legs to mix right into the history
  • They have the distinct capability to restore cut tails
  • They have a basic life expectancy of 10-20 years however can live much longer in bondage

Water Dragon Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Chinese Water dragon is Physignathus cocincinus. It is additionally understood by the names Eastern Water Dragon, Thai Water Dragon and also Eco-friendlyWater Dragon Words “Physignathus” indicates puff-cheek, of the dragon’s protruding throat and also reduced jaws. The Australian species were are initially participants of the Physignathus genus, with 2 identified species, Physignathus lesueurii and also Physignathus concincinus. Physignathus lesueurii is called after French biologist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur. An evaluation of the Physignathus lesueurii revealed that they had sufficient varying features from the Chinese species to obtain its very own genus name, Intellagama, in 2012. Intellagama leseurii has 2 sub-species, Eastern Water Dragon, Intellagama lesueurii lesueurii and also the Gippsland Water Dragon, Intellegama lesueurii howittii.

Water Dragon Appearance and also Actions

The Chinese Water Dragon is normally a brilliant to a dark eco-friendly reptile with high horn ranges ranging from its head to the base of its tail, which has brownish and also eco-friendly bands and also finishes in a factor. Some might be purple with an orange tummy and also might have angled red stripes of eco-friendly or blue-green on their bodies. Their belies can additionally be white, beige, light eco-friendly or yellow. Their throats are considered their most appealing function, varying in shades of blue, purple and also peach, intense orange and also yellow and also are often candy striped in between 2 shades.

Juveniles have brown eco-friendly top bodies and also white to fade eco-friendly underbellies. They additionally have white or off-white upright red stripes on both sides of their bodies in addition to a brownish and also eco-friendly grouped tail. After getting to a size of concerning 10 inches and also dropping their skin numerous times, they tackle their grown-up coloring.

The Eastern species has a tiny, rainbowlike, photosensitive place in between its eyes described as the pineal eye that is thought to thermoregulate its body by picking up distinctions in light. This parietal eye can additionally aid the reptile stay clear of predators from over while additionally enabling it to stir up from a deep rest unexpectedly.

Man and also women display a little various features. Men have extra dazzling coloring, specifically under the throat, while they additionally have bigger, extra triangular heads, larger dewlaps with bigger crests on the head, neck, and also tail, in addition to bigger femoral pores.

Their legs are well established with five-toed feet that have long, thick claws finishing in sharp factors. Front legs are slimmer and also are made use of for climbing up trees and also keeping branches. The back legs are extra muscle and also are made use of for leaping, jumping, climbing up, and also swimming. These dragons often run bipedally on their back legs.

This species can mature to simply over 3 feet in size, with the tail using up concerning two-thirds of its body size. The tail is made use of for equilibrium and also utilize when climbing up and also for help in swimming, along with a tool versuspredators The biggest water dragons consider simply over 2 extra pounds.

Australian water dragons have a comparable appearance with a deeply angular head and also a dorsal ridge of ranges that prolongs from their heads to their tails. They additionally have huge dewlaps and also ears that are nearly as huge as their eyes. Shades vary in between the subspecies. The Eastern Water Dragon is grey to brown grey with black red stripes on the dorsal ridge to the tail. They additionally have a straight black red stripe ranging from the eye that prolongs down the neck. Arm or legs are largely black with places of grey, while the tail has actually removed with grey and also black. The stubborn belly is yellow-brown with the breast and also top stubborn belly intense red in fully grown men, and also there is no dark red stripe from the eye to the ear. Men have bands of blue and also yellow around the throat and also have dark green upper bodies. Eastern Water Dragons have white, yellow and also red throats and also dark bands behind its eyes, while Gippsland Water Dragons have dark bands on either side of its throat. Both are light green expanded in total shade. The Australian species can alter its shade to camouflage itself gradually. Men are additionally bolder in shade than women.

Both the Eastern and also Australian species are energetic throughout the day and also invest a lot of their time in trees or on plants indulging in the sunlight. When endangered, they can run really quickly and also will certainly commonly enter the water and also continue to be beneath for extensive times to stay clear of predators or conceal in thick plants. These dragons are normally reluctant in the wild however can come to be pleasant to human beings when maintained as pets. Both sexes display hostile habits that consists of head bobbing and also arm swing. Where the populace is denser, men come to be extra territorial in the direction of various other men and also show habits such as posturing, chasing after and also combating. These animals additionally interact with a selection of motions like praising and also substratum licking, however the definition of those motions is not completely recognized.

Green water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus)at the Toronto Zoo.
Eco-friendly water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) at the Toronto Zoo.

Theonlysilentbob/ Creative Commons

Water Dragon Environment

Water dragons in Asia and also Australia live near bodies of moving water such as creeks, rivers, and also lakes that have cooking websites such as rocks or looming branches. Environments differ extensively and also consist of rain forests in hotter locations and also towering streams in even more pleasant environments. These animals will certainly also reside in metropolitan locations if they can discover ideal problems and also tidy water.

Task patterns alter when the weather condition cools down. Throughout the springtime and also summertime, they participate in normal basking habits in addition to swimming and also foraging for food. In cooler months, these dragons get in well established burrows or develop their very own close to water resources and also load the dust in the opening up to maintain themselves cozy. As soon as within, they will certainly reduce their metabolic rate and also get in brumation, a kind of hibernation.

In the wild, they can often be challenging to observe as you are more probable to hear them scooting away or going down to the water. Australian water dragons commonly stand completely still on their back legs as their camouflage permits them to assimilate with turf and also dropped leaves.

Water Dragon Diet

These animals are omnivorous, however their diet adjustments according to their dimension. Juveniles and also yearling eat insects, consisting of ants, crickets, caterpillars, and also crawlers largely. Aa they come to be older and also bigger, their diet broadens to consist of little rats such as child computer mice, birds, fish and also invertebrates in addition to plants and also periodic eggs. Mollusks and also little shellfishes are additionally component of their diet. Water dragons’ sharp teeth and also sticky tongue aid them capture and also keep their victim. They are additionally thought to forage for food while undersea.

In bondage, water dragons eat brownish crickets, cicadas, waxworms, mealworms, and also beetle grubs. If you maintain them as pets, you can provide eco-friendly leafy veggies and also little portions of fruit. Water dragons have a track record of coming to be particular eaters when burnt out with their food, so it’s vital to supply them with a different diet.

Water Dragon Predators and also Hazards

Serpents, birds, and also little creatures are the prime predators of water dragons. In metropolitan locations, tamed animals such as dogs and also cats additionally victimize them. Australian Water Dragons are vulnerable to coming to be roadkill, specifically in the summertime, as they are brought in to the cozy roadway surface area.

Water Dragon Recreation, Infants, and also Life Expectancy

Men are sexually fully grown in the wild at concerning 5 years old, while women can start laying eggs at concerning 4 years. Women generally create 2 clutches of eggs each year. Recreation takes place in the spring prior to the weather condition is cozy however not yet warm. Occasionally 2 men will certainly contest a woman by circling around each various other and also attacking at the neck and also hip areas for as lengthy as 10 mins. Men date their companions with physical display screens that consist of head bobbing and afterwards acquire the crest of the lady’s head while breeding. Later, the women digs deep into a burrow numerous inches right into the ground where she lays a clutch of 6 to 18 eggs, which hatch out after an incubation duration of 60 to 75 days. The sex of water dragons hinges on the temperature level of the nest website.

When the hatchlings arise, they are generally concerning one inch large and also 5 to 6 inches long. They are completely established and also independent at birth. Initially, they hug the nest and also at some point relocate away, keeping away from the basic grown-up water dragon populace temporarily. Development is fastest in the very first year with juveniles expanding concerning seven-eighths of an inch in size monthly.

Chinese Water Dragons have a life-span of 15 to twenty years, while those in Australia can meet twenty years.

Water Dragon Populace

These dragons reside in teams of one man and also numerous women in addition to older juveniles. Both men and also women develop areas. In landmass Asia, water dragons reside in bigger neighborhoods of about 230 to 250 people. Australian neighborhoods are smaller sized, varying from 140 to 215 people.


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