Warthog Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Phacochoerus africanus
Warthog Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Tan
12-18 years
Top speed
30 mph
50-150kg (110-330lbs)
Warthog Distribition

“Warthogs are herbivores on purpose, omnivores by need.”

A huge participant of the swine family, the warthog is an animal species that is best understood for its 4 sharp tusks and cushioned bumps, or blemishes, on its face. The females of the species are fairly social and endure their lives in family teams called sounders. Though they might look ferocious, these animals favor to range from predators as opposed to battle and are not hostile unless backed right into an edge. Warthogs do not have an unique conservation status right now, however humans have actually ended up being a serious risk to these animals because of overhunting in particular locations.

Amazing Warthog realities!

  • The thick bumps on a warthogs encounter assistance to shield the males when they battle throughout breeding period.
  • Warthogs are animals that do not make their very own houses. Rather, they relocate right into deserted aardvark dens.
  • Female warthogs are social animals and stay in teams called soundings, while the males are extra territorial and favor to live alone.
  • Like various other pigs, they do not have actually gland and need to wallow the mud to cool down.
  • Females that shed their very own children will certainly promote various other nursing hogs.

Warthog Scientific name

The warthog is an animal, which suggests it is cozy- blooded which its young are birthed to life and nursed by the females. The warthog’s scientific name, Phacochoerus africanus, originates from the Greek words “phakos,” which suggests “a mole or protuberance,” and khoiros, which suggests “a pig or hog.” As you can see, that equates straight to its usual name, warthog. The tail end, Africanus, describes its area in Africa.

Warthog Appearance

Warthogs are animals with large heads with cushioned bumps on each side and 4 sharp tusks. They are dark brownish in shade and mainly hairless, however they do have a thick hair that ranges from their head to the center of their back. They likewise have small, tufted tails that stand directly airborne when they run. Learn more about the ugliest animals in the world below.

The typical dimension is in between 120 and 250 extra pounds and concerning 30 inches high at the shoulder. The males of this species often tend to be bigger than the females.

A horizontal, full length, color image of a warthog, kneeling to drink from a pool at a hide in Karongwe Game reserve, South Africa.
A straight, complete size, shade picture of a warthog, stooping to consume from a swimming pool at a conceal in Karongwe Video game get, South Africa.Villiers Steyn/Shutterstock. com

Warthog Habits

Due to the warthog’s dimension and appearance, lots of people believe they are hostile. As a matter of fact, they usually favor to escape from predators as opposed to battle. Getting to rates of as much as 30 miles a hr, they are fairly skilled at eluding threat. When getting away threat, they will certainly back right into their dens with their enormous tusks dealing with ahead so they can protect themselves if essential.

This species of the pig family such as to indulge the mud like its tamed relatives. They immerse themselves both to cool off and to stay clear of insects. Warthogs likewise take pleasure in a cooperative partnership with oxpeckers to help them with insect alleviation. These small birds ride on the animal’s back and eat the bugs that are troubling them.

Warthog Environment

Warthogs are belonging to the below- Saharan area of Africa. They favor to stay in cooler, open locations like savannahs, preventing extreme deserts, and jungles. Though warthogs are superb miners, they do not make their very own dens. Rather, they relocate right into deserted aardvark dens.

Warthog Diet

Warthogs are omnivores that eat yard and bulbs practically solely. They have thick, calloused pads on their forelegs that shield their arm or legs while they flex to forage. If food is limited, they will certainly feed on carcasses or eat insects to satisfy their calorie demands, however they never ever quest for their food. They can likewise live for a couple of months with no water throughout completely dry periods.

Warthog Predators and Dangers

One of the most usual predators of the warthog are lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and crocodiles. Eagles can likewise posture a danger to children. Because a lot of these animals are nighttime seekers, these animals head out to forage throughout the day and go back to the security of their burrows in the evening.

Humans likewise intimidate the warthog populace because of congestion and overhunting. In locations where humans are one of the most usual predators, these animals will certainly change their timetables to forage in the evening and hunch down in their dens throughout the day.

Warthog Recreation, Children, and Life Expectancy

Males are called boars, while female warthogs are called plants. Both boars and plants have several friends throughout their life time. Unlike several various other animals, the males hardly ever end up being hostile throughout the breeding period. Battles do take place every now and then, however these battles seldom ever before trigger substantial injuries as they normally just strike with their heads and top tusks.

Warthogs have the lengthiest gestation duration of any type of species of the pig family. Sows are expecting for concerning 175 days and usually deliver throughout the completely dry period. Trashes include approximately 3 children, called hogs. The hogs live solely in the den with their mommies for around 6 or 7 weeks, and the females can stay in the very same appearing as their mommies for their whole lives.

Typically, these animals can live for around 15 years in the wild and can live for as much as two decades in bondage.

Warthog Populace

Right now, warthogs do not have any type of unique conservation status. Their numbers have actually started to decrease in some locations due to the fact that there are no guidelines on the number of of these animals might be eliminated by one seeker. This absence of policy has actually brought about overhunting. Warthogs are still growing in wild animals gets, however several zoos have actually had little to no success at reproducing them in bondage.

Warthogs In the Zoo

You can see these animals in the zoo throughout the globe consisting of the San Diego Zoo in The Golden State, United States, the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada, and the London Zoo in London, England.


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