Wahoo Fish

Wahoo can change colors when they’re excited and while they hunt
Wahoo Fish Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Acanthocybium solandri
Wahoo Fish Physical Characteristics
Not evaluated, but their conservation status is listed as Least Concern
Wahoo Fish Distribition

Desired for both angling and consuming

While a participant of the Scombridae family, the wahoo is neither a tuna neither a mackerel neither a bonito. Yet, this fantastic blue and silver fish is valued both for its capability to argue when it’s connected and for the wonderful preference of its company, white flesh, which can be a little costly at the fish shop. Though it can be captured in varieties via business angling, its vast reproductive price possibly maintains this prominent fish off the endangered checklist.

5 Outstanding Truths Regarding the Wahoo

Right here are 5 remarkable truths concerning the wahoo fish:

  1. Among the wahoo’s various other names, ono, is Hawaiian for “tasty,” and the wahoo is valued for the remarkable preference of its meat. Various other names consist of “hoo,” Kingfish, Queenfish, jack mackerel, and barracuda.
  2. Researchers are examining populaces of wahoo and just how they relate to wahoo populaces from various other components of the globe.
  3. Wahoos usually nurture the gigantic tummy worm, however it does not appear to trouble them or influence the preference, taste, or healthfulness of their meat.
  4. Unlike a few other Scombridae fish, wahoos are not cozy- blooded.
  5. Abnormally for a fish, both of the wahoo’s jaws are movable.

Wahoo Classification and Scientific name

The scientific name of the wahoo is Acanthocybium solandri. Acanthocybium originates from akantha, the Greek word for “thorn” and kybion, the Greek word for “tuna.” Solandri originates from Daniel Carl Solander, that was a student of the Swedish biologist Linnaeus. There is just one species, though there are minor distinctions in between wahoos in the Atlantic and Indo- Pacific Oceans.


The wahoo is a fish of striking appearances, with a long, rather pressed, torpedo- designed body. Its ranges are little, its sides silver with blue red stripes and its back a rainbowlike blue. These great shades discolor right after the fish’s fatality. It has a sharp head and a long, beaky nose with tiny however really sharp teeth. A huge fish can be over 8 feet long and consider over 180 extra pounds, however a lot of wahoos are smaller sized than this. It has 2 dorsal fins that aren’t well divided. The very first has 24 to 26 spinal columns while the 2nd one has 9. The tail is rather half- moon- designed, and the stem of the tail is lined with tiny, appealing finlets.

A school of wahoo fish
Wahoo fish and barracuda look really similarorifec_a31/ Shutterstock.com

Wahoo Fish vs. Barracuda

It can be simple to blunder a wahoo for a barracuda, as both have similar pigmentation and can expand to concerning the very same dimension. Yet the barracuda’s body is a lot more snakelike, its ranges are huge, and its lengthy jaws have an underbite. Most importantly, its teeth are a lot bigger and even more blade- like than the teeth of the wahoo. Its dorsal fins are different, and it does not have the finlets on the stem of the tail that come from the wahoo. Remarkably, the wahoo is called the barracuda on the British island of St. Helena, though both fish aren’t connected.

Distribution, Populace, and Environment

The wahoo is located in the warmer locations of the globe’s seas. It’s located someplace in the center of the water column, preventing the depths of the sea and the coastline. It seems a bountiful fish and biologists think that its populace is steady and its conservation status is Least Concern.

Wahoo Fish Predators and Victim

Though the wahoo is not the biggest of the predacious fish, it is tough and takes smaller sized fish such as mahi- mahi, jacks, flying fish, porcupine fish and also smaller sized variations of its relative the tuna. It likewise consumes squid and octopuses. When it comes to predators, it is preyed upon by sharks and rays, consisting of the silver- pointer shark of the Indo- Pacific.

Recreation and Life-span

The recreation of scombroids is remarkably mystical, however researchers do recognize that their spawning period is long, and there is no person time when all the fish will certainly begin to generate. A female wahoo can launch countless eggs throughout a period, and they are fed on the surface by the male. Afterwards, the moms and dads take say goodbye to treatment of their young. After the larvae hatch they expand really promptly and prepare to duplicate themselves when they have to do with a years of age. The fish’s reproductive and development price could be what maintains it from being overfished, however it might include a cost. The wahoo is not a lengthy- lived species, and its life-span is just around 6 years or simply a bit much longer.

Wahoo in Angling and Food Preparation

The rate and ferocity of the wahoo make it a looked for- after video game fish. The fish is ideal captured via trolling and drawing with all-natural lure such as mullet. Besides being a video game fish, the wahoo is very ranked as a comestible. The taste of its flesh is delightful without being oily or gamy as can often be seen in the mackerel. Dishes for preparing wahoo have actually the fish broiled, frying pan- fried or prepared in numerous various other means. Nonetheless, as a killer on smaller sized fish the wahoo could be in danger for high mercury degrees along with ciguatera poisoning.

Wahoo Populace

Biologists do not recognize the precise variety of the wahoo populace, however the fish seems plentiful and is not intimidated by overfishing.


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