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Velociraptor mongolienses, Velociraptor osmolskae
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What dinosaur was named the “swift seizer” and had a vicious hindfoot claw that might tear into its weak prey?

With appearances in every thing from Jurassic World to memes, the Velociraptor is among the finest-recognized dinosaurs. “Small however vicious” precisely describes the Velociraptor. Standing hunched ahead, these speedy carnivores didn’t let their smaller dimension deter them from taking down bigger prey utilizing their claws.

Velociraptor Species, Sorts, and Scientific Name

Velociraptor is a genus with two distinct species. The Velociraptor mongolienses is the kind species that lived in Mongolia. The opposite species, Velociraptor osmolskae, could be very comparable and lived in Internal Mongolia, China. They belong to the Velociraptorinae subfamily of the Dromaeosauridae household. Dromaeosauridae contains different feathered therapods.

These dinosaurs are a part of the Therapoda clade, also referred to as Therapods. All therapods have three-toed limbs and hole bones. Different notable therapods embrace Tyrannosaurus rex and Allosaurus. Trendy birds are additionally therapods are rather more intently associated to those carnivorous dinosaurs than most individuals understand!

These creatures belonged to the phylum Chordata and the dominion Animalia. They had been dinosaurs and a part of the Dinosauria clade. The entire taxonomy of the Velociraptor is printed beneath.


Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Clade Therapoda
Family Dromaeosauridae
Subfamily Velociraptorinae
Genus Velociraptor
Species Velociraptor mongolienses, Velociraptor osmolskae

Description and Dimension

Velociraptors had been for much longer than they had been tall. Adults had been over 6 ft lengthy and over 1.5 ft tall when measured on the hip, which was the tallest a part of their stature. They stood on two legs however leaned far ahead, even once they had been standing nonetheless. Their entrance fingers had been extra like wings in flexibility, though it’s doubtless that they didn’t fly.

They may weigh over 30 kilos and had been thought of mid-sized of their household. Nevertheless, there have been loads of bigger carnivorous therapods, such because the T. rex.

One of the crucial fascinating issues about these creatures is definitely its similarity to trendy birds. They’d feathers on most of their our bodies and doubtless had seen wings. Quill knobs are seen in some Velociraptor specimens. This tells scientists that these dinosaurs undoubtedly had feathers. It can not inform scientists whether or not or not they had been able to flight, nonetheless. Even some trendy birds with feathers should not have the flexibility to fly, reminiscent of ostriches.

The massive physique dimension and small wing dimension meant that Velociraptor in all probability didn’t fly. They’d not have had wings massive sufficient to generate the raise required to get their our bodies off the bottom.

velociraptor vs indominus rex
Velociraptors’ infamous stance had them strolling on two ft, however hunched over.kamomeen/

Diet – What Did Velociraptor Eat?

These creatures had been carnivores with sharp tooth able to tearing into the flesh of their meals. Their tooth had been serrated and will reduce via even robust, fibrous meat. Scientists imagine that they had been two means via which Velociraptors discovered and ate their meals.

The sharp, curved talon on the Velociraptor’s hindfeet was a formidable weapon. A Velociraptor might have used it to assault different small dinosaurs, small prehistoric mammals, bugs, and lizards. It labored much like talons on right now’s birds of prey to hook into their prey. They may have hooked into the softer elements of their prey, together with the stomach or throat.

One specimen confirmed a Velociraptor in fight with the herbivore Protoceratops. Sadly for each dinosaurs, a sandstorm or sandfall buried them each earlier than both might win the match. It does educate scientists rather a lot about how these dinosaurs attacked and fought, nonetheless.

Different specimens present that Velociraptors scavanged and consumed prey that was already taken down. Chunk marks on the bones of one other Protoceratops confirmed that the raptor ate the remaining meat and chewed on the bones of the carcass.

Habitat – When and The place It lived

Velociraptor lived through the Cretaceous Interval, between 85.8 to 70.6 million years in the past. It was alive concurrently the Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and formidable Tyrannosaurus rex. Scientists have no idea precisely when it went extinct.

These dinosaurs lived in trendy-day Mongolia. V. mongolienses specimens have solely been present in Mongolia, particularly within the Djadochta Formation. This space of the Gobi desert is stuffed with fossilized stays. V. osmolskae stays have been found within the close by Barun Goyot Formation, additionally in Mongolia.

These places had been sandy and dry within the Velociraptor’s time, much like the way in which that they’re right now. Researchers know this because of the situations and proof that’s current on the buried fossils in these formations.

Threats And Predators

Different carniovores had been the largest menace to Velociraptors. Whereas their talon was efficient in a combat or when searching prey, it was no match for the bigger dimension and velocity of huge carniovores that walked the earth through the late a part of the Cretaceous.

Velociraptors fought with one another as properly, leading to accidents that may very well be life-threatening. One fossil reveals different Velociraptor chew marks on its bones. As a result of these chew marks don’t present indicators of therapeutic, the Velociraptor that was bitten in all probability died from the accidents.

Younger Velociraptors

Like all dinosaurs, Velociraptors laid eggs. Their younger had been notably weak whereas nonetheless of their shell or when newly hatched. They had been smaller and fewer in a position to run or defend themselves from predators. Some dinosaurs even hunted for eggs as a tasty deal with.

Discoveries and Fossils – The place It was Discovered

Velociraptor fossils are a number of the most fascinating that present how these dinosaurs lived and fought. The “Preventing Dinosaurs” discovery made in 1971 within the Djadochta Formation reveals a Velociraptor and a Protoceratops in fight. The Velociraptor’s hindfoot claw is within the neck of the Protoceratops, in all probability going for its jugular vein or different very important a part of the physique. The Protoceratops had damaged the appropriate arm of the Velociraptor.

The 2 dinosaurs had been preserved in such an fascinating manner due to the way in which that they died. Surprisingly, neither dinosaur emerged victorious from their combat. As a substitute, a sandstorm buried them so rapidly that they weren’t even in a position to disengage from their combat. Due to this, scientists understand how these two animals fought.

Extinction – When Did It Die Out?

Velociraptors went extinct on the finish of the Cretaceous interval together with most different species on earth. This extinction occasion is attributed to an asteroid strike in current day Mexico that dramatically modified the earth’s atmosphere in a short while. Most species had been unable to outlive the brand new atmosphere, which led to over 75% of species on earth changing into extinct.

Similar Animals to The Velociraptor

  • Chickens: Belive it or not, Velociraptors are a number of the dinosaurs most intently associated to trendy-day birds. They’d wing-like arms, feathers, and hole bones. Velociraptors had been additionally nearer in dimension to chickens and turkeys than another therapods.
  • Deinonychus: The dinosaurs portrayed within the e-book and movie Jurassic Park as Velociraptors are extra much like Deinonychus, one other member of the Dromaeosauridae household. In addition they had feathers and an identical construct, though they had been bigger than Velociraptor.


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