Tyrannosaurus Rex

They had many air pockets in their skeleton which kept them light despite their tremendous size.
Tyrannosaurus Rex Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex Physical Characteristics
9 tons
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There are few dinosaurs as recognizable and interesting because the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex.

Nicely-identified by its scientific identify, T. rex, this dinosaur has been represented in the whole lot from films to motion figures. It additionally makes loads of appearances at museums and dinosaur displays to teach guests of all ages about its unimaginable life and place within the hierarchy of dinosaurs. Study the important thing discoveries that captured the creativeness of scientists and the general public, in addition to how these dinosaurs lived.

T. Rex Species, Varieties, and Scientific Name

Tyrannosaurus rex is the one species within the Tyrannosaurus genus. It’s a part of the Tyrannosaurinae sub-household and Tyrannosauridae household. 13 genera exist on this household, though T. rex is essentially the most properly-identified and recognizable. All of them share lots of the similar traits, together with carnivorous diets and strolling on two legs.

T. rex is a part of the Therapoda clade. Therapods had hole bones, which helped them be cellular even once they had been extremely giant. In addition they had three toes on every of their toes. T. rex belongs to the phylum Chordata and kingdom Animalia. T. rex is among the most studied dinosaurs and is commonly represented because the archetype of their household.

Tyrannosaurus rex comes from the Latin phrase for king. It’s thought of the king of the dinosaurs, on account of its measurement, carnivorous consuming, and place on the high of its meals chain.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Clade Therapoda
Family Tyrannosauridae
Genus Tyrannosaurus
Species Tyrannosaurus rex

Description and Measurement

Scientists know rather a lot about what Tyrannosaurus rex regarded like on account of so many properly-preserved specimens to check. It was one of many largest carnivores to ever stroll the earth, together with each historic and fashionable species. It was round 40 toes lengthy. Its tallest level was at its hips, which could possibly be as excessive as 12 or 13 toes off the bottom. T. rex weighed as a lot as 9 tons, primarily based on measuring their weight-bearing femur bones.

T. rex walked hunched ahead on its again two legs. These had been very highly effective and quick, excellent for chasing down prey. Their entrance arms had been very brief and never used to hunt or take down prey.

These big dinosaurs had equally big skulls. One of many largest ever found was round 5 toes lengthy. In addition they had formidable, sharp tooth. Their higher jaw was formed like a U, which helped them rip out extra meat with every chunk. Surprisingly, that they had many air pockets of their skeleton. This saved them mild and agile, despite the fact that they had been monumental.

T. rex’s eyes confronted ahead they usually had glorious imaginative and prescient in addition to a powerful sense of odor. This helped them observe and hunt prey. They’re associated to fashionable birds and crocodiles, two of essentially the most dinosaur-like animals that stay on the earth.

3D rendering of a T-rex running on a dusty path
T-rex’s higher jaw was formed like a U, which helped them rip out extra meat with every chunk.

Diet – What Did Tyrannosaurus Rex Eat?

T. rex ate meat, meat, and extra meat. These carnivores subsisted completely on meat. They may search out prey of just about any kind. They probably favored herbivores and smaller carnivores that had been simple to hunt. The scales and spikes of another dinosaurs in all probability made it tough for them to tear by to the meat inside. T. rex did have very robust jaws and tooth, nevertheless, and few dinosaurs had been a match for them.

Hadrasaurs, Ceratopia, and Ankylosaurs had been three dinosaurs throughout this time interval that in all probability made good meals for the T. rex. Some scientists consider that T. rex lived and hunted in packs on account of discovering skeletal stays of a number of specimens in shut proximity. This might have made the already formidable hunter much more lethal.

T. rex was on the high of its meals chain. That is known as an apex predator since they will hunt and eat nearly any animal beneath them however will not be hunted by others.

Simply because they may run down unsuspecting prey didn’t imply that T. rex at all times resorted to an lively hunt. They in all probability additionally scavenged on carrion and different predator’s meals when attainable. They may have chased off even different giant predators to take over their meals.

Habitat – When and The place It lived

Scientists know that T. rex lived through the Cretaceous Interval, round 66-68 million years in the past. This can be a comparatively brief time interval within the historical past of dinosaurs. Although the entire found T. rex specimens date to this slender window in prehistoric time, they continue to be probably the most fascinating dinosaurs.

T. rex lived within the western United States. Wyoming and Montana have many properly-preserved T. rex fossils. Many are full or close to-full skeletons. Scientists use these specimens in addition to the encompassing rock to find out once they died and had been fossilized.

Threats And Predators

As an apex predator, there have been few threats to an grownup T. rex. They may struggle off nearly some other predator who was courageous sufficient to take them on, which had been few. Extra probably, they may have been injured whereas attempting to eat prey with protection mechanisms, such because the horned Ceratopia. Harm may show disastrous to a T. rex. Relying on the severity of the harm, they could have succumbed to the weather, the lack to hunt and eat, or different predators who took benefit of their weak state.

Younger Tyrannosaurus Rex

Like different dinosaurs, T. rex laid eggs to breed. Fossils of various specimens present that the bigger, extra sturdy of the T. rex had been probably the females. They’d wider hips and completely different vertebral formations to permit the passage of eggs. T. rex grew shortly, which is seen within the formation of their bones over their lifetime. The youngest T. rex specimen is round 2 years outdated. The oldest, often called “Sue,” is round 28 years outdated.

Discoveries and Fossils – The place It was Discovered

The primary T. rex fossil was found in Montana in 1902 by Barnum Brown. Brown was an assistant curator on the American Museum of Pure Historical past. Alongside together with his crew, Brown went on to seek out further T. rex specimens within the western United States. The President of the museum, Henry Fairfield Osborn, was the one who formally named it Tyrannosaurus rex in 1905. The museum nonetheless homes a powerful assortment of fossils and continues analysis to study extra about dinosaurs, together with the T. rex.

One of the vital full T. rex skulls was additionally discovered by Brown at Large Dry Creek, Montana. The story goes that when blasting rock away with dynamite, a standard technique of excavation on the time, the crew discovered an nearly good T. rex cranium. It now sits within the Corridor of Saurischian Dinosaurs on the American Museum of Pure Historical past and is labeled AMNH 5027.

There are many full skeletons of T. rex dinosaurs. Many have even been named to assist establish them in addition to educate the general public about their position within the prehistoric panorama. The biggest specimen, named “Sue,” was found in South Dakota in 1990. Whereas Sue could or is probably not a feminine, the dinosaur is definitely named for the lady who found her, Sue Hendrickson. Sue the dinosaur measures greater than 40 toes lengthy. She was truly offered at public sale for $8.4 million to the Discipline Museum in Chicago, the place she is on show.

Extinction – When Did It Die Out?

T. rex went extinct all of a sudden round 65 million years in the past. Scientists consider that one particular extinction occasion occurred that dramatically altered the earth in a really brief time, resulting in the extinction of many species together with dinosaurs such because the T. rex. That is one motive that so many full skeletons had been fossilized and may now be studied.

A meteor strike is among the prevailing theories about what led to this extinction occasion. Although the meteor could not have instantly killed the entire dinosaurs, the ensuing change in local weather and meals availability had an impression all the best way to the T. rex on the high of the meals chain.

Similar Animals to The Tyrannosaurus Rex

  • Velociraptors: These smaller carnivores weren’t as formidable as the large T. rex. They did eat among the similar meals, nevertheless, and had been additionally blissful to scavenge for meals. They lived a bit sooner than the T. rex, though they could have crossed paths earlier than the extinction occasion on the finish of the Cretaceous.
  • Chickens: Whilst you could not group T. rex and chickens collectively, they’re truly among the most intently associated species that exist at this time. Chickens and different sorts of birds descended from dinosaurs and are kinfolk of the T. rex, despite the fact that the relation may be very, very distant.


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