Tornjaks are very adaptable and can live harmoniously in packs as they get along well with other dogs.
Tornjak Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Tornjak Physical Characteristics
Black, White
Tornjak Distribition

Tornjaks are mountain sheepdogs that stem from Croatia and Bosnia. They are a big type yet have mild natures. Their key function was to shield sheep due to the fact that they looked out and safety.

Additionally, they are tranquil, loyal, quickly trainable, and hardly ever hostile, making them excellent for households with youngsters and various other pets. Nonetheless, they might end up being hostile if they fear their households are under danger.

Various Sorts Of Tornjak Blends

While there are no signed up Tornjak crossbreeds, individuals have crossbred them with types like:

Jakman Shepherd

The Jakman is a mix in between a German Shepherd and aTornjak These dogs are dedicated, safety, and spirited. Jakman Shepherds are terrific for energetic households with older youngsters.


Labrajak is a mix in between a Labrador Retriever and aTornjak This is one silly dog that requires a great deal of workout and interest. Yet they are incredibly wonderful and mild and will certainly function well in family setups where there are young youngsters. They make terrific buddies and reveal a great deal of love.

3 Pros and Cons of Having a Tornjak& nbsp;

Having a Tornjak includes a checklist of advantages and disadvantages, consisting of:


  • They make truly exceptional guard dogs
  • Tornjaks are really versatile and can accommodate well to various living settings
  • These dogs are the excellent type for very first- time proprietors as a result of their tranquility and loyal nature.


  • This type is also large to be an apartment dog
  • They call for a great deal of pet grooming, and they lost a great deal
  • Tornjaks salivate a great deal

The Very Best Dog Food for a Tornjak

Tornjaks allow and consequently require food particularly developed for big types. Particularly given that they are that energetic and do not require to eat that much. They ought to never ever be enabled to cost-free- feed as they are susceptible to weight problems, and rather, they ought to have 2 smaller sized dishes a day. One more alternative is to make use of sluggish- feeder bowls, which prevents them from consuming also promptly.

Tornjak Dimension and Weight

Tornjak males are larger than females, evaluating 77 to 110 extra pounds and expanding 25 to 28 inches high. Females consider in between 62 to 88 extra pounds and action 2 to 26 inches high.

Tornjak Typical Wellness Issues

These dogs are remarkably healthy and balanced yet at risk to a couple of wellness problems that afflict the type, consisting of:

  • Joint and Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand Illness
  • Stomach Expansion (Bloat)

Yet besides these wellness problems, Tornjaks usually live a lengthy and healthy and balanced life of 12 to 14 years.

Tornjak Character

While the Tornjak is silent and laid- back, they can end up being hostile, territorial, and protective if taken into a harmful scenario.

They were reproduced to shield animals versus predators on ranches in Bosnia and Croatia, so they make exceptional watchdog. Nonetheless, they are dedicated and caring buddies.

The Tornjak is not terrible naturally, yet if pressed, they will certainly respond defensively, yet this is not a typical quality related to this mild type.

They are really versatile and can live sympathetically in packs as they hit it off with various other dogs. Their bark is loud and reduced, which is terrific for terrifying predators and trespassers away, yet their barking can end up being a hassle in specific scenarios.

Exactly How to Look After a Tornjak

Due to their thick, lengthy layer, they require a great brush 2 to 3 times a week with a steel comb or pin brush.Vesna Kriznar/Shutterstock. com

While the Tornjak are massive and had thick, lengthy hair, taking care of them is reasonably simple.

Pet Grooming

Due to their thick, lengthy layer, they require a great brush 2 to 3 times a week with a steel comb or pin brush. Additionally, they might call for a matt splitter if their hair has actually entangled or matted.

Similar to human hair, a de- tangler will certainly aid to get rid of any type of tangles. The Tornjak has a dual layer and will certainly call for added pet grooming throughout specific periods when they lost extra. When they begin to drop greatly, they require everyday brushes.

Tornjaks do not require a great deal of bathrooms, yet it will certainly aid loosen up the hair when dropping; simply make use of a light hair shampoo and cozy water.

Oral health is really crucial in dogs, and they ought to have their teeth cleaned a minimum of 3 times a week, yet they are additionally at risk to periodontal illness, so daily would be also much better.

They need to have their nails clipped as quickly as they touch the ground, roughly every 3 months.


Tornjaks were reproduced to secure animals and herd sheep, and they have all-natural impulses that aid them do that. Yet when it involves training this type, their independent and crucial nature makes it hard.

Nonetheless, they fast students, and you will certainly see outcomes if you correspond and person. Actually, they are so smart they hardly ever need to be educated the exact same point two times!


While the Tornjak is not as energised as various other rounding up types, they still require a minimum of 2 prolonged strolls daily to maintain them fit and promoted. Additionally, they are happiest when working out together with various other dogs as a result of their social nature.

Proprietors require to have a big backyard where they can play outside for long term durations, also when it’s freezing outdoors. Yet, they ought to never ever exhaust themselves while they are still expanding. Due to the fact that this can create joint problems as they grow older. Nonetheless, once they are totally expanded, allow them off the lead and appreciate their liberty.


These dogs have an ordinary trash dimension of 6 to 10 pups. They are very unusual and tough to discover, particularly in the United States.

That’s why locating a liable dog breeder is necessary, and a great deal of research study is needed to make sure the puppies are healthy and balanced and evaluated for any type of hereditary wellness problems.

Tornjaks are so unusual in the USA potential proprietors could require to import a dog from Europe, which is truly pricey. Pup rates vary from $800 to $1,500 relying on schedule, the dog breeder’s credibility, area, and pedigree.

Tornjaks and Kid

While the Tornjak is great with youngsters, they still require to be educated and mingled asap. Additionally, youngsters need to additionally be educated exactly how to communicate effectively with big types and never ever be left without supervision around any type of dog.

These dogs are really social animals and like to be bordered by various other dogs, yet it could take Tornjaks a while to obtain utilized to non- canine pets, so take care when presenting animals like cats, rabbits, or birds.

Dogs similar to the Tornjak

There are a number of types that resemble the Tornjak in dimension and actions; they consist of:

Old English Sheepdog

It’s tough to miss out on the Old English Sheepdog as a result of its poofy black and white layer. Yet did you understand that they can be sheared to make brushing simpler? These dogs misbehave and can be fairly difficult to educate.

Proprietors require a great deal of perseverance and motivation to attain training objectives, yet they offset it with their mild and type characters, excellent for households with youngsters. Additionally, the Old English Sheepdog is remarkably active for its dimension, as it can consider approximately 90 extra pounds.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog resembles a little variation of a Collie yet is its very own distinctive type. They are a little type, just evaluating an optimum of 20 extra pounds, making them excellent for apartment living or smaller sized residences. Nonetheless, they still require everyday strolls or workout in a fenced backyard.

This type is wonderful, excited to please, and spirited. Additionally, they are exceptional guard dogs as a result of their wariness with complete strangers.


The Collie is a preferred type, primarily as a result of the flick Lassie. Yet pass away- tough Collie fanatics understand they are wonderful- toughened up, mild, and social dogs. They are infamous for their perseverance with youngsters and various other pets. This type stems from the Scottish Highlands and is thought to share origins with the Border Collie, yet they are much less rowdy.

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