Tire Track Eel

They like to burrow into aquarium sand.
Tire Track Eel Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Mastacembelus armatus
Tire Track Eel Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Tan
8 – 18 years
3 – 5 pounds
Tire Track Eel Distribition

The tire track eel obtains its name from the dark splotchy pattern on its lengthy back that looks a great deal like a tire walk.

This eel resides in rivers and marshes in Southeast Asia. It’s a preferred pet for individuals that have huge freshwater fish tanks. This meat-eating eel can be as long as 2.4 feet complete expanded.

3 Tire Track Eel Realities

  1. Tricky eels: These eels are quick swimmers that in some cases take food out of the mouths of various other fish in a fish tank.
  2. Spiny eel: This sort of eel is additionally described as spiny eels as a result of the collection of spinal columns near their dorsal fin.
  3. Poor vision: These eels are recognized for their inadequate vision. Yet, they have a feeling of scent that assists them locate food during the night.

Classification and Scientific Name

The scientific name for these eels is Mastacembelus favus They are additionally referred to as spiny eels. They remain in the Actinopterygii class and the Mastacembelidae family. When damaged down, the Latin word Mastacembelidae freely converts to the expression: Tosses itself ahead to attack.

There are 93 species in the Mastacembelidae family. Several of them consist of:

  • Macrognathus siamensis
  • Mastacembelus armatus
  • Mastacembelus erythrotaenia
  • Mastacembelus dayi

Tire Track Eel Enters: The Various Species

These eels come from the Mastacembelidae family consisting of 93 species of eel. These eels are additionally referred to as spiny eels.

Various other spiny eels consist of:

  • Fire eel: It’s located in the exact same location of the globe as the tire track eel. At virtually 4 feet long complete- expanded, these eels are a lot longer than tire track eels.
  • Peacock eel: This is one more spiny eel located in southeast Asia. It’s nighttime like the tire track eel, yet just gets to a size of one foot complete expanded.
  • Fifty Percent- grouped eel: The fifty percent- grouped eel is 8 inches in size when totally expanded. It has a sharp nose like a tire track eel with a pattern of dark bands curving over its back.
  • Black- identified eel: This spiny eel obtains its name from the little black places along the size of its body. Like tire track eels, they stay near all-time low of rivers so they can tunnel right into the sand.


The initial significant feature of these eels is the pattern of shade on their skin. The lines of smudges evoke tire walk marks. Their skin is a mix of tan with dark brownish markings.

These eels have actually directed noes so they can conveniently jab its head right into slim areas. Their dimension varies from 0.5 to 2.4 feet and they evaluate from 3 to 5 extra pounds.

Tire track eels have spinal columns that can discourage bigger fish from attempting to assault. Likewise, this eel has the ability to get on slim areas in between rocks to run awaypredators The dark shade of these eels acts as camouflage in their environment.

Tire Track Eels have pointed snouts that let them poke into tight crevasses.
Tire Track Eels have actually directed noes that allow them jab right into limited abyss.Arunee Rodloy/Shutterstock. com

Distribution, Populace, and Environment

Tire track eels reside in Southeast Asia especially Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They reside in inland fresh water streams, rivers, and marshes. This eel conceals under the sand or rough base of its environment by day and appears to quest during the night.

The overall variety of tire track eel is unidentified, yet its populace is steady. It has a preservation listing of Least Concern.

Predators and Victim

Tire track eel eels are generally predators though some eat greenery. They utilize their solid jaws to acquire their victim.

What consumes tire track eels?

Sea birds such as bitterns and herons along with bigger eels eat these eels. Big fish like the Kelah might eat eel eggs.

Humans are predators of this eel also. They’re caught in order to be offered as pets. They’re normally offered by fish shops at a cost of around $25. Regardless of being offered as pets, these eels are classified as Least Concern.

What do tire track eels eat?

These eels eat worms, krill, shrimp, and plankton.

Reproduction and Life-span

In the wild, a male tire track eel goes after a female for hrs prior to breeding. They might consistently circle each various other throughout the reproduction duration. After mating, the female launches her eggs right into globs of drifting greenery. These eels can lay from 700 to 1000 eggs. She does not give any type of security or look after the eggs. They hatch out in 3 to 4 days.

Reproducing these eels in bondage is extremely challenging. For something, in the wild, the start of flooding period acts as the signal for these eels to reproduce. Second of all, the absence of room in a container makes it testing to simulate this eel’s all-natural environment. One more problem with reproduction exists’s not a very easy means for a proprietor to figure out the sex of this eel.

Tire track eel have a life-span of 8 to eighteen years.

Tire Track Eel in Angling and Food Preparation

These eels are captured in order to be offered to individuals that have huge fish tanks. They are caught in catches put in their environment. After that, they’re delivered to different fish shops to market to fish tank lovers.

Many individuals like to maintain this selection of eels in huge residence fish tanks as a result of their appealing patterns. Likewise, though these eels like to conceal, they can be intriguing to enjoy.


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