Texas Rat Snake

The Texas rat snake is one of the most common subspecies of the western rat snake in the wild.
Texas Rat Snake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri
Texas Rat Snake Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Yellow, Green
10-20 years
Texas Rat Snake Distribition

The Texas rat snake is just one of one of the most typical subspecies of the western rat snake in the wild.

If you live throughout the south- main USA, after that you might see these huge snakes out in the turf or someplace near you’re home, however do not panic. They’re typically not hazardous to individuals and can be securely prevented. They also produce excellent pets supplied you agree to appropriately look after one. This post will certainly cover some remarkable truths concerning the recognition, environment, life expectancy, habits, and predators of the Texas rat snake.

5 Texas Rat Snake Incredible Truths

  • Rat snakes are semi- arboreal. They are excellent mountain climbers and invest a minimum of component of their time in trees. They are likewise thought about to be superb swimmers.
  • Rat snakes have a tendency to be nighttime (suggesting they mainly quest during the night) the further southern you go. Nonetheless, they still require to take in the sunlight in the daytime to heat their bodies. In chillier environments, they hibernate for the wintertime.
  • Males will certainly bring in friends with using scents. They will certainly occasionally combat each various other for accessibility to the females.
  • As soon as fertilized, females lay a clutch of 12 to 20 eggs in hollow logs, compost heap, and various other concealed areas. The young hatch concerning 2 months later on, determining concerning a foot long. Given that they get no adult treatment, most of the juveniles drop target to terrifying predators such as hawks and various other snakes. Hiding beetles will certainly occasionally lay larvae on the snake eggs, which after that eat the expanding embryo inside.
  • Rat snakes are occasionally understood to eat chicken eggs, which has actually offered it the alternative name of chicken snake.

Where to Locate Texas Rat Snakes

The Texas rat snake can be discovered throughout the whole south- main area of the USA, consisting of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. They fit with residing in a selection of various environments and areas, consisting of woodlands, meadows, swamps, and rural and metropolitan locations.

Texas Rat Snake Scientific Name

The scientific name is Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri This subspecies of the western rat snake was called in honor of the individual that initially categorized it, the German American conservationist Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer. It was initially a component of the genus Elaphe, however based upon DNA proof, some professionals suggested relocating the species right into the genus Pantherophis rather (a name which basically indicates panther snake). Nonetheless, considering that this is not generally acknowledged, some companies still identify it in the genus Elaphe

Texas Rat Snake Populace & Conservation Status

As a subspecies, the Texas rat snake has actually not been offered its very own different conservation status, however according to the IUCN Red Listing, the whole western rat snake team is thought about to be a species of least concern. We do not have adequate truths concerning their populace numbers to make a great price quote, however they seem fairly typical and prevalent throughout their whole all-natural array.

Exactly How to Determine Texas Rat Snakes: Appearance and Summary

The Texas rat snake is a fairly lengthy snake, determining concerning 4 to 6 feet in dimension. The skin can be available in several shades, consisting of environment-friendly, red- brownish, or yellow with grey stubborn bellies and heads and uneven spots along the whole size of the body. White albino snakes are occasionally birthed also; they’re specifically preferred in the pet profession however fairly unusual in the wild. Males and females have a tendency to look similar to every various other.

Exactly how to determine the snake:

  • Long, slim body
  • Huge triangular- designed head
  • Red brownish, yellow, or olive- environment-friendly body with grey head and light tummy
  • Darker spots from head to tail
  • White albinos without any spots prevail in the pet profession

Texas Rat Snake Photos

The Texas rat snake is a relatively long snake, measuring about 4 to 6 feet in size.
The Texas rat snake is a fairly lengthy snake, determining concerning 4 to 6 feet in dimension.South O Boy/Shutterstock. com

The skin of the Texas Rat Snake can come in multiple colors, including green, reddish-brown, or yellow with gray bellies and heads.
The skin of the Texas Rat Snake can be available in several shades, consisting of environment-friendly, red- brownish, or yellow with grey stubborn bellies and heads.Quiet Shoot/Shutterstock. com

The Texas rat snake sometimes occur as white albino snakes; they’re particularly popular in the pet trade but quite rare in the wild.
The Texas rat snake occasionally takes place as white albino snakes; they’re specifically preferred in the pet profession however fairly unusual in the wild.Kuznetsov Alexey/Shutterstock. com

Texas Rat Snake: Exactly How Harmful Are They?

In spite of their plus size, these snakes do not position any type of substantial threat to individuals. These are non- poisonous snakes with no sharp fangs. While it’s typically suggested to leave them alone, you likewise do not have anything to truly be afraid from them.

Texas Rat Snake Habits and Humans

These snakes can be a little protective around individuals. When they’re interrupted, some might open their mouths and attempt to attack, however a lot of them would certainly choose to flee and conceal. They have the capability to shake their tails to simulate the much more hazardous rattlesnake in hopes that any type of possible predators will certainly be deceived. The absence of a rattle on the tail will certainly aid substantially in recognition, nevertheless. If this mimicry stops working, after that the rat snake can likewise launch a nasty- scenting compound around it to prevent predators.


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