Texas Blind Snake

These snakes grow to just 11 inches long
Texas Blind Snake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Rena dulcis
Texas Blind Snake Physical Characteristics
Brown, Silver, Pink
Texas Blind Snake Distribition

” These snakes expand to simply 11 inches long”

The Texas blind snake is occasionally called a Texas slim blind snake or a Texas threadsnake. These are suitable names for a snake with an extremely slim body that determines simply 4 to eleven inches in size. The diet of this snake consists of insect larvae, ants, and termites. It’s not poisonous and resides in a forest, savanna, or shrubland environment. This little snake is accommodating and occasionally maintained as a pet.

4 Texas Blind Snake Remarkable Realities

  • It does not have any type of teeth so it can not attack its target or humans
  • These little snakes are recognized to eat the ants and bloodsuckers staying in a nest loaded with eastern screech owl chicks
  • They are occasionally discovered in residences staying in damp, dark locations such as within ductwork
  • They can launch a smell in an initiative to discourage predators such as armadillos

Where to Locate a Texas Blind Snake

The Texas threadsnake lives in the USA in The United States And Canada. Particularly, it resides in Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma. It additionally resides in the northeastern component of Mexico.

These are delving snakes living underground in damp dirt. They are recognized to turn up over ground after hefty tornados. Not remarkably, they are typically incorrect for earthworms! Simply consider the amount of times you have actually seen earthworms on the pathway after a rainstorm.

Texas Blind Snake Scientific Name

Rena dulcis is the scientific name of the Texas blind snake. Dulcis is a Latin acceptation wonderful. It’s vague what this summary describes. Its family is the Leptotyphopidae and its in the class Reptilia.

The subspecies of this snake are:

  • Rena dulcis rubellum
  • Rena dulcis supraorbicularis

Texas Blind Snake Population and Conservation Status

The population of the Texas slim blind snake is approximated at greater than 100,000 grownups. The IUCN Red Checklist of Endangered Species checklists this snake as Least Concern, however has no details on whether the population is expanding, lowering, or secure.

Just How to Determine Texas Blind Snake: Appearance and Summary

The initial point to find out about the appearance of the Texas blind snake is it looks a great deal like an earthworm. It has brownish or red sparkling skin with a silver tone to it. Yet, if you look very closely at a Texas threadsnake and an earthworm, you’ll see the Texas threadsnake has ranges while an earthworm does not.

Its eyes are 2 little black dots on its head. Their eyes appear like they are hidden underneath layers of nontransparent ranges. The snake determines 4 to eleven inches long and has to do with the size of a pencil.

The Texas blind snake has a candid head, no teeth, and its reduced jaw is much shorter than its top one.

Exactly how to recognize a Texas blind snake:

  • Brown, red glossy ranges with silver tone
  • 2 little shiners underneath its nontransparent ranges
  • A candid head

Texas Blind Snake Photos

Texas blind snake
The Texas blind snake resembles an earthworm prima facie.

LA Dawson/ CC BY- SA 2.5 – – Certificate

Texas Blind Snake: Just How Harmful Are They?

The Texas slim blind snake is not dangerous. As a matter of fact, it has no teeth, so it does not attack. Also if it did have teeth, this animal’s mouth and head are so little, that its bite would certainly be pain-free. You might not also discover it!

Though not unsafe, the Texas blind snake is occasionally called a hassle by property owners. These snakes can live inside ductwork and even underneath the structure of a house. They do not create architectural damages, however can occasionally make their means right into the living location of a house.

While the Texas blind snake does not attack, it’s an excellent concept to clean your hands with soap and water after managing it. A person that maintains this snake as a pet ought to definitely make it a behavior to deplete after managing this snake. Snakes can occasionally lug germs on their ranges that are not noticeable to a human’s eyes.

Texas Blind Snake Habits and Humans

Texas blind snakes are shy and conceal below ground the mass of the moment. When they are discovered in a house’s ductwork or in other places, they can be eliminated by a specialist. Nevertheless, these snakes eat insect larvae, termites, and ants, so some property owners might determine to leave the snakes alone to perform their company!


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