Tentacled Snake

Their tentacles have nerves that attach directly into the area of the brain that processes visual information.
Tentacled Snake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Erpeton tentaculatum
Tentacled Snake Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Tan
10-20 years
.31-.44 pounds
Tentacled Snake Distribition

Tentacled snakes are one-of-a-kind marine snakes that reside in Peninsular Southeast Asia in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

These little snakes are fish eaters that just seldom eat various other animals like frogs or softshell crabs. They might just appear of the water to delve in the mud if the water they reside in run out way too much.

Unbelievable Tentacled Snake Truths

  • The only snake to have arms appearing of the front of its head.
  • It’s completely marine and invests its whole life in the water, and infants are birthed in the water.
  • They relocate so little that algae expand on their ranges. 90% of their time is invested stagnating a muscular tissue.
  • Tentacled snakes can forecast where their target is mosting likely to be, and nobody understands exactly how.

Tentacled Snake Scientific Name and Classification

This snake is of the monotypic genus Erpeton in the Colubridae subfamily Homalopsidae Their subfamily has concerning 50 species of Indo- Australian water snakes. Its scientific name is Erpeton tentaculatum, and details name suggests arms.

Its usual name of tentacled snake is ideal and explains the uncommon appendages on its head.

Tentacled Snake Appearance

This little, totally marine snake is very level with keeled ranges. It normally determines 20- 35 inches and has 2 stages: Candy striped or blotched. The base shade can be dark grey, brownish, or light tan. Like various other snakes, they dropped, yet very few individuals appear to have actually seen it. It’s feasible that the algae they expand on their ranges belong to a cooperative partnership, yet that’s uncertain.

The tentacled snake is suitably called; 2 flaky appendages prolong from the front of its head. It’s the only snake to have something similar to this. Very little is recognized for specific concerning the arms or their function. Nonetheless, it’s most likely that they have some usage as an appeal for target, a camouflage device, or handy in situating target. The arms have nerves that link to the mind, where it gets and refines optic signals. So it is feasible that they work as an added feeling to recognize their setting. In addition, its nostrils are positioned on top of its head with shutoffs that permit it to shut the nostrils.

This species is gently poisonous and ruled out hazardous to individuals. Its fangs are little and established extremely much back in its mouth and are just partly grooved. The poison is just hazardous to the fish it consumes.

Weirdest Snakes - Tentacled Snake
90% of the moment, tentacled snakes do not relocate a muscular tissue, so they’re covered with algae.

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Tentacled Snake Habits

A Lot Of what we understand concerning tentacled snakes’ actions and life process originates from hostage- reproduced people in zoos and exclusive collections. There simply isn’t much area research study on them. These snakes invest their lives in water and can remain undersea for as much as thirty minutes, acting to be a stick.

Tentacled snakes have an one-of-a-kind searching approach. Technically, they’re ambush predators, yet they control the water around them to obtain target ahead to them. These snakes hang inverted in the water in a “J” form, utilizing their prehensile tails to hold their bodies constant. They herd target by bumping out component of their body, which triggers a wave and surprises the fish. Their bump wave typically makes it transform in the direction of the snakes’ mouths.

The topic of scientific research study, these snakes appear especially competent at anticipating where the fish’s head will certainly be and strike at that area rather than where it presently is. When they prepare to strike, they withdraw their eyes to secure themselves.

When endangered, tentacled snakes prolong their bodies and do their finest replica of a stick. They also proceed the act if you choose them up out of the water. It’s not rather as significant as the hognose’s display screen, yet it’s still excellent.

This species is diurnal and often tunnels right into the mud to relax in the evening. They additionally delve throughout the completely dry period, yet they’re uncomfortable and sluggish on the land, so do not invest much time there.

Tentacled Snake Environment and Diet

A tentacled snake lives its whole life in dirty water like fish ponds, rice paddies, and sluggish- relocating streams. It can reside in fresh, briny, or salt water and is native to Peninsular Southeast Asia in Thailand, Cambodia, and southerly Vietnam.

A terrific instance of where it suches as to live is Tonle Sap lake in Central Cambodia. It has a great deal of plant life that rests at and listed below the water line, where it can do its stick impact.

This species nearly specifically consumes fish; nevertheless, they have actually additionally been seen consuming frogs and crabs. Youthful snakes eat just fish up until they’re a bit larger. In zoos and collections, they’re normally fed goldfish.

Tentacled Snake Predators, Dangers, Preservation, and Population

According to the IUCN, the tentacled snake prevails throughout its array and detailed as a species ofLeast Concern Although it’s collected for food, those numbers are little and not most likely to affect the worldwide population. Their total population isn’t recognized for specific, yet they do appear to have a healthy and balanced population.

That’s not to state that it does not have risks. Tank farming in its indigenous array is lowering its favored environment of dirty water. It’s additionally preyed upon by various other predators and recorded for the pet profession, unlawfully. Nonetheless, there are some fungal illness that influence reptiles that can end up being an also larger issue than poaching and tank farming.

Tentacled Snake Reproduction, Children, and Life-span

This species is reported to live concerning 10- twenty years. They can make fascinating pets, although they’re even more of a display screen animal and need extremely details living plans. Since they’re completely marine, it’s really hazardous for them to be out of the water, so managing truly requires to be restricted.

They bring to life live infants, yet researchers do not recognize much concerning their breeding behaviors in the wild, yet they bring to life live infants. In maintaining with this snake’s undersea way of living, their infants are birthed undersea. After a number of months of pregnancy, the females bring to life 1- 5 real-time infants.


Tentacled snakes are absolutely one-of-a-kind and there is absolutely nothing else like them worldwide. Below are a couple of various other odd and one-of-a-kind snakes.

  • Spiny bush vipers appear like dragons. They’re very poisonous and extremely gorgeous.
  • Satisfy the viper boa, a nonvenomous constrictor that resembles a viper.
  • The hognose snake has an intricate protective display screen.



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