Teddy Guinea Pig

Teddy guinea pigs resemble teddy bears, hence their name.
Teddy Guinea Pig Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cavia porcellus
Teddy Guinea Pig Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Red, Black, White, Gold, Orange, Chestnut, Multi-colored, Golden
four to eight years
1.5 to 3 pounds
Teddy Guinea Pig Distribition

Teddy guinea pigs look like teddy bears, for this reason their name.


  • Teddy guinea pigs have denser hair than any type of various other guinea pig type.
  • Their attributes make them very closely look like teddy bears, for this reason their usual name.
  • Teddy guinea pigs are really singing animals. They hang out babbling with themselves in their cages, squealing when they see their proprietor or food, and when they are thrilled.
  • They eat on each various other’s hair for numerous factors. Male Teddy guinea pigs will certainly eat the hair of various other males to identify themselves the premium. This is barbering.
  • Teddy guinea pigs generally eat their very own feces in order to get all the nutrients from their diet.
  • Not every person sees them as charming pets. Some still eat them in various components of the globe, such as their country of origin of South America.
  • Teddy guinea pigs are social animals and like to deal with various other pigs. They do not, nevertheless, residence well with various other species of animals.


If the name “Teddy” guinea pigs make you think about teddy bears, after that you are dead-on. Teddy guinea pigs make outstanding initial- time pets for youngsters and grownups. They are definitely charming and very easy to deal with.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Teddy guinea pig is Cavia porcellus The genus name Cavia is from words “cabiai” which indicates guinea pig in Galibi, a native language talked in French Guiana.  The particular name porcellus is Latin for “little pig.” Although they are called guinea pigs, these charming animals are foreign to Guinea and are not genetically or naturally pertaining to pigs. They come from the family Caviidae, a team of animals that are belonging to South America. Teddy guinea pigs look like the prominent youngsters’s plaything, teddy bears, hence the name.

There are 2 types of Teddy guinea pigs: the Swiss Teddy, and the AmericanTeddy They may look similar, yet the American Teddy has a fluffier, much heavier layer than the SwissTeddy The Swiss Teddy is additionally rarer than the AmericanTeddy Their thick layer is an outcome of a hereditary anomaly, and is the basis for their name “Teddy” They look like mini teddy bears.

Various other names are teddy bear guinea pig, teddy cavy, and teddy bear cavy.


Teddy Guinea Pig
Your Teddy guinea pig must contend the very least several various other pigs as housemates.

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Teddy guinea pig hair is securely loaded and brief. They can be found in a selection of shades such as black, brownish, red, orange, chestnut, gold, white, and grey. In real style, they can be tricolored and various colored. Nonetheless, their layer is denser than any type of various other type of guinea pig. One more distinction in between Teddy guinea pigs and various other types is the form of their noses. They have bigger noses with a higher contour.

The Teddy guinea pig is a tool- sized type of guinea pig. It evaluates in between one- and- a- fifty percent to 3 extra pounds at their adult years and expands to around 10 to 12 inches in size.

Teddy guinea pigs have a round body, 4 feet, 2 ears, and a brief tail. They have 4 long, rounded incisors at the facility of their mouths. These incisors are open- rooted which indicates they never ever quit expanding. In order to cut their size, they chomp frequently on basically any type of item they can discover. The gnawing makes the teeth sharp also, so beware when dealing with the pigs. Teddy guinea pigs additionally have 4 toes on their front legs and 3 on their back legs and these toes have sharp claws.


Teddy guinea pigs are social animals. They get along, spirited, and interesting buddies to maintain. Kids like having these fuzzy cavies as pets as a result of just how very easy they are to take care of. Nonetheless, these guinea pigs risk of being under stress and anxiety otherwise taken care of properly.

Teddy guinea pigs like their proprietors to hold and have fun with them yet excessive physical communication will certainly worry them out. Proprietors must ensure youngsters are under guidance while dealing with the pigs. Incorrect or extreme handling can possibly wound the Teddy guinea pig.

They produce all kind of sounds when thrilled, or when interacting with each various other. They acknowledge their proprietor’s existence and recognize when they will be fed, both of which suffices reason for their screeches of pleasure.

These animals are social animals and because of this flourish in the existence of various other guinea pigs. Since their proprietors can not be around them all the time, they require their buddies. Your Teddy guinea pig must contend the very least several various other pigs as housemates. This social characteristic of guinea pigs is so widespread, it is unlawful to have a solitary guinea pig in nations like Sweden and Switzerland.

When it concerns protection, they frighten quickly and often tend to ice up in position when intimidated instead of go to safety and security. When they do run, their technique generally includes rushing around in order to perplex the killer.

Teddy guinea pigs connect well with various other family pets such as cats and dogs, yet you must educate these bigger to not see the guinea pig as target. Also if bigger pets are accustomed to them, it is ideal that the pig be maintained away in the proprietor’s lack simply to be on the risk-free side.

Teddy guinea pigs are crepuscular animals, which indicates that they are generally awake throughout the day yet can additionally be energetic during the night. They rest periodically instead of for prolonged time periods like humans.

A captivating and funny attribute of Teddy guinea pigs is “popcorning,” which totals up to jumping while airborne, generally consistently, when they more than happy regarding something.

Just How to Look After Your Teddy Guinea Pig

When obtaining a Teddy guinea pig, there are a great deal of points to take into consideration consisting of establishing its environment, workout, and pet grooming.

They require hay and a great deal of it. Not just do they like to knaw on it, yet it is additionally their bed linen. Teddy guinea pigs are tunneling animals and they need sufficient hay to do this. Guinea pigs can be unpleasant pets so it is essential to clear out their living area regularly and eliminate dirtied hay.

These guinea pigs additionally require sufficient workout to maintain fit and retreat dullness. They appreciate enjoyment and can transform any type of item around them right into a plaything. Enjoyable these pets to avoid dullness is essential. We suggest obtaining the DOZZOPET Enrichment Foraging Plaything for your precious pet. This plaything imitates foraging and is made from genuine beech timber.

Nonetheless, please note they must not make use of workout wheels due to the fact that they are much also huge for them. It can have unfavorable effects on their backs.

Teddy guinea pigs do not need regular showering like a few other lengthy- haired types of pigs like the Peruvian guinea pig. They brush themselves and each various other all right without human disturbance. Teddy guinea pigs would just require bathrooms if they are overloaded with bloodsuckers such as termites, or if they scent. We extremely suggest making use of the Marshall’s Foaming Waterless Hair shampoo which detangles hair and leaves a scrumptious scent behind.

Brush and brush them weekly. Considering that they are a brief- haired type, they will hardly ever experience matting. Cut their nails frequently as they do not put on like they perform in the wild. If you forget their nails, they can establish a microbial infection on their feet called bumblefoot. You can figure out a lot more on just how to cut your guinea pig’s nails right here.

Furthermore, their teeth must be regarded to guarantee they do not overgrow as this can bring about a problem called malocclusion.


Teddy guinea pigs are herbivores and their diet is composed generally of yards like hay. Infant guinea pigs can eat alfalfa hay, yet grownups eat timothy hay. Along with this, they additionally eat food pellets, which is additionally made from yards.

A distinct attribute of them, and all guinea pigs, is that they exercise coprophagy, which is simply an elegant method of claiming that they eat their very own poop. They do this in order to supplement their diet. They do not consume all their feces, simply the unique ones. These guinea pigs create soft pellets of feces called “cecotropes” which they eat straight from their rectum. These pellets consist of vitamins, germs, and fiber which is much better for food digestion.

Teddy guinea pigs can not manufacture their very own vitamin C. As a result, they should get it via their diet. They require around 10 milligrams of vitamin C everyday and two times that quantity if the plant is expecting. Achieve this by feeding them fresh eco-friendly, leafed veggies, and raw fruits. Attempt not to offer your charming cavy excessive fruit though. Fruits consist of a great deal of sugar and you do not desire your guinea pig to deal with excessive weight.

It is additionally vital for your Teddy guinea pig to have an appropriate consumption of Omega- 3 fats to keep a healthy and balanced, glossy layer and fantastic skin.

Our selection for the very best food for them is White Mill PURE. It includes every one of the necessary nutrients your pig requires consisting of below ground fiber. Among the very best features of this food is its formula deals with guinea pigs in all phases of life.

Environment and Population

All guinea pigs are belonging to the Andes Hills in South America where their wild forefathers were tamed hundreds of years earlier and made use of as food. They were raised as animals in nations consisting of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. Throughout emigration, guinea pigs were presented in Europe by Spanish, English, French, and Dutch investors and made their method to the UK where they acquired prestige as family pets as a result of their outward bound character and charming appearance. Their appeal enhanced and they rapidly spread out around the globe.

Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Teddy guinea pigs usually relocate about in herds in the wild. In bondage, they are generally maintained in little teams of 2 or even more pigs. It can be tough to inform the males (boars) and females (plants) apart for an inexperienced eye. To recognize just how to inform your guinea pigs apart, right here is a very easy- to- checked out post.

Male and female Teddy guinea pigs get to sex-related maturation at 3 to 5 weeks old and 4 weeks specifically. There is no particular breeding period for Teddy guinea pigs. Sows can bring to life trashes throughout the year, as several as 5 times. Their gestation duration lasts from 59 to 72 days and they usually bring to life regarding 3 dogs per clutter, yet that number can vary from one to 6. Female Teddy guinea pigs can conceive once more 6 to 2 days after delivering.

Their children are called dogs and they are well- created and semi- independent at birth. They begin consuming strong food as soon as possible, yet additionally remain to nurse. Considering that plants just have 2 teats, it is a benefit that the dogs do not in fact require to nurse considering that they can eat various other points.

As a result of the guinea pigs’ respected nature, some proprietors may select to purify or sterilize their pigs to maintain them from reproducing and producing a military of children.

Teddy guinea pigs have a life-span of regarding 4 to 10 years, depending upon just how well they are taken care of.

Predators and Risks

Teddy guinea pigs are little rodents and are normally target to bigger animals, consisting of weasels, cats, dogs, and predators. It is essential to secure your Teddy guinea pig by maintaining it inside your home the majority of the moment. Additionally, if you are a proprietor of bigger family pets, specifically one that would normally watch the guinea pig as target, it is essential to educate them to cohabit with it, or maintain them far from the guinea pig completely.

Teddy guinea pigs are vulnerable to a selection of wellness- relevant troubles.

  • Breathing and Microbial Infection: Signs materialize in hissing, coughing, and eye or nose discharge. This generally comes as an outcome of an unclean setting. Upkeep and maintenance of your guinea pig’s cage must get on your checklist of top priorities when looking after your pet.
  • Ear Infection: Teddy Guinea pigs are vulnerable to ear infections as a result of microbial infection. Proprietors must ensure to clean up the ears of their pigs frequently.
  • Toxic plants: Teddy guinea pigs can deal with extreme wellness concerns and also fatality if fed plants that are toxic to it. Such plants consist of harmful nightshade, hellebore, hemlock, lily of the valley, ragwort, rhubarb, buttercup, ivy, in addition to plants that expand from a light bulb, such as onions and tulips.
  • Scurvy: This is a vitamin C shortage. It causes minimized collagen manufacturing which influences the joints, capillary and skin. It leads to joint damages, blood loss, weak point, and strolling troubles. See to it your guinea pig’s diet consists of sufficient vitamin C to avoid this illness.
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