Teddy Bear Hamster

The oldest recorded teddy bear hamster was six and a half.
Teddy Bear Hamster Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Mesocricetus auratus
Teddy Bear Hamster Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Black, White, Gold, Cream, Dark Grey, White-Brown, Golden
2-3 years
3.5-5.3 ounces
Teddy Bear Hamster Distribition

” A teddy bear hamster can pack its cheek bags with a quantity of food equivalent to 20 percent of its body weight”

The teddy bear hamster is additionally referred to as a lengthy- haired Syrian hamster. These small animals are herbivores consuming grains, veggies, and fruit. A teddy bear hamster’s tail is really brief at regarding half an inch long. They are singular animals with an ordinary life expectancy of 2- 3 years.

5 Unbelievable Teddy Bear Hamster Truths!

  • Teddy bear hamsters are initially from Syria.
  • They can lug food in addition to bed linens in their cheek bags.
  • These hamsters are nighttime.
  • Their huge ears and tiny dark eyes make them look similar to teddy bears.
  • They are a simple pet to tame with meekness and perseverance.

Teddy Bear Hamster Scientific Name

The scientific name of a teddy bear hamster is Mesocricetus auratus Words Mesocricetus is Latin for hamster and words auratus indicates gold. It’s additionally referred to as a lengthy- haired Syrian hamster and occasionally a gold hamster. These tiny animals come from the Cricetidae family and remain in the class Mammalia.

There more than 20 species of hamsters. A few of those consist of:

  • Wintertime white dwarf hamster
  • Roborovski dwarf hamster
  • Chinese hamster
  • Campbell’s dwarf hamster
  • Turkish hamster

Appearance and Actions

The layer of a teddy bear hamster can be a strong shade or a mix of shades. Their hair can be strong black, brownish, gold, or dark grey. Various other teddy bear hamsters include a blend of shades such as grey or black with a white breast, brownish with bands of white, or gold with smudges of white. The mixes are unlimited!

These hamsters expand to be about 6 inches long and evaluate simply 3.5 to 5.3 ounces. Dwarf hamsters have to do with half the dimension of teddy bear hamsters. Photo a one- buck costs and you’re taking a look at something equivalent in size to a grown-up 6- inch teddy bear hamster. A teddy bear hamster considering around 5 ounces is equivalent in weight to a baseball. The lengthiest a teddy bear hamster can be is 7 inches, however that’s uncommon.

A gerbil is an additional preferred pet from a various family that expands as lengthy as 4 inches. Yet its tail includes an additional 4 inches to its size!

Though we are most knowledgeable about these hamsters as pets, they do have some protective functions they utilize in the wild. They pack their cheek bags filled with food and bed linens to make a quick escape when a killer methods. This permits them to relocate to a much more safe and secure location without shedding these products.

They’re nighttime so relocating from one location to an additional throughout the evening might provide some cover from dangers. A hamster with a black or dark layer would certainly be also harder for predators to see.

Teddy bear hamsters additionally have sharp teeth to protect themselves. Yet also sharp teeth aren’t most likely to aid if this tiny animal is assaulted by a dog or an owl.

Teddy bear hamsters are singular. They do not quadrate dwarf hamsters or any kind of various other kind. These animals can be reluctant with individuals however they can be subjugated. It is essential to relocate gradually with a hamster due to the fact that they might attack if scared.

teddy bear hamster on a rock
Teddy Bear Hamsters are really territorial and utilize their sharp teeth to protect themselves.

Anastasia Solovykh/Shutterstock. com

Fancy Hamster vs Teddy Bear Hamster

Fancy hamsters and teddy bear hamsters have a great deal of similar functions. They’re both Syrian hamsters maintained as pets. These hamsters eat the exact same kind of food and are nighttime. Yet some distinctions are existing in between these 2.

A substantial distinction pertains to their layer. A teddy bear hamster is lengthy- haired while an expensive hamster has brief hair.

This brings about a distinction associating with layer upkeep. Shavings and dust can end up being captured in the lengthy layer of a teddy bear hamster. A tooth brush with soft bristles is best for delicately eliminating this particles.

The 3rd distinction in between these pests pertains to cost. Some pet stores bill a greater cost for elegant hamsters. Why? The name fancy indicates the hamster is a little much better top quality than various other hamsters. This isn’t real. There’s really little distinction in between these hamsters. Furthermore, an expensive hamster’s hair is much shorter, so it needs much less upkeep than a teddy bear hamster’s layer. Some pet store proprietors bill a greater cost for elegant hamsters due to the fact that their brief hair makes them a little less complicated to take care of.


Teddy bear hamsters are initially from Syria. They prosper in a dry environment. In the wild, they live below ground in burrows to keep one’s cool and secure from predators throughout the day. They appear in the evening to seek food. There are still some Syrian hamsters staying in the wild today, however their population is lowering.

A teddy bear hamster maintained as a pet can stay in a fish tank or cable cage. These pets require a layer of shredded paper or aspen shavings to act as bed linens. They such as to delve down right into the bed linens or develop a stack of it in one edge. These animals fit in a cozy space in a location without chilly drafts.

Predators and Hazards

All Syrian hamsters are herbivores. They utilize their sharp teeth to mash up or punctured plants and grains of lots of kinds.

What does a teddy bear hamster eat?

Wild and trained Syrian hamsters eat plants, grains, veggies, and fruits. A hamster living in the wild is restricted to consuming whatever plant remains in its setting. Additionally, a pet teddy bear hamster reaches eat a range of fruits, veggies, deals with, and so on offered it by its proprietor.

Some points are bad for a hamster to eat such as almonds and peanuts. These foods are too expensive in calories to be healthy and balanced for a hamster to take in.

What consumes a teddy bear hamster?

A Few Of the predators of wild hamsters consist of owls, foxes, and snakes. Every one of these animals have accessibility to wild Syrian hamsters or share the exact same kind of environment. As an example, a snake can comply with a hamster right into its burrow to record it, and owls, in addition to foxes, are energetic in the evening much like these hamsters.

The wild Syrian hamster has a diminishing population. They’re shedding their environment and occasionally they’re eliminated as insects by farmers. Their conservation status is Vulnerable.

Reproduction and Lifecycle

Teddy bear hamsters get to sex-related maturation at 6 weeks old. Yet they need to not be reproduced up until they have to do with 6 months old. A female teddy bear hamster will not mate with a male unless she remains in warm. Remaining in warm indicates she goes to a factor in her menstruation when she can conceive. Teddy bear hamsters are not social so also a male and female should not be united for greater than a couple of hrs. These animals can have several companions throughout their life. The gestation duration of this hamster has to do with 16 days. This resembles the gestation duration of a pet mouse which is 19 to 21 days.

A female hamster typically has 6 to 12 infants, or dogs, in a trash. Some females offer online birth to 20 dogs in a solitary clutter! A hamster dog considers much less than an ounce, has no hair, and is birthed with its eyes shut. At 5 days old their teeth and layer begin to expand. The dogs’ eyes open at regarding 2 weeks old. They remain to registered nurse from their mommy up until they’re 2 weeks old. Then, the dogs start to eat strong food. At the age of 3 or 4 weeks, hamster dogs appear like smaller sized variations of grown-up hamsters. At 4 weeks old a hamster dog can live in addition to its mommy.

The life expectancy of teddy bear hamsters is 2 to 3 years. The earliest hamster on document lived for 7 years.

These hamsters are vulnerable to a health problem called damp tail illness. It creates microorganisms in the intestinal tracts that bring about looseness of the bowels and anorexia nervosa. A hamster with this disease requires to be required to a little animal vet for treatment.


The population of wild Syrian hamsters is unidentified. Yet biologists think their population is lowering and they’re noted as vulnerable.



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