Syrian Hamster

Can get used to and respond to human voice
Syrian Hamster Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Mesocricetus auratus
Syrian Hamster Physical Characteristics
Fewer than 2,500 mature individuals
1-3 years
100–225 grams (3.5–8 oz)
Syrian Hamster Distribition

The Syrian hamster additionally called the gold hamster or teddy bear hamster is a prominent pet and among one of the most preferred pet rodents around.

Its environment is north Syria and southerlyTurkey Presented to The United States And Canada in 1936, it rapidly turned into one of the initial tamed pet hamsters. With its little dimension, small cost, convenience in coming to be tame, reduced- upkeep, and being enjoyable to enjoy, it’s terrific for initial- time hamsters or pet proprietors.

5 Extraordinary Syrian Hamster Truths!

  • Connects hostility with teeth babbling.
  • Journeys as long as 8 miles in one night to locate and cache food.
  • It Makes up for inadequate vision utilizing its scent glands to leave a route, which assists it locate its means house.
  • A team of hamsters is called a crowd.
  • Can accumulate to one lots of food in a life time.

Syrian Hamster Scientific Name

The Syrian hamster, additionally called gold hamster, teddy bear hamster, basic hamster, or elegant hamster, comes from the hamster subfamily Cricetinae, which includes 19 species split right into 7 category. Its scientific name is Mesocricetus auratus or Cricetus auratus Mesocricetus is a genus of Old Globe hamsters that consists of:

  • Mesocricetus brandti: Turkish hamster or Brandt’s hamster
  • Mesocricetus newtoni: Romanian hamster or Dobrudja hamster
  • Mesocricetus raddei: Ciscaucasian hamster

Syrian Hamster Appearance

The shades of the Syrian hamster consist of the normal gold or gold- brownish, plus self- tinted, tortoiseshell, leading seen, and grouped color scheme. Golden is the dark tan shade appearing like the wild layer, self- tinted has continual and unbroken layers in various other shades, and leading seen has a white text. Tortoiseshell is unusual and has bands of red and black or grey and black, both with yellow areas on the top, while grouped has an also band of white around the stomach.

There are 26 various shades, markings and types of hamster. Syrian hamster layer shades can be:

  • Off-white
  • Black
  • Blond
  • Brownish
  • Delicious Chocolate
  • Lotion
  • Dove
  • Golden
  • Grey
  • Lavender
  • Mink
  • Sable
  • Tan
  • White

Syrian hamster hair appearances can be brief- haired, long- haired, rex, satin or hairless. The brief- haired hamsters bear the closest similarity to their wild equivalents, with the children of one female hamster uncovered in 1930 by Dr. Israel Aharoni and the initial hamster uncovered in the Aleppo area of Syria. It is the lengthy- haired hamsters that are called teddy bears or Angora hamsters, although just the lengthy- haired males can obtain the long layers that can mature to 4 inches (10 centimeters) while the females’ layers stay cosy. Rex- haired hamsters have curly, cosy hair, satin hamsters have extremely shiny, glossy hair, and hairless hamsters have a really slim hair layer arising from a hereditary anomaly.

Grownup Syrian hamsters are 5- 7 inches (12.7- 17.78 centimeters) in size. They can consider 100– 150 grams (3.5– 5.3 oz) or, from exclusive dog breeders, 175– 225 grams (6.2– 7.9 oz). The Syrian hamster has expanding cheek bags which prolong from its cheeks to its shoulders, an attribute shown various other participants of its subfamily.

Syrian Hamster eating a carrot on building blocks..
Syrian Hamster consuming a carrot on foundation.


Syrian Hamster Actions

Syrian hamsters, like various other hamsters, connect hostility with teeth babbling. They can obtain made use of to and reply to the human voice and are simple to tame. They hibernate in the wild throughout wintertime and just in bondage when the temperature level goes down listed below 8 levels Celcius.

Syrian hamster actions is singular and territorial, with the exemption being their mingling throughout the breeding period. They note their house varieties with their scent glands on their flanks, both for noting area, determining people, in addition to assisting them locate their means house because of having inadequate vision. Male hamsters are special because they lick their bodies near the flank glands to wet the hair and drag their sides along challenge note their area, while females make use of physical secretions in addition to feces.

Syrian hamsters were believed to be nighttime, however they are in fact crepuscular. They invest their daytime hrs in burrows and come to be energetic at sunset, which is when they take several journeys to forage in between food resources and their burrow to locate, lug and keep food while preventing the extremes of daytime and nighttime temperature levels. They can take a trip as long as 8 miles in one night to locate and cache food, however frequently traveling 2- 5 miles in a 24- hr duration.

In a life time, one hamster can accumulate to one lots of food. They maintain their food divided from their peeing and nesting locations. The exemption is older hamsters with weak teeth, that saturate difficult seeds and nuts with pee in order to soften them for consuming. Syrian hamsters are exceptional maids that cleanse their stockpiles of molding and decomposing food. In the wild, they lug food house in their cheek bags and vacant them by pressing the food out with their open mouths from back to front with their paws till their bags are vacant. In some cases, they might pack their bags so complete that they can not shut their mouths.

A team of hamsters is called a crowd. The Syrian hamster’s way of life is earthbound, altricial, delving, searching, fossorial, inactive, cursorial, territorial, singular, and (throughout breeding period) polygynous.

Syrian Hamster Environment

The all-natural environment of the Syrian hamster is a tiny array in the center East that includes north Syria and southerlyTurkey Wild populaces are discovered in productive, farming, and largely booming locations on the Aleppian plateau in Syria. Their environment consists of dry or completely dry, cozy locations with a choice in the direction of steppes, dune, and sides of deserts.

Syrian Hamster Diet

The Syrian hamster’s diet is omnivorous. For this reason, it eats a variety of food, consisting of seeds, nuts, ants, flies, roaches, wasps, and various other insects.

Syrian Hamster Predators and Risks

Common predators of Syrian hamsters are owls, weasels, storks, jackals, wild cats, and snakes. The Syrian hamster population in Syria is intimidated with environment loss because of human growth. Their burrow entryways begin to show up and the animals are caught and infected as bugs. From Might to June, areas are gathered, shed, and tilled and sheep clean the staying greenery, which leaves Syrian hamsters without cover, nourishment and wintertime food supply.

Syrian Hamster Reproduction and Life Process

Male Syrian hamsters are polygynous, implying that male friends with numerous females. Reproducing relies on lengthy photoperiods, or when the day size is long. Females can birth young monthly and enter into warm (estrus) every 4 days also while currently having a clutter, which can frequently cause weak and undernourished dogs. The gestation duration is 16 days with a clutter of 8- 12, often 20 however generally 8- 10 altricial young birthed with shut eyes. The mommy takes care of them.

Some females might minimize huge trashes or reply to lack of experience or sensation intimidated with cannibalism, or in the wild throughout food scarcities. They additionally eat their dead young and in bondage, wild females might eliminate and eat their young if the dogs communicate with humans and have their international fragrance. The young hamsters, or dogs, open their eyes at 12- 13 days and are discouraged at 19- 21 days. They get to sex-related maturation at one month.

Grownup female hamsters are called does and males are called dollars. Golden hamsters and various other hamster species in the Mesocricetus genus all have the quickest gestation duration of any type of recognized placental animal at around 16 days. Although pregnancy can last as much as 21 days, it generally leads to difficulties.

The life expectancy of the Syrian hamster is 2- 3 years with a normal life expectancy of 1- 2.5 years and a typical life expectancy of 1.5- 2 years. Syrian hamsters act likewise in cages as they carry out in the wild.

Syrian Hamster Population

According to the IUCN Red Listing, the specific variety of the Syrian hamsters’ population is unidentified, however it is approximated that the complete population is less than 2,500 fully grown people in the wild. This species is provided as Vulnerable (VU) with its numbers reducing because of environment loss.


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