These larvae are native to Central and South America but now occur on every continent except Antarctica
Superworm Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Zophobas morio
Superworm Physical Characteristics
Cream, Light-Brown
6 months to a year
Superworm Distribition

Superworms are the larvae of darkling beetles. They are normally utilized to feed omnivorous and insectivorous invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, and various other unique pets. Their appeal is due to the fact that they are easily offered, simple to home, and low-cost.

On top of that, these larvae are high in phosphorus and fat and are generally fed as deals with or in turning with high- calcium, reduced- fat feeders.

Superworm Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

Superworms’ scientific name is Zophobas morio, and they come from the order Coleoptera, which is the biggest order in the class Insecta. This order has over 250,000 species! Due to the variety of species, participants differ dramatically in biology, dimension, actions, and morphological features.

Nevertheless, one point this order all share is a set of elytra, which are set front wings and a collection of filmy back wings.

These beetles occupy almost every environment, from water systems to deserts, and prey on numerous plant and animal products.

Superworms come from the family Tenebrionidae and are dark sluggish- relocating,  little to tool- sized beetles. Their hard forewings have grooves, however the grownups look similar to numerous beetle species. Their larvae are typically incorrect for wireworms, which are the children of click beetles.

Appearance: Exactly How To Determine the Superworm

These larvae are really similar to mealworms and can expand to sizes of 2 inches or even more. Superworms are an exceptional resource of healthy protein for restricted animals like fish or birds like chickens.

Environment: Where to Locate the Superworm

These larvae are belonging to Central and South America and now happen on every continent other than Antarctica. Their optimal environment consists of rotting plants, tree bark, and leaves. Pupation happens in the dirt, and when the grown-up beetle arises, they prey on the very same food as when they were larvae.

They are nighttime and diurnal insects and maintain active by spreading around the ground in wet, amazing, and damp locations, seeking food.

Diet: What Do Superworms Eat?

While superworms eat virtually anything, what they take in will certainly influence the health and wellness of the pet they are fed to, so it’s ideal they get suitable nourishment. Foods like wheat bran, oats, and chicken dish will certainly suffice.

Life Process of the Superworm

Their life process happen in 4 phases, egg, larva, pupa, and grownup. Nevertheless,  the majority of their life is invested in the larval phase. If maintained in bondage, they will certainly not pupate if a lot of larvae neighbor, so it is best to divide them.

It takes them 2 weeks to prepare to pupate, while the pupal phase lasts for an extra 2 week. As soon as the pupal phase mores than, grown-up beetles arise from the dirt.

Exactly How to Look After Superworms

Superworms are just one of the very best foods pet proprietors can feed their reptiles due to the fact that, unlike huge mealworms that are loaded with development hormonal agents, superworms are normally huge and filled with nourishment.

Pet proprietors generally house these larvae themselves due to the fact that looking after them is straightforward. Superworms can be acquired at any kind of pet shop or online.

All they require is food and environment, and they will certainly flourish. On top of that, they are a significant expense- saver if reproduced in the house, which is as uncomplicated as dividing the larvae and allowing them become beetles.

Exactly How to Home Superworms

Giving them with an environment is as simple as acquiring a plastic container. Yet, the very best location to maintain them remains in an aquarium container, which can be acquired at any kind of pet shop. The environment has to be huge sufficient for the substratum to be at the very least 3 inches from the top of the tank/container.

As an example, a plastic storage space container utilized to house clothing will certainly function. Nevertheless, the bathtub has to have smooth sides as these larvae can go up the sides.

Appropriate Air Flow

These containers require to have correct air flow for the superworms to flourish. So, a mesh cover would certainly be optimal rather than a strong cover. Nevertheless, if a mesh cover is inaccessible, pocking small openings in a strong top will certainly likewise suffice. These openings require to be little, so the larvae can not get away.


The container requires to have a substratum, the sand or crushed rock located at the end of fish tanks. Its function is to offer bed linen and food for the superworms. Nevertheless, for these larvae, the excellent substratum is:

  • Raw oat meal
  • Bran
  • Wheat bran

These foods offer the optimal quantity of wetness without creating the superworms any kind of damage. Nevertheless, there should go to the very least 4 inches of completely dry substratum in the room for the larvae to tunnel.

On top of that, temperature level is really vital. Unlike mealworms, superworms ought to never ever be cooled as it will certainly eliminate them. Rather, they flourish in 70 ° and 80 ° F temperature levels.

The most effective location to house them remains in a space where the temperature level remains the very same all the time. Areas that alter temperature level throughout the day might feat their development

Feeding Superworms

Superworms eat virtually anything, however giving them with a healthy diet will certainly profit your unique pet. Foods like vegetables and fruits are excellent. On top of that, you can feed them remaining food from your cooking area, like fruit and vegetables.

Superworms ought to never ever be subjected to water, so to offer them with some kind of wetness, you can feed them points like:

  • Potatoes
  • Apple pieces
  • Carrots
  • Fresh eco-friendlies

These food things will certainly maintain them hydrated. On top of that, they ought to just be fed during the night due to the fact that they are nighttime. If offered at the appropriate time of day, they will certainly eat really promptly, and the food will certainly not be delegated rot.


Superworms can not be subjected to water, unlike various other insects that generally require to be misted or have accessibility to water. If subjected, these animals can create deadly illness.

Digestive tract tons

Superworms should be digestive tract- packed 24 to 2 days prior to feeding them to your pet. What this indicates is they require an unique diet loaded with high- top quality nutrients. You can acquire this formula online or at a lot of pet shops.


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