Stag Beetle

The stag beetle consumes rotting and decaying wood when it is in the larva stage.
Stag Beetle Scientific Classification
Stag Beetle Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Black, Green
3-7 years
Up to 0.5 grams
Stag Beetle Distribition

The earliest acknowledged fossil of the stag beetle return to the Facility Jurassic Period, approximately 150 to 160 million years previously.

The stag beetle is a member of the family of large, tough- shelled, flying insects whose unique attribute is the ability to absorb rotting hardwood as a larva. The name of this parasite is stemmed from the huge jaws on the male, which resemble the stags of a deer in the approach they contour in addition to branch. Their numbers appear reducing in some elements of their selection as a result of the loss of atmospheres in addition to food sources.

3 Astounding Stag Beetle Facts!

  • The huge jaws for which this species is acknowledged have definitely nothing to do with feeding. Instead, they allow the guys to fight each numerous other for availability to ladies. The larger in addition to even more effective male typically ends up being the victor from the competitors.
  • After copulating with her friend, the woman will definitely usually return to the location of her birth in addition to ordinary around 30 eggs near rotting hardwood in the dust. The larvae develop swiftly in the future in addition to spend a number of years in grub kind, consuming the rotting hardwood. It undergoes a number of numerous larval stages before becoming a grownup. The full life- period in between larva in addition to grown-up can usually climb to 7 years.
  • The earliest acknowledged fossil of this parasite returns to the Facility Jurassic Period, approximately 150 to 160 million years previously. The kind they were uncovered in is described as a compression fossil, in fact inscribed right into stratified rock. Better- managed fossils, returning around 20 to 30 million years from the modern Dominican Republic, were in the future uncovered confined in brown- yellow.

Species, Kind, in addition toScientific Name

The scientific name for the stag beetle family participants is Lucanidae. This name stems from the old Italian location of Lucania, at the south end of the peninsula, where these beetles were used to make amulets. There are some 1,200 documented stag beetle species worldwide. The most effective- recognized species is perhaps the European stag beetle, uncovered all throughout the continent. Numerous various other preferred species include the multi- tinted rainbow stag beetle of Australia in addition to the cottonwood stag beetle of Arizona in addition to the southwestern United States.

Appearance: Simply Exactly How to IdentifyStag Beetles

A grownup is determined by a large fractional body in addition to 2 collections of wings. It is typically tinted black or brown, nevertheless a choice number of species reveal all sort of dazzling tones such as steel setting- pleasant in addition to rainbowlike red. The rainbow stag beetle has an entire collection of dazzling rainbow tones. Adults normally increase 1 or 2 inches in dimension, nevertheless the largest species in the world, the giraffe stag beetle of south Asia, assesses worrying 5 inches long, a great deal of which is merely the huge jaws. Males are definitely larger than ladies, one more time as an outcome of the jaws. The larvae, comparative, have a much more grub- like appearance with an orange head. Evaluating around 3 inches long, they’re normally larger than the adults, likewise without the huge jaws.

While stag beetles have large jaws, they normally do not strike people. If they do do truly feel frightened in addition to strike nonetheless, male stag beetle jaws aren’t hazardous while ladies assaults can be instead distressing.

Stag Beetle
Stag Beetles have systems that are changed for the use of hardwood.

Istomina Olena/Shutterstock. com.

Atmosphere: Where to DiscoverStag Beetles

This species is uncovered throughout the world, typically ready with loosened up dust in addition to high normal temperature level degrees. While they usually have a tendency to be uncovered in woody lands, they also populate all type of unexpected places. The cottonwood stag beetle of Arizona is likewise acknowledged to absorb the woodchips of play premises.

Diet Strategy: What Do Stag Beetles Take In?

The stag beetle is a vegan parasite. Its stomach system is particularly changed for consuming hardwood as food. The technical term for an animal that depends mostly on hardwood in its diet routine is a xylophage.

What eats the stag beetle?

This species is preyed upon by a wide range of numerous birds, amphibians, reptiles, little animals, in addition to numerous other insects. Crows, foxes, in addition to kestrels are particularly regular predators, specifically when the beetle is most susceptible in the reproduction duration.

What does the stag beetle eat?

This parasite spends the really initially a variety of years of its life as a larva, consuming rotten hardwood. The grownup mostly trusts the fat publications left over from the larval stage to make it with for the rest of its life- period. When it does eat whatsoever, the grown-up will definitely absorb rotting fruit or sap with its soft tongue.

Evasion: Simply Exactly How to Do Away WithStag Beetles

This species does not normally activate any type of sort of injury to people, as a result of the truth that (unlike termites in addition to numerous other insects) they usually have a tendency to live underground in addition to eat just rotting hardwood. Nevertheless, if you do not prefer stag beetles concealing around your home, afterwards one of the most efficient approach to eliminate them is to do away with any type of sort of deposits of rotting hardwood from your property. They are greater than most likely to be uncovered around rotting secure fencings. Chemical use is normally not suggested, as a result of the truth that it might activate a whole lot even more problems than it solutions. Thinking about that populace numbers have in fact lowered in countless elements of their selection (particularly Europe), it’s a wonderful idea to merely permit them alone unless it’s absolutely important to remove them. Some people likewise intentionally advise stag beetles by expanding worn hardwood on their property.


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