Song Thrush

A male song thrush can have over 100 phrases in his repertoire of songs and can imitate pet birds, telephones and other man-made objects.
Song Thrush Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Turdus philomelos
Song Thrush Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Cream
75 million to about 120 million birds.
three to ten years
Top speed
35 mph
1.76 to 3.77 ounces, females a bit heavier
Song Thrush Distribition

” The blithe throstle”

Though it’s a simple- looking little bird with quill in shades of brownish and lover, the song thrush is renowned for the charm of its song. Undoubtedly, it is so melodious that poets such as Wordsworth and Thomas Hardy have actually created rhymes to it. Yet this thrush, thus numerous others, is an intense little killer, an established traveler, and an amative moms and dad. Continue reading for some realities regarding the song thrush.

Where To Discover the Song Thrush

The environment of the song thrush is considerable, and it is discovered in woodlands, hills, shrublands, and timbers. It is really keen on yard yards, metropolitan parks, and ranches. Simply put, it lives in warm locations where food is bountiful.

Song Thrush Nests

Song yeast infections develop their nests in trees, shrubs, or slipping vines. Turdus philomelos hebridensis in fact constructs its nest on the ground. The nest is mug- designed, clean, and lined with completely dry yard, and sealed with dung and mud.

Scientific Name

The song thrush’s scientific name is Turdus philomelos Turdus is Latin for “thrush” and philomelos originates from the Greek philo, whose definition is “caring” and melos, whose definition is “song.” So the definition of the bird’s name might be “the thrush that likes to sing.” Besides this, the bird was called after Philomela, a princess in Greek folklore that had her tongue eliminated yet was become a vocal singing bird. The song thrush has 3 subspecies:

  • Turdus philonmelos philomelos
  • Turdus philomelos clarkei
  • Turdus philomelos hebridensis


This bird is tiny and actions 7.87 to 9.45 inches long and evaluates regarding 1.76 to 3.77 ounces. It is dark brownish on the top and lotion or lover listed below, and its bust and stubborn belly are detected. Its feet and legs are pink, and males and females are similar. Recognition of the song thrush can be complicated due to the fact that the shades of its plumes make it look significantly like its relatives the redwing and the mistle thrush.

Determining a song thrush is in some cases tough as a result of the shade of its plumes.

Rudmer Zwerver/Shutterstock. com

Song Thrush vs. Mistle Thrush

The song and mistle yeast infections look significantly alike, yet recognition of the mistle thrush is assisted by the reality that it is a much larger bird and has white at the edges of its tail plumes. It is 11 inches long, evaluates as much as 5.9 ounces, and has an 18- inch wingspan. One more trick to recognition is that the mistle thrush is paler and its areas are rounder than the areas of the song thrush.


These birds aren’t especially gregarious despite the fact that they can endure each various other. They can be seen with various other sorts of yeast infections as they look for food, and they develop groups when they move. They eat invertebrates in addition to soft fruits such as blackberries, and when they search they make use of a run and quit method. The bird additionally utilizes its expense to surge and jab via the duff searching for victim.

The song thrush is just one of minority songbirds that eat snails, and birdwatchers see that they make use of a preferred rock to split the snail’s covering open. When that’s completed, the bird cleans the snail’s body on the ground prior to it consumes. The bird additionally begins to sing a little bit later on in the early morning than various other songbirds such as blackbirds. Besides its song, the thrush has phone calls that caution of predators and are made use of to remain in call with various other birds as they move. The phone calls of the song thrush are remarkably loud for its dimension.

Song Thrush Movement Pattern and Timing

Not all populaces of song yeast infections move, yet those that do are typically discovered in the eastern and north locations of the bird’s variety. These birds fly southern, typically from September to the center of December though some can begin as early as August. Not all fly to the tropics. Some merely jump over the North Sea from the Netherlands to invest the winter season in the south of England.

The bird flies at evening, and its battle is referred to as both solid and straight. The birds phone call to each various other as they fly.


This bird takes invertebrates such as insects, snails, slugs, and earthworms and consumes berries. Since it does eat berries, the thrush might not be the fave of individuals that expand fruit such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and currants.

Predators and Risks

Remarkably, humans make use of the song thrush as food and still do. It is still lawful to search the migratory birds in Spain, France, and New Zealand. Various Other predators consist of owls, cats, magpies, squirrels, and sparrowhawks, which take eggs and chicks. Occasionally, a cuckoo attempts to lay its egg in a song thrush’s nest, yet the song thrush acknowledges the egg and merely rolls it out.

Song yeast infections are additionally vulnerable to bloodsuckers such as Trypanosomas and condition- lugging ticks. As a result of this, the thrush might be a storage tank of Lyme condition.

Reproduction, Children, and Life Expectancy

The song thrush elevates 2 to 3 broods annually, and the reproducing period stretches from very early springtime right into late summer season. Male and female song yeast infections are virginal, and the male go back to their reproducing location prior to the female and protects an area. The female meticulously constructs the nest amongst the fallen leaves of trees, bushes, or climbers and even amongst weeds and lawns on the ground.

The female lays 3 to 5 eggs, laying an egg a day. The eggs are an attractive skies blue flecked with black or purple. The chicks hatch out after regarding 2 weeks. Just the mommy broods the chicks, yet both the male and female moms and dads feed them. They prepare to fly after regarding a week and are independent regarding 3 weeks afterwards. This is the moment when recentlies established are cared for by their papa while their mommy prepares yourself to lay an additional clutch of eggs. Still, the death of chicks is high, and just a 3rd of them live to fledge. If they make it to their adult years, their life-span is 3 to as numerous as one decade.


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