Snorkies are known for their funny, attention-getting antics.
Snorkie Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus familiaris
Snorkie Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, White, Silver, Multi-colored
15 years
Top speed
10 mph
10 pounds
Snorkie Distribition

Snorkies are understood for their amusing, focus- obtaining shenanigans.

Snorkie Intro

A Snorkie is the outcome of reproducing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Mini Schnauzer. The background of the Snorkie is primarily unidentified. This type comes under the crossbreed team of dogs.

Snorkies have a pleasant, dedicated personality and substantially appreciate following their proprietor around your house and backyard. Not remarkably, they were reproduced to be buddies. This crossbreed asserts one of the most enticing qualities of its pure-blooded moms and dads.

Snorkie Mix

There is one sort of Snorkie mix. It’s call a Snorkie Poo. This is when Snorkies are reproduced with poodles and create charming Snorkie Poo young puppies

Snorkie Enjoyable Reality

Snorkies are understood for their amusing, focus- obtaining shenanigans.

3 Pros and Cons of Possessing a Snorkie

Apartment- pleasant
A Snorkie is a lap dog making it a suitable pet for somebody living in an apartment.
Suspicious with kids
This dog can often be delicate to the loud, harsh tasks of children. Due to their tiny dimension, they can really feel endangered and might nip at youngsters.
An enjoyable buddy
This crossbreed pooch enjoys to play bring, go after, and various other video games with their family.
Some barking task
A Snorkie that’s not appropriately mingled might bark exceedingly. Training can assist a Snorkie discover to bark much less.
A lengthy life
The life expectancy of a Snorkie is 12 to 15 years, so they are generally a component of the family for a very long time.
Might be tough to educate
This is a smart little dog yet can be persistent throughout obedience training.

Snorkie Dimension and Weight

A Snorkie male can expand to be 12 inches high from head to toe while a female expands to be 11 inches in elevation. Male Snorkies can consider as high as 12 extra pounds complete expanded whereas females consider approximately 11 extra pounds. At 7 weeks old, a Snorkie evaluates around 3 extra pounds. These dogs are totally expanded at twelve month old.

Elevation (Male) 12 inches high
Elevation (Female) 11 inches high
Weight (Male) 12 lbs., complete produced
Weight (Female) 11 lbs., complete produced

Typical Snorkie Health And Wellness Concerns

Snorkies have some usual wellness problems, consisting of cataracts. Cataracts take the kind of a cloudiness in one or both of the dog’s eyes. They can trigger partial and even complete loss of sight. Surgical procedure is a therapy for cataracts in aSnorkie

An additional wellness concern of this crossbreed is diabetic issues. A dog with diabetic issues has a high degree of sugar in its blood. Diabetic issues can trigger damages to the body organs. Though there isn’t a treatment for diabetic issues, the problem can be taken care of with a correct diet and medicine. Some indicators of diabetic issues consist of extreme thirst, fat burning, or a rise of cravings.

A 3rd usual wellness concern is allergic reactions. These dogs can be adverse ecological components such as plant pollen or dirt. They can likewise dislike foods. Thankfully, allergic reactions can be taken care of with medicine.

One of the most usual wellness problems of a Snorkie consist of:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Allergic Reactions

Snorkie Character and Actions

Commitment is among one of the most substantial qualities of aSnorkie This buddy dog suches as to keep track of the location of its proprietor in all times. Snorkies have a lively character. They appreciate running about and having fun with relative along with with various other dogs in the home.

A mingled Snorkie is most likely to have proper actions with youngsters. Nonetheless, this dog is tiny and has an online reputation for being delicate around kids. A Snorkie is small in dimension and is constantly bothered with being tipped on or otherwise hurt by children that might be unstable on their feet.

Just How to Look After a Snorkie

Finding out about the nutritional, grooming, workout, and health care requirements of a Snorkie enables a proprietor to take outstanding treatment of this pet. Not remarkably, a Snorkie pup and a grown-up dog require various diet plans. Snorkies require to be combed and clipped on a normal timetable. They can be difficult to educate, so you require to be individual and consistent.

The Most Effective Dog Food for Snorkies

The diet a proprietor feeds to a Snorkie pup or grown-up dog can assist to avoid numerous wellness problems. Consider the various factors to consider in selecting food for young puppies and grown-up dogs:

Snorkie pup food: DHA in the kind of high- top quality fish oil sustains a pup’s eye and mind advancement. This nutrient can add to repeling cataracts in this crossbreed dog. Healthy protein aids muscle mass and joint advancement. Vitamin C and E add to a healthy and balanced body immune system which can ward off allergic reactions. Fat offers a pup power to discover and play. Omega 3 and 6 fats sustain the development of a healthy and balanced layer.

Snorkie grown-up dog food: Grownup Snorkies require healthy protein such as lean chicken or pork to preserve solid muscle mass, joints, and cartilage material. Prebiotic fiber aids with correct food digestion for this lap dog. Vitamin A is useful for preserving the eye wellness of this dog susceptible to cataracts. Omega 6 sustains a healthy and balanced layer and calcium adds to solid teeth and bones. Feeding a grown-up Snorkie a diet having minimal fat offers it the power it requires without including excess weight to its small framework.

For dogs like Snorkies that deal with food allergic reactions, look into the minimal active ingredient foods offered that usage much less usual active ingredients as a job- around for dogs with allergic reactions.

At A- Z Animals, our suggestion for Snorkies is Blue Buffalo Essential Limited Component Diet, Grain Free Natural Grownup Tiny Type Damp Dog Food Mugs.

It’s easily portioned for your small Snorkie, to assist preserve a healthy and balanced weight and stop issues like diabetic issues. And also, there’s no wheat, corn, soy, milk, eggs, man-made chemicals or tastes that can trigger aggravating allergies. Rather, there’s an excellent equilibrium of omegas, vitamins, and minerals to maintain your Snorkie delighted and lively.

Examine Chewy and Amazon for this item.

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Blue Buffalo Fundamentals Grain- Cost-free Grown-up Dry Dog Food

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Upkeep and Pet Grooming

Snorkies dropped a reduced quantity of hair. Though often Yorkshire Terriers and Mini Schnauzers are classified as hypoallergenic, they do lose some hair similar to their crossbreed young puppies. None of the 3 dog types satisfy the stringent interpretation of hypoallergenic.

Though Snorkies are reduced shedders, they do call for some pet grooming. They require day-to-day cleaning to eliminate floor coverings and tangles from their smooth grey, black, tan, white, or silver layer. A slicker brush is a superb pet grooming device for this dog.

They likewise require to have the bottom of their ears cleaned up as soon as weekly. This can be performed with a soft towel and some cozy water. A Snorkie Poo is an additional instance of a crossbreed with a similar sort of brushing regular.

There are specialist groomers that focus on providing hairstyles to Snorkies to maintain their hair brief and a lot more convenient for a proprietor. These hairstyles must be provided around as soon as every 2 or 3 months.

The allergic reactions this crossbreed is susceptible to typically appear in the kind of red or completely dry spots on its skin. A vet can assist a proprietor to select the sort of allergic reactions their dog has and suggest therapy.


A Snorkie is the item of reproducing 2 smart dogs. Nonetheless, often Snorkies can be persistent throughout training. Maintaining training sessions brief and utilizing preferable deals with can assist this one-of-a-kind dog to much better soak up the lesson of the day.

A Schnoodle is an additional crossbreed dog parented by a Mini Schnauzer that can be persistent throughout training.


A Snorkie requires around thirty minutes of workout every day. A stroll in your area or a check out to the dog park are both excellent ways to provide this dog some top quality workout. Playing video games of bring or go after in the yard is an additional fantastic means to obtain this little dog relocating!

This type is a great option for somebody that stays in an apartment. Its tiny dimension enables it to be comfy living in an apartment setup.

Snorkie Pups

A Snorkie is the outcome of reproducing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Mini Schnauzer.

Snorkie grownups just expand to be an optimum of 12 extra pounds so it’s not a surprise that Snorkie young puppies are really small. In addition, if somebody has a teacup Snorkie pup, it’s mosting likely to be also smaller sized than a criterion Snorkie pup. Teacup selections of this dog generally consider no greater than 7 extra pounds. Some claim they can match a teacup.

These tiny crossbreed young puppies require a confined location where they can discover and extend their legs while staying secure from autos, bigger dogs, and so on

Snorkies and Kid

Typically, mingled Snorkies are great with kids. However it is necessary for Snorkie proprietors to recognize these little dogs can be really conscious the harsh or loud tasks of youngsters. If this dog feels it remains in threat of being tipped on or injure it might nip or attack as a means to safeguard itself. This is specifically real with teacup Snorkies.

Dogs Similar to the Snorkie

Various other types similar to the Snorkie consist of the Schnoodle, Yorkie Poo and Silky Terrier.

  • Schnoodle– Schnoodles and Snorkies are both smart dogs with a pleasant personality. Nonetheless, a Schnoodle is a lot more energised and requires a lot more workout than a Snorkie.
  • Yorkie Poo– Like a Snorkie, a Yorkie Poo has a layer that can be a mix of brownish, black, white, grey, or tan. They are both smart dogs, yet Yorkie Poos have a tendency to bark greater than Snorkies.
  • Silky Terrier– Silky Terriers and Snorkies share the exact same smooth hair that can be any type of mix of black, grey, tan, or silver. One distinction in between both is Silky Terriers are a lot more energised than Snorkies.

Popular names for Snorkies consist of:

  • Maddie
  • Oliver
  • Jake
  • Precursor
  • Sophie
  • Teddy
  • Gadget
  • Smokey
  • Barney


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