Shollies are a fairly new type of crossbreed!
Shollie Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Shollie Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White, Gold
13 – 15 years
Shollie Distribition

The Shollie is an excellent mix in between spirited and safety!

Shollies are a crossbreed, or developer, dog type. They are a mix in between a German Shepherd and a Border Collie These dogs are energised, committed, and dedicated. They are a huge dog type that drops a fair bit and calls for a huge quantity of workout. In return, they will certainly be caring friends and are an excellent option for households with youngsters. Shollies are among the most recent preferred mix types.

3 benefits and drawbacks of owning Shollie

Pros! Cons!
Devoted to the family: Throughout their life expectancy, Shollies will certainly take after their German Shepherd moms and dad and continue to be dedicated to their adoptive family. Hefty Shedder: Shollies have tool- size hair yet are incredibly hefty shedders. This indicates that proprietors will certainly require to provide an everyday cleaning session.
Wonderful with youngsters: The character of this crossbreed type makes them wonderful for youngsters. They get along and dedicated, making wonderful friends for play. They will certainly treat your youngsters like their very own young puppies! Bad in Tiny Areas: Shollies require an amazing quantity of workout– a minimum of a hr each day. They are additionally rather huge dogs. These attributes integrated do not make them suitable pets for those residing in apartment or condos.
Really Smart: These dogs are really clever! They are respected for their trainability and abilities in dexterity video games. Does Not Like Strangers: Since this crossbreed is so dedicated to its proprietors, many thanks to their German Shepherd heritage, it might take a while for your Shollie to really feel comfy around visitors or brand-new enhancements to the family.
A beautiful old, German Shepherd - Border Collie Mix breed dog, Shollie, is sitting outside in the deciduous forest, listening with his ears perked up.
A gorgeous old, German Shepherd– Border Collie Mix type dog, Shollie, is resting outdoors in the deciduous woodland, paying attention with his ears livened up.Christin Lola/

Shollie Dimension and Weight

Shollies are a huge dog type. They have tool- size hair and can be found in a wide array of shades such as black, brownish, black and white, red, grey, or brindle (black, upright red stripes like a tiger). This crossbreed type can be anywhere from 28- 29 inches high and consider in between 70 and 80 pounds.

Elevation (Male) 21 ″ -29 ″
Elevation (Female) 21 ″ -29 ″
Weight (male) 70- 80lbs
Weight (female) 70- 80lbs

Shollie Typical Wellness Issues

This crossbreed is usually an extremely healthy and balanced dog type. Nevertheless, like many various other developer types, Shollies can acquiring ailments that prevail in their Border Collie and German Shepherd moms and dads. Bloat is an ailment that triggers air and stress to develop in the belly, removing blood circulation to the back legs and triggering a clinical emergency situation. An additional issue is hip and arm joint dysplasia, triggering discomfort when the dog strolls or runs. In other words, the leading 3 issues that Shollies might deal with are:

  • Bloat
  • Joint Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia

Shollie Personality

Shollies are an extremely energised type with safety personalities. If you save a Shollie, you’ll have a dog that functions well with youngsters if interacted socially to them from a young age. Pups that bond with their member of the family will certainly turn into dedicated participants of the family throughout their life expectancy.

These dogs require a minimum of a hr of workout on a daily basis in order to suppress damaging habits like eating furnishings. Nevertheless, this is a tiny cost to spend for such a faithful friend. They make an excellent companion for those with energetic way of lives or those that desire a dog matched for examinations of toughness and knowledge, like dexterity or dock leaping. Shollies are sick- matched for apartment life and would certainly a lot like a huge, open location to run about in.

Due To their German Shepherd heritage, these dogs might be unkind to or cautious of unfamiliar people and visitors in your house. Hereof, they additionally make great watchdog.

Exactly How To Deal With Shollie

Shollies are a crossbreed that calls for a reasonable quantity of maintenance. They require to be brushed and worked out really frequently in order to continue to be healthy and balanced and pleased. Nevertheless, the benefit is a clever and energised friend that makes an excellent enhancement to a hectic, energetic family.

Shollie Upkeep And Pet Grooming

Shollies will certainly call for everyday cleaning in order to keep a healthy and balanced layer and protect against too much losing. Proprietors can utilize this chance to examine their dog’s ears for crud, in addition to their teeth for basic tidiness. Cleaning can be an excellent bonding experience in between a rescue Shollie and its proprietor. Shollies that invest a great deal of time exterior might require their paw pads cleansed and cut to maintain particles from obtaining stuck within.

Shollie Training

If you’re searching for a clever, mindful developer type, the Shollie is a superb option. These smart dogs will certainly aspire to find out and like to find out techniques and abilities like dexterity and bring. Both the German Shepherd and the Border Collie moms and dads add attributes of being tough employees that like to find out.

The very best method to damage a Shollie of any type of poor behaviors is to begin training very early and to ensure this huge type obtains a lot of time to run about and launch pent- up power.

Shollie Workout

Shollies are an extremely energetic type, and those that live an inactive way of life must rule out this type. At a minimum, they call for a hr of workout a day, and a huge lawn to run about in is thought about a perk. They take pleasure in tasks like rounding up and dexterity, which profit both their minds and their bodies. They are additionally outstanding bonding workouts as both dogs and proprietors pick up from each various other.

Shollie Young Puppies

Shollie young puppies need to be saved or gotten from respectable dog breeders just. They need to remain in health, and the moms and dad’s history details need to be dual- examined. Shollie young puppies need to have a high quantity of power– young puppies that slouch or slow-moving might have a hidden wellness concern. Begin training your Shollie pup early in order to show them etiquettes and bond with them right now.

Young Shepherd and Border Collie mixed breed, Shollie, dog with big perky ears lying down on white background.
Youthful Shepherd and Border Collie combined type dog, Shollie, with large buoyant ears relaxing on white history

Shollie And Youngsters

If Shollies are incorporated right into the family at a young age, they will certainly be outstanding friends for kids that they view as component of the family. Shollies are rounding up dogs, so they might attempt to “herd” kids around your home and lawn. These are huge dogs, so some quantity of roughhousing and play can be endured.

Nevertheless, Shollies are additionally cautious of unfamiliar people. Maintain this in mind if any type of youngsters enter your Shollie’s room that they are not acquainted with.

Dogs similar to Shollie

  • Border Collie— this rounding up dog is one fifty percent of the Shollie mix type heritage. They offer the knowledge and love of dexterity video games with a pleasant, energised guts.
  • German Shepherd— The German Shepherd is the various other fifty percent of the Shollie mix. This safety type will certainly constantly be a caring friend and guard of the family.
  • Australian Shepherd— These lovely herding dogs are renowned for their layer shades and their herding capacities.

Popular names for your Shollie consist of the complying with names

  • Bella
  • Bear
  • Charlie
  • Sadie
  • Finn
  • Lucy
  • Luna
  • Max


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