This dog was declared a Japanese Natural Monument in 1937.
Shikoku Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Shikoku Physical Characteristics
Red, Black, Tan, Cream, Black-Brown
10-12 years
35-55 pounds
Shikoku Distribition


The Shikoku is a Japanese participant of the functioning team of dogs. Among 6 indigenous Japanese types, the tool- sized, spitz- kind dog was reproduced by Japanese seekers to track deer and boar. Seekers created this durable primitive dog in the separated mountain towns of Shikoku Island, situated southwest of the primary island of Honshu. The Shikoku was stated an all-natural monolith in 1937 and is hardly ever seen outside Japan.

Energised, courageous, and devoted, the Shikoku can additionally be rather scheduled and calm. Its power and task degrees require some focus and involvement from its master. The Shikoku is a superb dog for energetic solitary proprietors, energetic family members, and seekers that understand just how to educate and take care of a dog.

Various Sorts Of Shikoku

There are currently 2 different lines of Shikoku: the Hongawa, from the town of Hongawa, and the Hata, from southeasternShikoku A 3rd line, the Awa, vanished throughout WWII because of challenge and crossbreeding. Though they have actually often tended to obscure with each other, most Shikoku still prefer the Hongawa or Hata lines.

  • Hongawa Line: The Hongawa is light, lean, and muscle, with a thinner layer.
  • Hata Line: The Hata line is stockier, with a thick, lengthy layer. It additionally shows up even more wolf- like.

Shikoku Enjoyable Truth

  • This dog was stated a Japanese All-natural Monolith in 1937.

3 Pros and Cons of Having Shikoku

Pros! Cons!
As a primitive type, the Shikoku is an extremely healthy and balanced dog. It has no recognized propensities towards hereditary troubles or conditions. The Shikoku is really independent and devoted to its family; this indicates that it can additionally be unresponsive and skeptical of unfamiliar people and unknown dogs.
The Shikoku bonds extremely with its family, making it a devoted dog. This dog is victim- driven, so grownups must see it around children and little animals. Unexpected activity can activate its need to go after.
While the Shikoku is really energetic outdoors, it can be really relaxed and tranquil inside your home The resilient dual layer of the Shikoku loses prodigiously It additionally has one to 2 hefty losing durations each year that require hefty vacuuming and regular cleaning.

Shikoku Dimension and Weight

Amongst the 6 indigenous types of dog in Japan, the Shikoku is a Shika- Inu, or tool- sized dog. While the male is a little bigger and stockier than the female, the type stands about 17- 22 inches at the shoulder and evaluates 35- 55 extra pounds.

Dimension Dimension
Elevation (Male): 17- 22 inches
Elevation (Female): 17- 22 inches
Weight (Male): 35- 55 extra pounds
Weight (Female): 35- 55 extra pounds

Shikoku Typical Wellness Issues

As a primitive type, Shikoku are really healthy and balanced dogs with little document of hereditary tendencies to disease. They must be frequently assessed for usual canine concerns such as hip and arm joint dysplasia, eye problems, epilepsy, patellar luxation, and allergic reactions. Likewise, ask the dog breeder for hereditary and screening outcomes.

Shikoku Personality

They bond carefully with their family members and are really devoted. They have a rather territorial individuality, and their sharp natures can transform their commitment to wariness towards unfamiliar people and unknown dogs. Their high victim drive indicates they should not be left not being watched with little pets. They can additionally be a little bit uncompanionable and persistent.

Reproduced for searching in the hills of Japan, Shikoku are difficult, durable dogs with lots of endurance. They are energised and active; these attributes make them terrific friends for energetic exterior individuals.

Shikoku are additionally smart, delicate, and trainable dogs. They are normally watchful, pleasant, and show profundity. Though they are energetic outside, they show relaxed and tranquil habits inside your home. When increased with youngsters, they can connect effectively with them.

Exactly How To Look After Shikoku

Upkeep and Pet Grooming

The Shikoku’s dual layer is vulnerable to losing and must be combed weekly. 1 or 2 times a year, the dog’s layer “burn out,” leading to extreme losing, and cleaning the dog’s layer throughout those periods can lower losing in the house. A couple of cleans a year is alright since anymore than that can dry the layer and trigger skin inflammation. You must never ever cut the dog’s layer.

Brush the Shikoku’s teeth a couple of times a week and trim or clip the nails regular monthly to prevent fracturing or splitting. Examine the ears for wax and particles that can trigger ear infections and tidy them as required.


Training must start as quickly as you bring the dog house. Shikoku are not as persistent as various other Japanese types, though they will occasionally disregard commands. They will certainly come to be bored, nonetheless, so maintain the training sessions brief and interesting.

As a result of their territorial and uncompanionable natures, training must concentrate on socializing and preventing aggressiveness. Their victim drive must additionally be guided, including beginning and quit educating to allow them understand when to quit and when it’s alright to go after. A great electrical outlet for this can be a flirt post, which educates them to reply to commands to wait and afterwards launch.


Shikoku are high- power, energetic dogs. They must contend the very least a hr of day-to-day task, consisting of play, training, and strolls. Playing in a confined yard is a superb method to burn power. If you stay in an apartment, strolling the halls or having fun with a moving tennis sphere appropriate tasks, also. This is additionally a great chance to take them on a run or along with a bike flight.


When you earn a Shikoku pup, you must educate it instantly. Aside from the house-breaking procedure, it would certainly be best if you started mingling it with family, youngsters, and pets; this would certainly additionally be a superb time to educate it to wait on command, which will certainly assist it withstand its victim drive. Puppy preschool at 10 to 12 weeks (inoculation condition allowing) must additionally belong to the strategy.

shikoku puppy
Socializing of shikoku young puppies must start at a young age. Eriklam

Shikoku and Kid

Shikoku are devoted family dogs. They are excellent with youngsters when they are increased along with them. The youngsters must additionally be educated to deal with the dog effectively and recognize any kind of hints the dog might be presenting. Dogs must additionally never ever be left not being watched with children.

Dogs Similar to Shikoku

Chow Chow: From China instead of Japan, the Chow Chow has a similar construct and a dual layer. This dog is additionally devoted however has a much more hostile nature.

Hokkaido: An additional Japanese dog that belongs to the 6 indigenous types, the Hokkaido is a tool- sized dog with a stunning layer. The Hokkaido is additionally a take on, devoted, and caring family dog.

Kai Ken: The Kai Ken is additionally among Japan’s 6 indigenous dog types. The Kai Ken is devoted to its family, really caring, and makes a superb guard dog.

Popular Names for Shikoku

Right here are some prominent Japanese names for a Shikoku:

  • Akio
  • Akira
  • Goro
  • Haru
  • Haruki
  • Ai
  • Aiko
  • Chika
  • Emiko
  • Mariko

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