Sei Whale

This whale is one of the fastest of the cetaceans
Sei Whale Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Balaenoptera borealis
Sei Whale Physical Characteristics
Grey, White
70 years plus
Top speed
32 mph
Up to 31 tons
Sei Whale Distribition

” Among the fastest whales in the sea.”

Pursued till there was just a handful left worldwide, this streamlined baleen whale has actually made an outstanding return, despite the fact that it is still categorized as endangered under the IUCN Red Listing.

4 Unbelievable Sei Whale Truths!

Continue Reading for some remarkable truths regarding the sei whale.

  • Sei whales can be difficult to distinguish the fin whales. The summaries of both baleen whales are similar, yet the fin whale is bigger.
  • Though it is among the biggest animals in the world, its diet is comprised of a few of the tiniest, consisting of krill and copepods.
  • This cetacean is generally singular, yet hundreds of whales can integrate in areas where the food is particularly plentiful.
  • Like various other cetaceans, the sei whale is possibly come down from an animal called Pakicetus. The summary of this earthbound animal is of a wolf- like, wolf- sized animal with an abnormally lengthy nose and jaws packed with savage teeth.

Sei Whale Classification and Scientific Name

The Sei Whale is a baleen whale, which implies it has baleen plates in its mouth to stress its food from the water. Its scientific name is Balaenoptera borealis, which converts right into something like “finned whale from the north.” “Balaena” is Latin for “whale” and “pteron” is old Greek for “fin.” Borealis is Latin for “north.” “Sei” is the Norwegian word for “pollock,” a fish that shows up in the north seas at the exact same time as the whale. Like all whales and dolphins, the Sei Whale is an animal, which implies it is cozy- blooded and registered nurses its young with milk.

Sei Whale Species

There are 2 subspecies:

  • Balaenoptera borealis borealis
  • Balaenoptera borealis schlegelii

Sei Whale Appearance

This animal can rise to 64 feet long with a body that’s a little bit extra slim than various other baleen whales such as the Right Whale or the Humpback. The body tapers towards the tail and the skin is a dark grey that appears like galvanized steel. The forward component of the whale is white or a light grey around the 40 to 50 grooves that broaden when the whale consumes. They run midway in between the fins and the navel. The best reduced lip is additionally grey, and the leading sides of this baleen whale’s flukes are white. The flukes are little symmetrical to the remainder of the animal. The baleen plates are grayish- black, though the internal bristles are white. Baleen is constructed out of keratin, the exact same product that composes finger nails.

The summary of the whale’s head consists of a nose that’s a little curved and a rostrum that’s rather candid yet has a ridge down the center. The area of both blowholes gets on top of the head. The dorsal fin is sickle- designed and discovered near the tail.

Sei Whale Mother and Her Calf
A Sei Whale Mommy and Her Calf Bone

Distribution, Population, and Environment

This species is discovered in the majority of the seas and seas of the globe, yet it has a tendency to prevent the tropics, the polar areas, and bodies of water that are partly shut off such as the Mediterranean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico.

Since 2021, the population of this species had to do with 80,000 people, yet there utilized to be 3 times as several whales. Their numbers were annihilated as a result of overhunting, and though the whale is secured, it is still thought about endangered according to the International Union for Preservation of Nature, or IUCN.

Predators and Target

The only predators of sei whales that researchers have strong details on are humans, that began to search the quick and evasive whale when various other whale species were diminished. Over a quarter- million sei whales were eliminated throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Dangers to sei whales additionally consist of red algae blossoms, which are hazardous to the animal and appear to be in charge of mass fatalities. Sei whales are seldom bothered by ectoparasites, yet they frequently bear marks from lampreys and cookiecutter sharks, and their gastrointestinal systems contain endoparasites such as protozoans and parasitical worms.

When it comes to the whale’s diet, it includes little aquatic animals such as krill and anchovies. The whale eats its side with its mouth open. When it shuts its mouth it utilizes its tongue to press salt water out with its baleen plates while leaving the food, which it after that puts away. Sei whales eat near 2000 extra pounds of food each day.

From hazardous red algae blossoms to humans, the Sei Whale population has actually been seriously diminished.

Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Female sei whales generally deliver every various other year. Sei whales mate throughout the cold weather in whatever area they inhabit. This implies they mate from November to February in the north hemisphere and from May to July in the southerly. Hereafter, the female is expectant from 10.5 months to a year prior to she brings to life one calf bone that has to do with 15 feet long. She’ll registered nurse the calf bone for half a year or a little bit much longer.

Both male and female sei whales are sexually fully grown when they have to do with one decade old yet are not totally expanded till they’re 25. The life expectancy of a sei whale can be as much as 74 years.

Angling and Food Preparation

Sei whales have actually not been thoroughly pursued given that industrial whaling was prohibited in 1986, though some numbers are still considered “research study.” Prior to this, sei whale flesh was thought about a special in Norway and was pricey due to the fact that the quick- swimming whale was difficult to capture.


The sei whale population is thought to be around 80,000 since 2021, yet this is down dramatically from their pre- whaling numbers. Though females are believed to deliver every various other year, biologists think that some might deliver annual as a result of population stress.


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