Scrotum Frog

The frog’s ears are underdeveloped, and if it hears it probably does so through its lungs.
Scrotum Frog Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Telmatobius culeus
Scrotum Frog Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Green
As few as 45
up to 15 years
nine ounces to two pounds
Scrotum Frog Distribition

” The unusual South American frog with the regrettable name, loosened skin, and remarkable dimension.”

Initially, you will certainly would like to know just how this frog obtained its label. The scrotum frog obtains this name since it has several folds up of rough skin, like a component of the male composition. However all this skin offers an objective. The folds up are adjustments that enable the frog to obtain oxygen without needing to involve the surface area to take a breath. The scrotum frog is a big and endangered frog native to the island to Peru’s Lake Titicaca and the smaller sized lakes and rivers that feed right into it.

5 Extraordinary Scrotum Frog Realities!

Below’s a listing of 5 truths concerning the scrotum frog:

  • Telmatobius culeus is a totally water frog and does not require to find up for air.
  • The frog’s folds up of excess skin assist it take a breath and are primarily its gills.
  • Its metabolic price is really reduced for a frog and might be as reduced as a salamander’s. It is 14.1 microliters per gram- hr.
  • When the frog is managed it produces a milklike liquid. This might make them taste poor to would certainly- be predators.
  • Scrotum frogs are nighttime.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the unusual scrotum frog is Telmatobius culeus Telmatobius originates from the Greek word telma, which indicates “fish pond,” and culeus is Latin for “sack,” which describes the frog’s saggy skin. There are just one species of this frog, yet there are variants on the “basic” frog. These frogs stay in the rivers and the lakes that feed Lake Titicaca.


The dimension of the unusual Lake Titicaca frog is the 2nd point individuals observe concerning it. It can be 8 inches from nose to air vent with legs as long as 16 inches. These legs, which are baked and smoked for food, are a reason the animal isendangered A huge sampling can consider as long as 2 extra pounds, though the majority of frogs are smaller sized than this. Females are bigger than males.

Besides the droopy skin that offers it its epithet of culeus, the frog likewise has a tough guard on its back called a dorsal guard. The head is massive and level, the nose round, the eyes large, rounded and stary. The skin can be tones of brownish, grey, black, or tones of eco-friendly over. The underparts are light. The skin can likewise be found or marbled. Just the toes on the back legs are webbed.

A scrotum frog swimming isolated against a black background
The scrotum frog’s several creases are an adjustment that permits them to get oxygen to take a breath without needing to go to the water’s surface area.Dirk Ercken/Shutterstock. com


Scrotum frogs are singular animals and invest every one of their lives in the waters of Lake Titicaca, its feeder tributaries, or lakes that are attached to it such as Lake Arapa. It attempts to remain in locations of the lake that are in between 46.5 and 63.5 levels Fahrenheit. If it’s cooler than it suches as, the frog will certainly indulge in the sunlight. Remarkably, it will not appear of the water to bask yet hinge on an immersed rock that remains in sunshine. This frog is nighttime and a lot of the jobs of life take place during the night.

Like various other frogs, Telmatobius culeus is an amphibian, yet the several folds up of its skin are adjustments that function as gills. As a result of these adjustments, the frog does not require to find up for air. Nonetheless, if the oxygen in the water is reduced, it jabs its nose right into the air and allows air circulation right into its lungs. It will certainly remain by doing this up until the oxygen degrees are renewed. If it can not get to the surface area, it depends on all-time low of the lake with its legs splayed and rises every couple of secs to allow itself be elevated by the water column. When it sinks, it allows the skin folds up surge, which permits the frog to obtain some oxygen and get rid of co2. The frog can just do this for a couple of hrs prior to it passes away.

Researchers do not understand if the scrotum frog can listen to. Its phone call is so weak that it can just be listened to by an undersea microphone positioned close by. Like the majority of various other frogs, the scrotum frog probably phone call to draw in companions or alert off rivals.


The environment of this large frog is the amazing, well- oxygenated water of Lake Titicaca. At 12,507 feet, it is the greatest lake on the planet that can be quickly browsed. It was assigned as a Ramsar website in 1998, which indicates it’s a marsh of worldwide import. The lake is fed by 27 rivers and is attached to a number of smaller sized lakes. The trouble for Telmatobius culeus and various other amphibians, reptiles, birds, and various other animals that stay in and around the lake is that its water degrees are going down and contamination is raising. Non- indigenous species are likewise being presented right into the lake.


Since the scrotum frog is totally water, its diet is composed of little water animals. The majority of the diet is composed of freshwater snails, amphipods, copepods, water worms, and insect larvae. They likewise eat little shellfishes called water fleas, fish, and, every so often, smaller sized participants of their species.

Predators and Risks

Researchers do not understand what the all-natural predators of this large frog are, yet they understand that presented species of rainbow trout eat their tadpoles. Humans likewise record the frog for food, the pet profession, and standard medications.

The frog’s numbers have actually likewise been severely influenced by contamination, consisting of drainage from farming and mining. The nutrients from plant foods urge algal flowers in the water, which remove it of oxygen and trigger frogs to stifle. Human sewer has actually likewise spotted the waters of the Lake Titicaca container. Scrotum frogs are likewise based on Chytridiomycosis, a dangerous fungal illness of amphibians.

What consumes the Scrotum Frog?

Scrotum frog tadpoles are consumed by produced frogs, occasionally. Tadpoles are likewise consumed in varieties by rainbow trout, a non- indigenous species that was presented right into Lake Titicaca. The produced frogs are possibly concealed in some component by their pigmentation, and also if captured they launch an unpleasant, milklike secretion that a killer would certainly discover off- placing.

The frog is purportedly functioned as a special to visitors, and it might also be intoxicated in a shake to enhance potency. Nonetheless, some locals think the frog is disagreeable.

What does the Scrotum Frog eat?

The frog eastern water animals such as fish, snails, water fleas, and amphipods.

Reproduction and Life Process

Biologists do not understand much concerning the reproduction of the Lake Titicaca frog, yet they understand that they duplicate sexually, and they reproduce in the summer season. Frogs stay in the much deeper component of the lake, yet they involve the coastline to reproduce. Eggs are fed on the surface as the male hangs on to the female, and they launch eggs and sperm right into the water. A female scrotum frog can lay as several as 500 eggs. Some biologists think that the moms and dads do not protect the eggs after they’re fed, while others think that the male guards them up until they hatch out, which is 1 or 2 weeks.

After the eggs hatch out, it can take as long as a year for the tadpole to turn into a frog. Throughout that time, the tadpole stays in the superficial water at the lakeshore. It takes concerning 3 years prior to a scrotum frog gets to maturation. They’re not prepared to duplicate themselves up until they have to do with 5, yet they can live as long as 15 years.


Contamination, searching for food, natural leather, and the pet profession and intrusive species have actually annihilated the population of the Lake Titicaca frog. There might be as couple of as 45 frogs in the wild, and it is currently endangered, possibly seriously so. Fortunately is that preservation initiatives are being made to sustain the frog, and it is currently presented in zoos such as England’s Chester Zoo.


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