Scarlet Kingsnake

Scarlet Kingsnake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides
Scarlet Kingsnake Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Red, Black, White
21 years
Scarlet Kingsnake Distribition

” Red and black is a pal of Jack.”

This attractive snake with its gem- like shades is discovered eastern of the Mississippi River, in states from Virginia to Florida. Entirely safe to humans, it is a fearful killer on little lizards and rodents. It will certainly also eat various other snakes, consisting of poisonous ones.

4 Extraordinary Scarlet Kingsnake Realities!

  • The scarlet kingsnake might be a subspecies of the milk snake, Lampropeltis triangulum, though this is debatable.
  • Its shades simulate those of the coral snake, which is poisonous. This persuades some would certainly- be predators to leave the kingsnake alone.
  • The snake lives greatly below ground or beneath bark or damp fallen leaves.
  • It is an excellent mountain climber.

Where To Discover the Scarlet Kingsnake

This snake is discovered in the eastern and southeastern USA in environments such as want timbers, pastures, blended want and oak woodlands, ranches, and marsh hammocks.

Scientific Name

The snake’s scientific name is Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides The genus name originates from the Greek words lamprós, which implies “glossy” and peltas, which implies “guard.” This explains the illumination of the snake’s ranges. Triangulum originates from the triangular spot discovered on the head of the milk snake. Elapsoides is a Latin word based upon the Greek word éllops, which implies “coral.”

The Various Kinds Of Scarlet Kingsnake

The scarlet kingsnake belongs to a genus that consists of various other kingsnakes, milk snakes, and their subspecies. Every one of these snakes are nonvenomous and have various other snakes as component of their diet. Amongst them are:

  • Lampropeltis getula
  • Lampropeltis alterna
  • Lampropeltis greeri
  • Lampropeltis mexicana
  • Lampropeltis rhombomaculata
  • Lampropeltis zonata
  • Lampropeltis splendida
  • Lampropeltis ruthveni
  • Lampropeltis leonis
  • Lampropeltis knoblochi

Population and Conservation Status

Scarlet kingsnakes are thought about to be plentiful in the environments where they live. Their conservation status is least concern.

Appearance and Summary

The recognition of the scarlet kingsnake is mainly done to separate it from the dangerous coral snake. As the rhyme goes, “Red on black, pal of Jack, red on yellow, eliminate an other.” The scarlet kingsnake’s color scheme is a white band surrounded in black on the scarlet ground. As the snake ages, the white darkens to butter yellow or perhaps light orange. An also less complex approach of recognition is to consider the snake’s head. If the nose is red, and the area remains in the eastern component of the USA, after that it’s a scarlet kingsnake.

Little in dimension for a snake, L. triangulum elapsoides just expand in between 1.5 to 2.5 feet with a weight of concerning 2.77 extra pounds. This makes it very easy for it to conceal in logs, stumps, or under rotting bark. This likewise occurs to be the area of their preferred victim, which are little lizards.

Scarlet Kingsnake vs Coral Snake

The kingsnake’s Batesian mimicry of the coral snake aids maintain it secure from predators, however a better consider both snakes exposes refined distinctions that might not sign up with a starving raccoon or fox. One of the most vital distinction in between king snakes and coral snakes is that coral snakes are poisonous while kingsnakes are not

Coral snake describes numerous species of snake that come from 5 category. The ones that problem this write-up come from the Micrurus genus, as they are just discovered in the Americas. A coral snake that is regularly misinterpreted for L. triangulum elapsoides is the eastern, or typical coral snake. Like the kingsnake, it is not huge in dimension and hardly ever expands over 4 feet in size with a weight that varies in between 2 and 5 extra pounds. The snakes share much of the very same environment and geographical variety.

Nonetheless, the coral snake has a much shorter life expectancy, at the very least in bondage, and normally does not live longer than 7 years. It has a tendency to have a slimmer body and a black nose. As opposed to white or yellow bands bordered with black on a red ground, the coral snake can be stated to have red bands bordered with yellow on a black ground.


As a result of its shades, the scarlet kingsnake is typically incorrect for the coral snake.Glowing Reptilia/

The red on black of the scarlet kingsnakes enables very easy recognition.Jay Ondreicka/

The nose of the scarlet kingsnake is constantly red, making it one more conveniently recognizable

Poison: Exactly How Harmful Are They?

Scarlet kingsnakes are not poisonous and are not hazardous to humans. The risk is that the poisonous coral snake could be misinterpreted for a scarlet kingsnake.

Habits and Humans

Unless one is swimming in the pool, humans hardly ever see L. triangulum elapsoides While not specifically anxious of humans, these snakes are nighttime and fossorial, which implies they typically conceal in below ground burrows or are discovered under bark, logs, wet ground cover, or tree stumps. They are singular however may organize up in the winter season to hibernate and afterwards to indulge in the sunlight when hibernation mores than. Scarlet kingsnakes likewise appear to be extra forgiving of heats than various other snakes, as they’re attended be energetic when various other snakes are avoiding of the warmth.

As predators, they take pleasure in a diet of rodents, birds, eggs, and snakes. They will certainly eat coral snakes also as they take advantage of the mimicry of this poisonous reptile. However scarlet kingsnakes appear to be partial to lizards, specifically skinks and anoles. Some pet snakes will certainly eat only live skinks, also if it implies depriving to fatality.

A scarlet kingsnake that really feels intimidated will certainly shake its tail like a rattler and might leave its bowels. Its bite is safe and not also extremely unpleasant.

Scarlet kingsnakes reproduce annually in springtime and very early summer season. After mating, the female lays approximately 10 eggs in duff or decomposing logs. They are oblong and might stick, and the mom does not nurture or secure them. The eggs hatch out after 28 to 39 days. The snake gets to maturation when it’s in between 3 and 4 years of ages and can have a life expectancy as high as 22 years.

Scarlet kingsnakes are helpful since they eat mice and various other farming parasites. They likewise maintain the environment in equilibrium by taking advantage of various other animals. Many individuals locate them attractive also.


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