Sawfish teeth keep growing as the fish gets older
Sawfish Scientific Classification
Sawfish Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey
30 years
500 – 1,300 lbs
Sawfish Distribition

The sawfish, likewise called the woodworker shark, is an exotic ray fish that swims along the superficial coastlines of cozy aquatic locations.

Completely- expanded sawfish are titanic in dimension and can evaluate more than 1,000 extra pounds. The sawfish’s unique spiked nose has actually been the resource of numerous misconceptions and incorrect truths, resulting in a great deal of complication concerning this fish’s real nature. Nonetheless, current research study has actually revealed that these animals are timid, mild, and a fundamental part of their regional ecological communities.

3 Extraordinary Sawfish Realities!

  • Sawteeth: The spikes on a sawfish’s rostrum are extremely similar to teeth. They expand larger as the fish grows older, yet they do not expand back if they befall.
  • Electroreceptive detects: These fish have eyes, yet this isn’t their key technique of searching. Rather, they make use of sensory body organs on their rostrums to discover the electrical areas released by neighboring fish.
  • Mild mindset: When they’re not searching, these fish are unbelievably serene animals. A sawfish will certainly never ever strike a human unless straight intimidated.
  • Titanic dimension: Sawfish are a few of the biggest aquatic animals. They might mature to 25 feet long and can evaluate as high as 1,300 extra pounds.

Sawfish Classification and Scientific Name

The scientific name for a solitary sawfish is pristis This name is stemmed from the Greek word pristes, which simply implies “saw”. These fish obtain their name from their unique nose, which is covered in sharp ridges. In some locations, they are likewise called woodworker sharks– a name that recommendations the incorrect misconception that sawfish can in fact saw things in fifty percent. There are 5 various type of sawfish, every one of which can be organized right into the family Pristidae

These fish come from the order Rhinopristoformes, together with guitarfish and banjo rays. Sawfish need to not be puzzled with sawsharks, which in fact come from the family Pristiophoridae

Sawfish Species

There are presently 5 identified species, every one of which are either endangered or seriously endangered.

  • Largetooth sawfish: Likewise called the usual sawfish, Pristis pristis can be discovered in almost every seaside area and is likewise understood to live in rivers and lakes.
  • Dwarf sawfish: Pristis clavata is belonging to Australia and is sometimes called the Queensland sawfish. These fish just expand to be about 10 feet in size.
  • Smalltooth sawfish: Pristis pectinata has a narrower rostrum with smaller sized teeth. These fish made use of to vary throughout the whole Atlantic, yet it has actually lately gone away from the majority of this area.
  • Environment-friendly sawfish: Pristis zijsron is a kind of smalltooth sawfish with eco-friendly skin and a longer nose. These fish are likewise called olive sawfish or longcomb sawfish.
  • Slim sawfish: The Anoxypristis cuspidata is the only sort of sawfish that belongs in its very own genus. As a result of the slim form of their rostrum, slim sawfish are likewise called blade tooth or sharp sawfish.

Sawfish Appearance

Sawfish are big aquatic animals with harsh, sandpaper- like skin that is commonly brownish or grey in shade. These fish have 4 pectoral and pelvic fins prolonging from their sides; they likewise have 2 dorsal fins and a solitary tail fin. The shapes and size of these fins aid identify the various species from each other.

These fish have 2 eyes on the top of their reasonably level heads. Like various other rays, their mouths, nostrils, and gills are all situated under of their bodies. All-time low of the fish is totally level, permitting them to slide openly along the seaside flooring.

These fish are a few of the most significant aquatic animals. The biggest taped one was 24 feet long, and it’s supposed that there might be also bigger ones that have actually efficiently averted anglers. The majority of them evaluate around 700 extra pounds, yet some absolutely titanic samplings might evaluate as high as 1,300 extra pounds.

Sawfish seen from below

The One-of-a-kind Sawfish Nose

Sawfish can be quickly identified by their rostrums, which are slim, lengthened noes that can include one 3rd the size of the fish’s body. A sawfish’s rostrum is covered in fix- like spikes or “teeth,” developing the particular saw- like appearance.

The variety of teeth on the fish’s rostrum differs based upon the species and the specific fish. Rostral teeth expand in as the fish grows, which implies that an older sawfish will certainly have a lot bigger teeth. Females might have 2 to 6 less teeth than males of the exact same species.

A sawfish’s nose is in fact unbelievably delicate. The rostrums are covered in sensory body organs that enable them to discover the motion of various other fish in the water via electroreception. A few of them might likewise utilize their rostrums to pin victim versus the sea flooring.

Sawfish Distribution, Population, and Environment

These fish live in cozy seaside locations in both the Atlantic and Pacific seas. Both largetooth and smalltooth sawfish can be discovered along the Gulf Coastline; most discoveries remain in Florida, yet a couple of historical discoveries recommend that these fish when varied regarding the state of New york city. You can likewise discover them in the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Sea, the Persian Gulf, and along the shore of Australia.

These fish choose to stay in superficial aquatic waters and rarely go under a deepness of 130 meters. They are likewise efficient in making it through in freshwater, and numerous have actually been identified swimming up rivers and also making their houses in high- saline lakes. Although these fish commonly choose warmer waters, smalltooth and eco-friendly sawfish can endure in somewhat chillier areas. Every one of them are lower- residents that such as to stay in locations with high quantities of soft mud or sand.

All species of these fish are either endangered or seriouslyendangered No specific population matters are offered; nonetheless, it’s approximated that there might be as numerous as 2,000 or as couple of as 200 of any type of provided sawfish species.

Sawfish Predators and Target

These fish are predators that will certainly eat any type of fish or shellfish that they can capture. The majority of them prey on mollusks, crabs, and various other tiny fish that swim along the seaside flooring. They do not commonly strike animals that are also big to eat, which implies that they are not a hazard to humans.

These fish have extremely couple of all-naturalpredators They go to many danger from sharks, crocodiles, and dolphins. In order to protect themselves, they will certainly frequently whip their rostrums to and fro in hopes of reducing the killer or terrifying it away.

Sawfish Reproduction and Life Expectancy

These fish duplicate by breeding and bring to life a clutter of puppies after a numerous- month long gestation duration. A clutter can have anywhere from 7 to 14 puppies. Relying on the species, these fish reach maturation at around 7– 12 years of ages. The majority of them can live to be as old as three decades in the wild.

Among one of the most lately found truths is that female smalltooth sawfish can duplicate by means of parthenogenesis. The resulting puppies will certainly be duplicates of the mommy. This reproduction technique is supposed to be an action to reduced populaces and the failure to discover a typical companion.

Sawfish in Angling and Food Preparation

These fish are seriously endangered and are prohibited to fish in almost all components of the globe. Sadly, these fish are frequently poached for their special rostrums. In Florida, being captured with a rostrum can cause a penalty of $10,000.

In some components of the globe, sawfish fins might be made use of to make shark fin soup. Nonetheless, these fish have little dietary worth, which implies that they are rarely pursued unless they are misinterpreted for one more sort of fish.


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