Rock Crab

Males will fight each other to get to females.
Rock Crab Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cancer productus
Rock Crab Physical Characteristics
Up to 8 years
Approximately 13 ounces
Rock Crab Distribition

The rock crab molts throughout its life, dropping its previous covering. Generally, more youthful crabs molt several times in the exact same year. It is not up until they have to do with 4 inches in size that they minimize their molting to a yearly event.

This shellfish is a decapod, though lots of people describe it as the red rock crab. Located along the Pacific Coasts, it has actually come to be a precious recipe in The golden state, permitting them to be marketed readily and fished by citizens. They favor cozy freshwater, and they are hidden upwards of 300 feet listed below the sea’s surface area.

5 Extraordinary Rock Crab Realities!

Below are a couple of intriguing realities regarding this shellfish.

  • This species has 5 sets of legs, though just both ahead are claws.
  • The covering is rounded and level, assisting it conceal under the sand and within rocks.
  • Though they can be fast simply put motions, this shellfish does not relocate a lot.
  • The hair- like frameworks on the legs enable It to really feel motion and pursue close-by victim.
  • The typical wild rock crab lives to be 5- 6 years of ages, however the ideal atmosphere can lengthen their life to virtually 8 years.

Rock Crab Classification and Scientific name

The typical name of the Cancer cells productus is the red rock crab, though there are additionally yellow and brownish variants. They become part of the Cancridae family and the Malacostraca class.

Cancer Cells is the Latin word for “crab,” originated from the Greek word karkinos Productus is a conjugation of the Latin word prōdūcō, which equates to “lead onward.” Probably this is a nod to the rock crab’s fast and hostile motion when they find victim.


While there aren’t numerous various other species of rock crab, there are a range of shades, that include:

  • Yellow rock crabs– Sandy locations along the shore are the main environment for yellow rock crabs.
  • Red rock crabs– Many frequently marketed by fisheries and various other business setups. They are mainly located on the Pacific Shore and marketed in The golden state.
  • Brownish rock crabs– They are located mainly on coral reefs. There’s no actual dimension distinction in between them, however they are mainly set apart by their chosen environment and shade.

Rock Crab Appearance

This species usually has a white to red- brownish covering, which is why it is additionally called the red rock crab. The body is instead beefy and hefty, however one of the most recognizable function of the animal is its massive claws. Aside from their enormous dimension, the claws are a brownish- black shade and have lighter- tinted suggestions, making them very easy to identify. The claws are required for damaging down the coverings of their victim, like snails.

The typical rock crab has to do with 13 ounces in weight, and its covering gets to an optimum dimension of 4 inches. Their claws and body have a great deal of meat, ending up being half-cracked when prepared.

Red Rock Crab in the sand
Most of the red rock crab species is located in rough coral reef locations.C. Rene Ammundsen/Shutterstock. com

Distribution, Population, and Environment

As a result of exactly how plentiful rock crab eggs can be, it is tough to figure out the amount of exist on the planet. Nevertheless, taking into consideration that over half a million extra pounds of this species are fished in simply The golden state annually, the numbers are rather high, and they are presently “not extinct” (according to the IUCN). The NOAA’s existing supply condition reveals that they are not overfished.

Most of this species is located in rough coral reef locations, though yellow rock crabs are especially located in sandy locations of the shore. Generally, they’ll favor bays, crushed rock, rough sub stratums, tidewaters, sand, and mud, living usually at 298 feet in the waters of The golden state. Nevertheless, far from that location of the shore, rock crabs will certainly go deeper right into the water for searching and scavenging.

Largely, this shellfish is located in freshwater locations.

Predators and Victim

When it concerns nourishment, this species will certainly get nearly anything they can secure their claws down on. As scavengers, they aren’t really particular, however they’ll mainly seek various other invertebrates to eat. They’ll also delight in various other crabs and dead fish.

What does the Rock Crab eat?

As a scavenger, the diet of this shellfish mainly depends upon where it is. A lot of the moment, they’ll take pleasure in worms, clams, mussels, and various other invertebrates, appearing their covering easily. They’ll additionally delight in barnacles, sea cucumbers, and amphipods. Nevertheless, if a dish like a dead fish is readily available to them, they’ll eat on that particular as well.

What consumes Rock Crabs?

Among the greatest predators of this species is humans. Due to every one of the meat that they provide, humans will certainly fish for the crabs for various recipes. They are additionally pursued by crabs, fish, gulls, seabirds, and kelp bass. There’s additionally one type of sea otters– Enhydra lutris— that especially makes use of rock crabs as the major food in their diet.

Reproduction and Life-span

When this species companions, it generally happens from October to June since the female has a softer covering right now. When she remains in the molting phase, she will not be as vulnerable as you could believe since the male safeguards her.
Concerning 3 months hereafter time, the female generates eggs in her stomach cavity. Prior to the eggs can be laid, the female migrates to where the eggs will become hatched out, concealing for regarding 12- 13 days in the dust. The female rock crab has the possible to injure to 100,000 eggs.

They are fed by a sperm package that the female shops throughout the breeding time with the male. When she lays the eggs, she’ll bring the agitate her very own body for regarding 6- 8 weeks prior to they prepare to hatch out. Infant rock crabs require to eat meat like grownups, however they commonly will certainly concentrate on invertebrates like octopuses and fish.

Angling and Food Preparation

This is just one of one of the most typical species of crab for The golden state anglers, whether they are fishing for sporting activity or business objectives. The main area in The golden state that they fish from is Morro Bay South. Nevertheless, the California rock crab fishery looks for a number of kinds– yellow, brownish, and red. Typically, this fishery handles over one million extra pounds of rock crab each year.

This shellfish appears to mainly be fished in The golden state, as the environment in Florida is a lot various. In Florida, you will certainly have accessibility to the Rock Crab, which resembles the rock crab however just the claw meat is consumed. Actually, the crab can be gone back to the Florida waters to regrow their claws.

Rock crab legs can have a terrific preference, despite exactly how they are experienced. Steaming the legs with beer and old bay spices draws out a vibrant and club- design preference, while also simply the ideal dipping sauce can transform the taste. Crab legs are constantly a special, and the tender flesh is ideal for any kind of preference.


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